Streaming Like A Boss

AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini GC311

Have you ever watched videos for game tactics or even just to see a game before you purchased it?  Streamers make this possible for us.  This is one of the fastest growing things in relation to gaming.  Practically anyone is able to go online and record what they are doing to a live audience.  Social Media sites such is Twitch, Facebook and YouTube provide ways to host and communicate the streaming experience.  

Today I am going to show you a crafty device that allows you to get going with your streaming.  It is the Aver Media GC311. Will I stream like a boss or will I get pwned like a n00b.  Find out this and more on this week's Tech For Tech's goes gaming.  

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Cherry With Extra Flavor 

Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight (Silent Red)

It's no secret that Cherry make awesome switches for keyboards.  Their best kept secret though is the keyboards made by them.  Last week we saw the first of the series to come in TFT.  This one today is a bit different.  While that one was awesome and elegant this one also promises to be awesome and if I read the features correctly, it could be game worthy! 

It will have a lot to live up to for it to be classed as a game worthy here at TFT, because, well, Phil and I know gaming peripherals and what what gamers want and need. However, when they made it, it was aimed at the office user.  I've never worked in an office that gave me anything other than a cheap keyboard unless it came bundled with the computer I worked with.  Still, that would hardly compete with Cherry.  So the business people that get these are very lucky.   

So, lets see just how lucky the people will be with the Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight (Silent Red) keyboard.   


We've Struck Cherry Gold

Cherry DW9000 Slim Keyboard and Mouse

In businesses, more often than not,  you have limited space at your workstation.  Your desk is often taken up by your computer, keyboard, and mouse.  Then, we have all of these wires going everywhere.  What if we could make the same amount of space work for you and you would not have to sacrifice any of those things?  I am going to show you how to have a more tidy, efficient and elegant work-space.  Today we will look at what I call the answer to the office worker's prayers.

We are looking at the Cherry DW 9000 Slim Rechargeable Wireless Desktop.  You don't want to miss this.  This review is just a bit different from the others you have seen.  I don't want to give you any spoilers, so, let's crack on!


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Clean Up Made Simple

The AKASA Tim Kit (AK-MX004)

Today we are going to look at something that every computer technician will use in his or her life.  It' Tim Clean.  We've all had to clean and repaste a processor or even get excess paste off of motherboards etc.  Tim Clean is one of the Tech's best friends.  There are many brands that do it, today I am taking a look at the Akasa brand.​

We will from time to time get customers that have either coated their CPU (including the pins) in thermal paste or the ones that decided it would be a great idea to get it on the board as well.  This is when Tim Clean lets you know how great of a friend it really is.  It's one of the unsung heroes in the tech shop.  It sits on the shelf or in a drawer out of the way.  No one really thinks twice about it until they need it.  


Our New Mate At AKASA

AKASA Vegas RAM Mate AK-MX248

So, you went out and bought all of your components and built your rig, and it works as it should.  However, there is something less than exciting about it.  Oh, wait, there's no bling.  You install a few ARGB fans but still, it's not rocking your world.  Again, you have a really nice board, graphics card that's proper sick, fans look like a disco, ARGB Power Supply is in sync with the fans that are in sync with the mother board.  Even the cooler lights up and does a show that Las Vegas would be proud of.  So, what are you missing?   Eureka, it's the memory.  You have some really speedy memory but, well, it looks vile.  It's green and the chips show.  There's not a heat sink to be found on it.  Oh the shame!  


Case Number C22 "Case Without Cause"
Thermaltake Versa C22 RGB Mid Tower Snow Edition

Thermaltake are renowned for making some really stylish and practical cases.  We've seen a few really nice ones here at TFT this year.  I'm quite excited just by looking at the box to see what is in store for us this week.  To be fair, I've been ready to do this review for weeks.  It's been kind of like the countdown to Christmas.  

I'll be grading it on Airflow, Cable Management, Compatibility,  Style (internal and external), Neatness of Cables, and Price.  I'm confident with the name Thermaltake on the box, I have not got much to worry about. 


So, without further hesitation, let's get that review going.  I'm doing a walk through in the testing area.  You will get to read my comments as I see the case for the very


Don't Mesh With Anyone But Tenda!!
NOVA MW5s Whole Home Mesh WiFi System AC1200  (3 pack) 

By now, the Tech For Techs community is no stranger to Tenda's mesh WiFi systems.  Every day someone gets one recommended as a solution to their WiFi issue.  We've seen both the MW3 and it's big sister the MW6


Today the middle child is coming forward for its place in the spotlight.  It's for when the MW3 is not quite getting it done and the MW6 is just a bit overkill.  


I'm very excited about this!  If it "meshes up" to its predecessors in quality and performance, it will be an awesome piece of kit!   


Let's have a look.......  


Are You On Top Of Your Game?
AKRacing Summit (Gaming Desk) 

Every gamer needs a good chair, great peripherals, and a rig that can withstand any Double XP weekend that is thrown at them.  What most of us never give a second thought to (and we should) is our desk.  Some gamers have particle board desks which tend to bend under the least little weight.  Others, including myself have taken over dinning room tables to accommodate the size and weight of their gaming rig.  Some of us even have glass tables.   The thing is, most of the above just can not support a big rig and therefore, one's pride and joy rig ends up on the floor. *cringe*  


Power You Can Bank On!
Sandberg Saver Powerbank 5000

We've all done it.  We are getting ready to go out the door in a mad rush, and pick up our phone only to see it's dead or dying battery grinning at us.  If you are like me, it usually happens on a really important day and with no time to charge it.  No doubt, you will have seen phone chargers that will give a slight boost.  I had one once.  There were all of these ends for Samsung, iphone, etc.  I lost all of those and to boot, it only gave you enough charge to make one quick phone call. In the end I threw it away.  Well, as luck would have it, Sandberg have created a Powerbank that will charge not one but two devices at the same time!  Yes, you can charge up to two iphone X phones to full capacity at one go.  *Provided you have the nifty item charged to full of course*  That will be my downfall, remembering to charge the charger.  


Red Light Yellow Light Green Light GO!
Akasa Dual M.2 PCIe SSD adaptor with RGB LED light and heatsink 

I've been noticing as of late, several people moving away from traditional SSDs to the M.2.  It is no surprise really, when you consider the performance.  Also, the fact that it sits neatly on the board with no cables leading away from it making it look untidy is another factor.  

In December of last year, TFT took a look at the Akasa M.2 to PCIe Adaptor Card with heatsink cooler.  WE noted that it not only did what it promised but that it increased performance in some tests.  Today, I am taking a look at another Akasa adaptor.  This is the AKPCCM2P-04 Dual M.2 PCIe SSD adaptor with RGB LED light and heatsink.  Yes, it is a mouthful to say!  Translation, it allows you to add two M.2 cards via your PCIe and it will look like a disco to boot.  Lets take a closer look.

The High Command
Sandberg Commander Gaming Chair Black

No matter if you are an avid gamer or an online shopaholic, you want a comfortable chair.  We come home tired and want to wind down at our computers.  How wonderful it is if you are comfy too.  I've had many chairs that were comfortable for about a week and then they started feeling "used".  Months later I would go to vacuum and find screws had fallen out of my chair.  Top it off with costing about $150 a pop and replacing it at least once a year.  Over the course of five years, I paid right at $750 in chairs.  That's a lot of money!  Plus the stress of building them.  


Do You Read Me?

Sandberg Card Reader USB-C +USB +Micro USB 

Lately PC chassis makers have moved away from DVD drive bays and card reader bays, and even card readers built in.  When I asked one of the leading manufactures of chassis why this was, they simply said "Times are changing and people don't use that stuff as much.  If they do, they can always get an external and plug it in through a USB port." Fair enough, I guess.  

So, I need to see files on my camera card, what do I do?  Sanberg have offered us a solution.  They have a cared reader that is about the size of a USB pen.  It reads as well as writes to SD or Micro SD cards.  My problem may well be solved!  Let's go take a closer look.


Get A Connection 

Sandberg USB-C Audio Adaptor  and USB-C Sound Link

We live in a world of Plug and Play.  We expect to be able to use our favourite products with just about any device.  So what happens when we can't?  Panic! Chaos!  You know exactly what I mean.  For that brief second, our world stops turning and we have a crisis situation on our hands.  But, there's a simple solution for at least two things today.  

Today we will be viewing the Sandberg USB-C Audio Adaptor and the Sandberg USB-C Sound Link.  Both products are quite similar, so we have combined them in one review.  Each pack a 5 year warranty and promise to be easy to use.  So, let's have a look.