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Streaming Like A Boss

AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini GC311

Have you ever watched videos for game tactics or even just to see a game before you purchased it?  Streamers make this possible for us.  This is one of the fastest growing things in relation to gaming.  Practically anyone is able to go online and record what they are doing to a live audience.  Social Media sites such is Twitch, Facebook and YouTube provide ways to host and communicate the streaming experience.  

Today I am going to show you a crafty device that allows you to get going with your streaming.  It is the Aver Media GC311. Will I stream like a boss or will I get pwned like a n00b.  Find out this and more on this week's Tech For Tech's goes gaming.  

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Cherry With Extra Flavor 

Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight (Silent Red)

It's no secret that Cherry make awesome switches for keyboards.  Their best kept secret though is the keyboards made by them.  Last week we saw the first of the series to come in TFT.  This one today is a bit different.  While that one was awesome and elegant this one also promises to be awesome and if I read the features correctly, it could be game worthy! 

It will have a lot to live up to for it to be classed as a game worthy here at TFT, because, well, Phil and I know gaming peripherals and what what gamers want and need. However, when they made it, it was aimed at the office user.  I've never worked in an office that gave me anything other than a cheap keyboard unless it came bundled with the computer I worked with.  Still, that would hardly compete with Cherry.  So the business people that get these are very lucky.   

So, lets see just how lucky the people will be with the Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight (Silent Red) keyboard.   


We've Struck Cherry Gold

Cherry DW9000 Slim Keyboard and Mouse

In businesses, more often than not,  you have limited space at your workstation.  Your desk is often taken up by your computer, keyboard, and mouse.  Then, we have all of these wires going everywhere.  What if we could make the same amount of space work for you and you would not have to sacrifice any of those things?  I am going to show you how to have a more tidy, efficient and elegant work-space.  Today we will look at what I call the answer to the office worker's prayers.

We are looking at the Cherry DW 9000 Slim Rechargeable Wireless Desktop.  You don't want to miss this.  This review is just a bit different from the others you have seen.  I don't want to give you any spoilers, so, let's crack on!


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Clean Up Made Simple

The AKASA Tim Kit (AK-MX004)

Today we are going to look at something that every computer technician will use in his or her life.  It' Tim Clean.  We've all had to clean and repaste a processor or even get excess paste off of motherboards etc.  Tim Clean is one of the Tech's best friends.  There are many brands that do it, today I am taking a look at the Akasa brand.​

We will from time to time get customers that have either coated their CPU (including the pins) in thermal paste or the ones that decided it would be a great idea to get it on the board as well.  This is when Tim Clean lets you know how great of a friend it really is.  It's one of the unsung heroes in the tech shop.  It sits on the shelf or in a drawer out of the way.  No one really thinks twice about it until they need it.  


Our New Mate At AKASA

AKASA Vegas RAM Mate AK-MX248

So, you went out and bought all of your components and built your rig, and it works as it should.  However, there is something less than exciting about it.  Oh, wait, there's no bling.  You install a few ARGB fans but still, it's not rocking your world.  Again, you have a really nice board, graphics card that's proper sick, fans look like a disco, ARGB Power Supply is in sync with the fans that are in sync with the mother board.  Even the cooler lights up and does a show that Las Vegas would be proud of.  So, what are you missing?   Eureka, it's the memory.  You have some really speedy memory but, well, it looks vile.  It's green and the chips show.  There's not a heat sink to be found on it.  Oh the shame!  


Case Number C22 "Case Without Cause"
Thermaltake Versa C22 RGB Mid Tower Snow Edition

Thermaltake are renowned for making some really stylish and practical cases.  We've seen a few really nice ones here at TFT this year.  I'm quite excited just by looking at the box to see what is in store for us this week.  To be fair, I've been ready to do this review for weeks.  It's been kind of like the countdown to Christmas.  

I'll be grading it on Airflow, Cable Management, Compatibility,  Style (internal and external), Neatness of Cables, and Price.  I'm confident with the name Thermaltake on the box, I have not got much to worry about. 


So, without further hesitation, let's get that review going.  I'm doing a walk through in the testing area.  You will get to read my comments as I see the case for the very


Don't Mesh With Anyone But Tenda!!
NOVA MW5s Whole Home Mesh WiFi System AC1200  (3 pack) 

By now, the Tech For Techs community is no stranger to Tenda's mesh WiFi systems.  Every day someone gets one recommended as a solution to their WiFi issue.  We've seen both the MW3 and it's big sister the MW6


Today the middle child is coming forward for its place in the spotlight.  It's for when the MW3 is not quite getting it done and the MW6 is just a bit overkill.  


I'm very excited about this!  If it "meshes up" to its predecessors in quality and performance, it will be an awesome piece of kit!   


Let's have a look.......  


Are You On Top Of Your Game?
AKRacing Summit (Gaming Desk) 

Every gamer needs a good chair, great peripherals, and a rig that can withstand any Double XP weekend that is thrown at them.  What most of us never give a second thought to (and we should) is our desk.  Some gamers have particle board desks which tend to bend under the least little weight.  Others, including myself have taken over dinning room tables to accommodate the size and weight of their gaming rig.  Some of us even have glass tables.   The thing is, most of the above just can not support a big rig and therefore, one's pride and joy rig ends up on the floor. *cringe*  


Power You Can Bank On!
Sandberg Saver Powerbank 5000

We've all done it.  We are getting ready to go out the door in a mad rush, and pick up our phone only to see it's dead or dying battery grinning at us.  If you are like me, it usually happens on a really important day and with no time to charge it.  No doubt, you will have seen phone chargers that will give a slight boost.  I had one once.  There were all of these ends for Samsung, iphone, etc.  I lost all of those and to boot, it only gave you enough charge to make one quick phone call. In the end I threw it away.  Well, as luck would have it, Sandberg have created a Powerbank that will charge not one but two devices at the same time!  Yes, you can charge up to two iphone X phones to full capacity at one go.  *Provided you have the nifty item charged to full of course*  That will be my downfall, remembering to charge the charger.  


Red Light Yellow Light Green Light GO!
Akasa Dual M.2 PCIe SSD adaptor with RGB LED light and heatsink 

I've been noticing as of late, several people moving away from traditional SSDs to the M.2.  It is no surprise really, when you consider the performance.  Also, the fact that it sits neatly on the board with no cables leading away from it making it look untidy is another factor.  

In December of last year, TFT took a look at the Akasa M.2 to PCIe Adaptor Card with heatsink cooler.  WE noted that it not only did what it promised but that it increased performance in some tests.  Today, I am taking a look at another Akasa adaptor.  This is the AKPCCM2P-04 Dual M.2 PCIe SSD adaptor with RGB LED light and heatsink.  Yes, it is a mouthful to say!  Translation, it allows you to add two M.2 cards via your PCIe and it will look like a disco to boot.  Lets take a closer look.

The High Command
Sandberg Commander Gaming Chair Black

No matter if you are an avid gamer or an online shopaholic, you want a comfortable chair.  We come home tired and want to wind down at our computers.  How wonderful it is if you are comfy too.  I've had many chairs that were comfortable for about a week and then they started feeling "used".  Months later I would go to vacuum and find screws had fallen out of my chair.  Top it off with costing about $150 a pop and replacing it at least once a year.  Over the course of five years, I paid right at $750 in chairs.  That's a lot of money!  Plus the stress of building them.  


Do You Read Me?

Sandberg Card Reader USB-C +USB +Micro USB 

Lately PC chassis makers have moved away from DVD drive bays and card reader bays, and even card readers built in.  When I asked one of the leading manufactures of chassis why this was, they simply said "Times are changing and people don't use that stuff as much.  If they do, they can always get an external and plug it in through a USB port." Fair enough, I guess.  

So, I need to see files on my camera card, what do I do?  Sanberg have offered us a solution.  They have a cared reader that is about the size of a USB pen.  It reads as well as writes to SD or Micro SD cards.  My problem may well be solved!  Let's go take a closer look.


Get A Connection 

Sandberg USB-C Audio Adaptor  and USB-C Sound Link

We live in a world of Plug and Play.  We expect to be able to use our favourite products with just about any device.  So what happens when we can't?  Panic! Chaos!  You know exactly what I mean.  For that brief second, our world stops turning and we have a crisis situation on our hands.  But, there's a simple solution for at least two things today.  

Today we will be viewing the Sandberg USB-C Audio Adaptor and the Sandberg USB-C Sound Link.  Both products are quite similar, so we have combined them in one review.  Each pack a 5 year warranty and promise to be easy to use.  So, let's have a look.  


I'm All Keyed Up!

Cooler Master CK530 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Whether your typing is Andante' or Allegro, you want a keyboard that's perfecto!  Today we are looking at the Cooler Master CK530 keyboard.  I've taken a peek at it already.  So far, it's sassy and classy.  But, I want to get up close and personal with it before I give it my verdict.  I expect nothing but the best from Cooler Master.  Why?  Because way back when I first started building computers, they were the most sought after brand where I hale from.  They were the McLaren of computers.  


So, without further ado, I am off to test this keyboard and see if it lives up to my expectations. 


Just Take A Breath

Thermaltake Versa H17

We've seen some pretty unique and impressive PC cases since we began TFT.  Most of them get the sexy factor.  The one thing that I stress the most to manufacturers is AIR FLOW!  It can be the most gorgeous case in the world, easy to build with, lights and fans flashing and dancing, more drive bays than a supermarket has parking spaces, but if the air flow is not good, it is not worth my time to use in a build.  

Today we will use smoke to test the Thermaltake Versa H17 Window case.  This will let you "see the air" so to speak.  I'm excited as this is the first time we have done this on TFT.  I am eager to see the results!  So grab a seat and a drink, this is one review you don't want to miss.  

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Thermaltake Tough Power Grand Series Power Supply 750w RGB

We've all been there....that moment when your old power supply finally decides to give up the ghost.  So, today will be very informative if that has just happened to you. We will be taking a look at the Thermaltake Tough Power Grand Series Power Supply 750w RGB.   Yep, it's a mouthful to say but can it deliver under the heaviest of loads as well, you may ask.  


This power supply is fully modular and its claim to fame is not just that it's RGB but eco-friendly as well.  I'm optimistic about it.  I expect nothing but the best from it.  If they tell me it will be so, I expect it to be.  Will I have a hold new "Take" on power supplies?  Or will I?  


Viva Vegas 
Akasa Vegas TLX 120mm Twin Loop

Last week we took a look at the Akasa TL and TLY fans.  They were proven to be "geek worthy".  Today we're are looking at their kid sister the TLX.  This is a 120mm fan with LED.  It has me intrigued.  Will it give us the performance of a lifetime or will it be just another of a lifetime or will it be just another singing and dancing act?  Find out this an more in this edition of Tech For Techs.  Oh yes, be sure to like and subscribe on our video as well!

Akasa Vegas TL 20.JPG

Gimme That Bling!
Akasa Vegas TL and Akasa Vegas TLY

If you are a "fan" of RGB lights.....grab a chair and get comfy!  Today I will be testing not one but two Akasa fans today.  Now I know what you are thinking, why two?  Well, as similar as they are, there are differences and I thought a side by side comparison was in order.  


the Akasa Vegas TL and TLY are some styling and profiling fans.  However, I want to give them a proper workout to see how they handle life in the fast lane.  It's getting hot in here!  Will Akasa "cool it" or will they "just blow hot air"?  This and more as you read on in this edition of Tech For Techs. 

You really don't want to miss this!

Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 2.JPG

The Fan Club
Thermaltake Pure14 ARGB Fan Kit

People like me are forever modifying and upgrading their computers.  Once we get it like we want it or up to date, something new hits the market and the process starts all over again.    Sometimes the biggest pain can be getting more than one of the same component, and at a decent price.    Thermaltake to the rescue!   They have configured a kit of 3 fans and a controller for us.  While the package clearly reads that they are for radiator fans, I see no reason why they can't be used for any 140mm fan need.  Today we will take a gander at the Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync.  I am excited to see how these look and perform.    Read on if you are a fan of fans. 


Fortress or Casita, What's your defence?
F-SECURE TOTAL Internet security and VPN

Usually, I start off my introductions with a bit of quick wit and a little humour.  Today is different.  Today I am totally serious.  Why?  Because our topic is one that should not be taken lightly.  I am talking about Internet Security.  Over the years I have found some that left me with about as much protection as an umbrella in a hurricane. Yep, that bad.  When the guys at F-Secure asked me to review their product, I was anxious to have a look.  Most of us want protection, something that is easy to use, easy to install and set up, and a price we can afford.  I know this because I sell antivirus every day that my store is open.  I am the go-to for protection.  I will tell you if what you have is utter rubbish in less time than it takes to bat your eyes.  My customers thank me for it.  They want to be protected.  

So, grab a chair and read on.  This is one of my Must Reads.  


The Camera Doesn't Lie

Transcend DrivePro™550 Dashcam TS-DP550A-32V

Most of us are no strangers to appalling drivers.  Some of us have even experienced devastating accidents for one reason or another.  Proving you are not at fault can very exasperating and sometimes impossible.  But, what if you had undeniable proof?  A picture says a thousand words, they say.  I say, "a video is indisputable".  Today we are going to focus on the Transcend DrivePro™ 550.  We will take a few journeys through jolly old England and report our findings.  Stay tuned to see the results of Phil's everyday life in Call-Out traffic chaos with the camera as his second set of eyes



A Target Components Event

Today we spoke to Paul Cubbage at Target Components Ltd about its upcoming event NewTech. 

1. Tell us about Target Components and its history and how it started.

We’re a broad-based IT distributor supporting a very wide, diverse range of trade customers. The very short version of how we started is we were already in the channel with a pretty niche business and wanted to get into broader distribution. The catalyst to actually doing it – daft as it sounds - was finding ourselves with a spare office with warehouse space. Maybe a tale for over a drink at NewTech!


Jump To Lightspeed
 Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, Tri-Band, 2-Pack White (AC4400)

You, at some point, will think "gosh this internet is SO SLOW"!!!  Well, good news, there are ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal in your home and office in spots where it may be a snail's pace.  Mesh systems are the way forward.  I have a mesh system in my office.  I don't think I could live without it.  Today we will be looking at the Linksys Velop WHW0302 and WHW0303.  I've seen some outstanding mesh systems, including the one in my office.  I want to see if this one "has game".  Will it be the new must-have in mesh systems or will it be just another brick in the wall?  Let's have a look...


Peering Through The Clouds 
Linksys AC1200 Cloud Access Point LAPAC1200C

If you are a network manager, you might want to read this review.  We will be looking at the Linksys LAPAC1200C BUSINESS Dual-Band Cloud Access Point today on Tech For Techs.  This promises the ability to manage your networks remotely with a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet with ease.  So, for those of you who need to know what is going on BEFORE things go South, this will allow you to receive notifications.  If you need the ability to allow or block access it promises that as well.  

I'm eager to test this and see if it does as it says on the tin.  Read on to see how it did in testing! 


You Must Adapt!
Akasa M.2 SSD to PCI Adapter Card with Heatsink Cooler

Most of us are no strangers to having to adapt to situations.  In the tech industry, we use adapters for many situations.  Be it lights, fans, monitors, etc it is quite common to need an adapter.  Now Akasa have produced a crafty little adapter for us to use on our M.2 drives.  This will allow us to use an M.2 in an unused PCI slot on the board.  How clever!

I really am anxious to see just how well this gem works.  Also, I am keen to see how much bother it is, if at all to install.  I also want to know if there is a difference in performance!!!  

For this little experiment we will be using the build from an earlier review of the Akasa Addressable RGB frame kit and ThermalTake Level 20 VT case. *both available on the TFT website and YouTube*.  

So, off we go to test!


Gaming From The Big Chair 
AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair

I love my creature comforts!  This time of year it is not uncommon to find me at my PC with a cozy blanket, and even a cushion to sit on.  *My chair is not as comfortable as it once was*  I sit there night after night playing games, talking to friends, and sometimes just relaxing.  AKRacing really impressed me a few weeks back with the Master Series MAX Gaming Chair (AK-MAX-BK).  This week I get to give the AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair a whirl.  It has a lot to live up to being it has set a high benchmark with the other chair, but I am optimistic.  

To live up to it's reputation for producing a comfortable gaming chair, it must have the four C's once again.   Comfort, Construction, Cost and Cool Factor as set out by our experts at TFT.    It will also have to pass the "Don't make me get up from my chair" test.  This is the one where if your chair is uncomfortable you are happy to get up for a stretch break.  However, if you have a comfortable one, you stare at the person requesting you to do something until they go away.  

Stay tuned to see if it ticked all of my boxes.  Was it the good the soft and snugly or the good the bad and the ugly? Did I get up willingly or did I look at Phil with evil eyes?   Read on to find out!  


ThermalTake Level 20 VT

Many is the time in choosing a case in which you must sacrifice one thing for another.  If you want style, sometimes you must sacrifice the smaller cases and "go large".  This is a problem in that not many of us have the extra room for the huge cases. Well, ThermalTake have decided that we no longer need to do this, we should be able to have our cake and eat it too, so to speak.  Thus they came out with the Level 20 VT Micro Chasis.  It promises style, customisation, and a smaller footprint.  

Now I know what you are thinking, and you are right.  I don't like small cases because most of them do not have proper air flow and cable management can be a nightmare.  But I am willing to give this bad boy a chance.  I want to see if ThermalTake are prepared to "Bring it" when we at TFT do a build to remember.  

All this and more when you read on! 


You're Gonna Get Lit Up
Akasa Addressable RGB LED Frame Kit AK-LD08-RB 

Lately I'm seeing more and more demand for addressable RGB lighting.  It's no surprise that, Akasa, whom are known for their Vegas lights, have gotten in on the action.  Today we will be looking at the Akasa Addressable RGB LED Frame Kit.  The kit promises to add RGB lighting to any 12cm fan.  It also promises ease of installation. This is great for those of us that have already bought the fans of choice that perform well but we would also like the ARGB lighting.  We don't have to go spend ridiculous amounts of money on new fans.  I will be using it in a proper build so we can get a good look.  We will be using the ThermalTake Level 20 VT case for the build.  

I am anxious to see if it lives up to its promises and gets us lit up or if we are still in the dark.  Find out all this and more in this edition of Tech For Techs.

IMG_2763 (1).JPG

Sometimes You Need To Be Flexible 
Arctic TV Flex S Full Movement TV Wall Mount

Not everyone has a giant house or office these days.  In fact, more than likely, most people complain of how cramped of quarters they have.  So, today on Tech For Techs we are going to be looking at a space saving solution for a TV or monitor.  It comes from ARCTIC.  The TV Flex S is said to be able to accommodate screens from 41 to 498 mm and take the weight of 25 kg.  *make sure your wall will physically be able to support this much weight* I am one of many that suffer from lack of space.  I have limited space at work and we are always needing more monitors for more builds and repairs.  I am keen to see how well the ARCTIC TV Flex S stands up to a day in the life of computer shop mayhem.  It will need to be A: sturdy, B: Flexible, C: easy to install, and D: able to  accommodate a few cables coming down without looking a mess.  Let's take a look at how it does.  Read on to find out more! 


Gaming In Style 
AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair Review 

When a diamond is purchased, you usually go by four Cs:  Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat.  Gamers have four Cs they use to identify their perfect gaming chair.  I asked what were the four most important factors in a game chair.  The TFT members responded Comfort, Construction, Cost and Cool Factor. *in that order*  

The average gamer spends about 6 to 8 hours of play time per week. (If you were around my house that number would treble).  If we add in time spent researching game tactics, looking for new components for our rigs, social media, school and work, that number would probably be around 30 hrs per week.  This being said, we would like to be able to relax in a comfy chair for all of this. We want something so grandiose that we don't even want to get up to go to bed.  

It appears that AKRacing have thought about our needs and wants and compiled them all together in one luxury chair, the Masters Series MAX Gaming Chair.  I'm eager to find out if it is all that it says it is.  Sit back in your chair and take a gander at this.


Cooler Days Ahead!
CM310 and CK550 Keyboard and Mouse

They are at it again!  Cooler Master have launched an exciting new keyboard and mouse.  *sold separately*  The CM310 and CK550 are new kids on the block at Cooler Master.  They seem keen to spoil the gamer's every little whim.  Maybe that's why I am so fond of them.  The CM310 is ambidextrous, so, whether you are a lefty or righty, it should fit in your hand nicely.   The CK550 is a full RGB mechanical keyboard with options that any gamer can appreciate.  Or at least that is what the box is telling me.


 I want to put both of these to the ultimate test.  I am going to take them on a weekend journey to the Gaming Zone.  Phil and I will swap them back and forth and test them in different kinds of gaming scenarios and give an opinion on our findings.  Each gamer has their own needs, so for this test, I decided to let Phil have a play too.  Just this once. 


Stay tuned for the Gaming Zone edition of TFT.   


"And Then There Was Xilence" 

Xilence Performance X Series XP1250 (XP1250MR9)

All too often I see people cut corners in building a machine.  I will be the first to tell you that the Power Supply is not the place to cut corners.  Do that and you could end up paying out more than if you just put a good one in to begin with.  Xilence knows this only too well.  In the past, TFT has had a look at Xilence products and found them to be of good quality and reasonable prices.  So, it should not come as a shock today that I am optimistic about taking a look at the Xilence Performance X Series 1250W PSU.  It is fully modular and 80 Plus Gold.  

How better to test a power supply than to incorporate it with a build?  You will have seen the Xilence Perfermance X Series 1250W PSU in the ThermalTake View 37 ARGB Edition mid-tower chassis review (last week).  But today, let's get up close and personal with it.  I want to inspect it closely and find out exactly how it compares against the competition.  

Read on to see how it did in testing.


Dangerous Curves Ahead!
Thermaltake View 37 ARGB Edition Mid Tower

Long gone are the days when a silver, black, or white case was acceptable for most PC users.  As soon as the option for colours and side windows hit the market, lights were everywhere.  I had a tube light in my first build.  I'm not sure why I had it, but I did.  My friends thought my blue case with the blue light and glow in the dark ribbon cable was the coolest rig in town.  Today we have so much to choose from!  We don't have to settle on standard red, blue, green etc.  We can  make our own colours, have a rainbow, the sky is the limit!  The world of computers is more about letting the user have choices and creative styles.  I'm taking a look at a most interesting designed case today, the Thermaltake View 37 ARGB Edition mid-tower.  It has the curves of a pin up.  But, I am curious about airflow and ease of build.   Will this voluptuous case make the grade or will it be just another pretty picture?  Find out all this and more on this edition of Tech For Techs


Keep Your 'Guard' Up!
Bullguard Internet Security + Game Boost!

If you are connected to the internet, you are susceptible to malicious attacks from cyber-criminals.  Each day we hear of new scams, viruses, and people being defrauded.  Still, many people can not see why they should pay for an Internet Security.  They will say, "I've had this free one for years and I have never had a problem".  They seem amazed when I diagnose the issue and come to find out it is laden with viruses and malware.  Most think they get this from going on adult sights and are quick to tell me they do not visit those.  "I watch my football, place bets, and download music and movies, that's it".  They, have just told me how they got those viruses in one sentence.  It all boils down to dodgy websites and downloads.  By now you may have deduced that I am going to talk about an Internet Security in this edition of TFT.  You would be correct.  We will be looking at Bullguard Internet Security 3 Devices 1 Year.  I want to see exactly what I get for my year's subscription.  Read on and find out more.


Interview With The "Cooler" Master
Ronil  Bhimjiani @ Cooler Master UK Speaks With TFT 

Most days I sit behind my desk and think of something clever to say about a product.  But today I get to venture out and go to Cooler Master for a visit with Katie Pinnock (UK Country Manager), Ronil Bhimjiani (Sr. Sales Account Manager) and Leah Sommers (Marketing Manager) at Cooler Master.  

The Cooler Masters, as I will call them here, are the most hospitable people you will ever come across.  As most of us know Ronil from his visits to our stores, he is very easy to talk to and knows his job very well.  Katie said he is very "passionate" about it.  It shows.  Everything I could throw at him to ask, he had an on the fly answer.  No Google or looking at a laptop for the answers for him, oh no!  It's all from memory.  Frankly, I have no idea how he remembers everything, but he does!  It just goes to show that if you love what you do, you absorb it, you live it, it becomes part of who you are and Ronil is the coolest of the Cooler Masters.  

To see some of my interview with him, read on, and watch our video.  




This week I am looking at the HOMEGUARD FULL HD 1080P PAN & TILT.  Just looking at the box and reading its capabilities, I am able to see that this camera will incentivize the discerning customers through your door.  Why? This camera is made for indoor use with your WiFi.  It is equipped with a microphone and speaker so you can speak and be spoken to from the camera.  I know you are probably a bit befuddled as to why this is a good thing.  Let me elaborate.  Let us just say that you have a child, or even a family member in need of constant care for some reason.  With this camera, you can monitor them, even speak to them to ask if they are OK and if they need anything.  They can speak back to you and tell you of their needs. 


HomeGuard WOB-851 All Weather Plus 1080p Full HD WiFi Outdoor Camera

"I Spy With My Little Eye"

Have you ever wanted a simple camera that could record people that may come to your door?  For instance, you have someone at your door that is clearly a sales person and you don't know them.  You don't want to answer the door and risk being assaulted or at the very least a painful lengthy conversation.  Wouldn't it be great to have a camera that you could use to tell you these things?  Well, you can.  The HG WOB-851 All Weather Plus 1080p Full HD WiFi Outdoor Camera can record day or night on your premise of choice. This unit is weather proof and has motion detection.  You can set it up to be monitored with a smart phone or tablet with the Homeguard app downloadable at  Google Play or the  App Store.  Sounds great right?  I am excited to be reviewing this unit.  So without further ado I am off to set it up.  Read on to find out how I got on with it.  


Malwarebytes Premium 
"Love Bytes? We Do!"

Staying safe on the internet is something that should not be taken for granted.  Most people will have some sort of anti-virus, even if it is only a free one.  But, how protected are you really?  Are you protected against Malware? Are you protected from dodgy sites you may stumble upon?  Today I am taking a look at Malawarebytes Premium.  Most of us have used Malawarebytes when we had an infected computer to clean up.  But this version is a bit more advanced than the free version.  I will explain further what I mean in this version of Tech For Techs.  Read on...


Target OpenDay 2018
"Celebrating 20 Years"

If you are in the computer business you have probably been to an open day or trade show before.  However, if you have never been to Target Components Open Day, you have not lived.  Each year it changes and gets even better than the year before.  I have been going since 2009. Opening day 2009 was held in a tent outside of the Target warehouse.  Oh how times have changed!!  From that Open Day, Target have moved to two different venues.  The one today was at Cedar Court Lodge hotel in Bradford.  Each year vendors and retailers big and small come to Open Day.  We set aside this day on our calendars as soon as it is announced.  We make hotel reservations as soon as we have confirmation of where it will be held.  Why?  We love what we do and we enjoy bouncing new business ideas off of each other.  We like to help each other do things.  We enjoy having a good look at the latest in technology and talking to the vendors about it.  We also enjoy seeing the team at Target who go that extra mile for us in our day to day lives to make our jobs that little bit easier.  Last but not least, we all enjoy a free bar.  No, seriously, everyone has their own reason for being here and I bet if I interviewed ten people as to why they were here today they would all give me different answers.  Open Day has something for everyone.  So, what about this year?  READ ON! 


Wireless Full HD CCTV Kit - 8 Channel NVR + 4 Cameras + 1TB

More times than not, we put passwords on our computers, phones, tablets etc.  We want to be safe.  Most people will invest in anti virus to be safe.  But what about home safety?  Sure, you lock your door at night.  You may even put it on the latch as well if you are like me.  But what about monitoring it?  
By now, you are no stranger to the words HOMEGUARD if you have been following Tech For Techs lately.  Today I am looking at the Wireless Full HD CCTV Kit 8 Channel Network Video Recorder and 4 x 1080p Day/Night Cameras.  This unit is said to have night vision, and weather proof cameras.  Just reading the box contents I am rearing to go and have a look and see how it does.  And without further ado, here we go! 
anti virus to be safe.  But what about home safety?  Sure, you lock your door at night.  You may even put it on the latch as well if you are like me.  But what about monitoring it?  


Akasa "ABC Easy As 123"

Akasa USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C Panel,
Akasa USB 3.1 Gen 2 PCIe Bracket, 
and Akasa Internal USB 3.1 Gen2 connector to USB 3.1 Gen1 19 pin adapter

So, you got a new case for your PC.  It looks great and has all of the things you could hope for EXCEPT a Gen 2 port.   So now you have to replace the case, right? WRONG! You might be thinking "OK Capt Genius, please tell how I am going to get around this and have things work right and without it costing me a bomb and all day on my day off"?  Well, I'll do you one better.  I will tell you how in under 5 minutes you can have it done and working, and not having to pay out the nose for it!  Curious?  You should be.  All will be revealed in this edition of Tech For Techs.  


AFOX GeForce GTX1050TI 4GB
128bit GDDR5 PCI-E Graphics Card

To a gamer, the three main components of the computer with most relevance are: The CPU, The RAM, and the GPU.  Why?  Because if just one of these is not up to par, the whole gaming experience is not what it could be.  When you have a graphics card that is not good enough for the game you are playing you must try to adjust the in-game settings and turn things off like shadows etc that make the game look good.  If you don’t, you are subject to crashes and lag.  Translation….the game becomes a chore, and the computer becomes a door stop.  So, today we are talking about the AFOX 1050 ti.  We are going to see how it does, read on to find out more!  

"Can We Build It? Yes We can!"
Target Custom PC Builder
The In-Store PC Builder (ISPCB) by Target Components Ltd

When you build bespoke machines, customers naturally want you to give them a quote within minutes only to change the details at least twice before you are done.  Sound familiar?  I deal with it every day.  That is why a tool such as the Target Custom PC Builder is an essential tool in my every day life.  I want to be able to put in anything the customer wants and not have to worry about researching to see if it is compatible.  Anything that can make my life less stressful, I am for it.  But, I need it to run flawlessly.  In the tech industry, there are no small mistakes, just costly ones.  That is why it is vital that whatever tool I use has to be perfect.  Most people know Target Components as a place to go to for the parts and peripherals for the builds they do.  However, Target have a free to use tool *if you have an account with them* that is said to save time, money, relieve stress, and more.  The last time I heard, this builder can configure over 306 Trillion combinations of computers.  We will be looking at that today on TFT,. So sit back and get comfortable.  I am going to take you down the rabbit hole to geekdom.  

"All 4 One"

There's nothing you would not do for your family.  Am I right?  Their safety should be of your upmost concern.  With that being said, I will be looking at the HomeGuard All In One Wireless HD CCTV Kit. ( HOMEGUARD WIRELESS AIO CCTV 4CH/4CAM/1TB) (HGNVK49004-1) This system has 4 channels with 12" monitor, and 4x 960p CCTV cameras.  It also is able to work with mobiles so you can monitor your home while you are away.  I am super excited to get this review going.  I want to see how secure we really are with it.  Find out what happens if I miss my curfew and come in late.  Will I be able to slide past undetected?  All will be revealed in this edition of TFT.  


HomeGuard Heat Sensing HD CCTV Kit

Most of my clients use internet security on their computers.  They want to protect themselves from predators.  However, most do not have security for their homes.  Sure they have door locks but to a clever burglar, that's just a little annoyance.  So, today I am looking at the HomeGuard Heat Sensing HD CCTV Kit  (HOMEGUARD HEAT-SENSING CCTV 8CH/4CAM/1TB) (HGDVK84404-1).  It has an 8 channel DVR with 4x 1080p PIR Heat Sensing cameras.  I must say it looks pretty good just looking at the information provided.   So, will I be able to get past it or will I be caught in the act?  Answer to this question and more as you read on...


Arctic Fans - A Blast From The Past
The Arctic Breeze and Summair Desk Fans

Most gamers sit for hours on their computers.  Therefore, we want things that look good, feel good, and perform like a sports car on steroids.  So, there isnot doubt in my mind that you, the gamer, have an RGB fusion MotherBoard, RAM that looks like the wings of an airplane from a sci-fi movie, fans and lights that look like the world's best Rave party, a keyboard and mouse that would make NASA proud and a mouse mat that looks like a dance floor.  How do I know?   I have just described to you, my gaming area!  But, I have been informed I am missing something.  Oh the shame!!!  So today I will be taking a look at a couple of desktop fans from Arctic.  I am told that this is what the cool kids have.  So, let's take a look, shall we? 

Akasa Addressable RGB Fan and Light Review
Vegas AR7 Addressable RGB fan
and Vegas MBA Addressable RGB LED strip light

Introduction :

I know some of you are thinking "yeah, fans and lights...seen it done it got the t-shirt".  But have you really?  What if I told you that Akasa has something that can only be compared to the lights on Broadway?  OK, maybe not that bright, but you get where I am going.  For all of us that like bling in our PC, it would do you well to read on.  I can see this as not only great for builds in store, but also for us gamers that just happen to work in the computer industry.  Today we are looking at Addressable RGB LED lights and fans.  Addressable RGB is a long flexible strand of LEDs each of which can be individually set to a certain colour.  (hence addressable)  By varying the level of red, green and blue (RGB) per LED, many colour combinations can be made.  With this being said, you can make a wave effect with the lights.  Oh dear, I am starting to ramble....just have a read and see what you think.

"The HAF bites back"
Cooler Master MasterCase H500

This High-end case is available for less than £100 Retail! Its around £40 Less than the H500P.



  • Mesh and Transparent Options Included

  • Two 200mm RGB Fans and Controller

  • Clear View Inside

  • Radiator Support

  • Covers for Clean Building

  • Top Magnetic Filter

  • Case Handle for Transport

Gold Xilence redwing.JPG
"I Have The Power"
Xilence Redwing PSU

As a builder of bespoke machines, I want to be able to buy good quality computer components when I do a build.  No matter what the price of the machine.  Many times, system builders are faced with the dilemma of choosing "cheap and nasty" or "expensive and good".  If you are forced into "cheap and nasty" you will, in the end, pay for it.  I warranty my builds for 3 years.  I want a PSU that I am not going to have to replace every six months to a year in that build.  Each machine I build has my name behind it and I don't want to be known for using cheap parts.  However, as a business woman, I want to get as much for my money as possible so I can turn a profit.  When I was told I would be reviewing the Xilence Redwing OEM System Builder PSU, I was optimistic.  Why?  Well, as you may have read earlier in TFT we reviewed the Xilence 750w Performance X PSU (GOLD) So, you might say that they set the bar pretty high and I expect a good power supply for my money even though this is not nearly as grand as its big brother.  Will the OEM live up to the Xilence reputation?  Read on and find out!

"Byte or Flight"
Malwarebytes Techbench/Toolset

Diagnostic tools are great, IF you have an idea of what is wrong to begin with.  So, in reality, they are not diagnostic tools, per say, but more like confirmation of what you thought and repair tools.  What if I told you that I will be reviewing a tool that diagnoses and fixes your problems like these do, but, it even does it when you have no clue where to start?  Malwarebytes Toolset is the tool I am looking at today.  If you are like me, time is money and the faster I can get diagnostics done, the better.  Now, from what I have read, this tool will diagnose for me the cause of the software problem and in most cases, fix it.  Sounds like a tech dream come true, right?  So, if you are half as excited to read this as I am to review it, well, sit back have a drink and read on! 

UVK Ultra Virus Killer
Emsisoft Anti-Malware
and Re-seller Portal Review

Some anti-virus programs weigh our computers down, pop up every time we blink our eyes, and tell us repeatedly that if we act now we can save money on our subscription renewal. *Whether we need it or not*  Some cause more problems than they are worth.  For instance, I can think of one that locked several of my customers out of their computers all together.  They thought they were saving money with the free one and it ended up costing them more to get the issue sorted than it would be to buy a proper and reputable program.  These programs ultimately make users wonder why they should bother at all.  

UVK Ultra Virus Killer
Tech Tool Store 
"The Space Saving Toolkit"

Tech tool store (TTS) is an IT professional application which contains more than 600 free technician tools packed in a simple, fully featured interface. TTS allows you to configure, update, organize, and run the desired tools with just a few clicks. And if initially it doesn't have a tool you need, you can add it to the list in a few seconds. Other features include automation of the tools, professional HTML reports and support for unattended uninstall of the installable tools.

UVK Ultra Virus Killer
UVK - Ultra Virus Killer 
"Meeting you with a view to a kill"

Ultra Virus Killer (UVK) is a tool developed for technicians by a technician and helps in nearly all computer repair tasks. 200+ fixes & tweaks, a dedicated malware/adware remover, a system optimization tool, a smart uninstaller that allows to remove several programs at once, including store apps, a process manager specially built to hunt for malware, a system hardware/software information tool, an autorun entries and services manager and a built-in backup/restore tool are only some of the modules included in this amazing app.

WSUS Offlive Review
WSUS Offline Update

Download all Windows and Office updates into a Folder/USB Pen/NAS and easily install updates on every Windows PC Fast. Even works of computers with broken windows update.


Arctic P12 PWM PST

When I think of fans, one brand comes to mind, Arctic.  Maybe it is because their name insinuates cool.  Maybe it is because they have some really great fans.  Maybe it's both.  Whatever the reason, you may have guessed by now that today we are going to be taking a look at an Arctic fan today.  The P12 PWM PST is under scrutiny.  I am very eager to see what this little fellow is capable of.  Be sure to read on to find out what I did.

bionix p140 red 9.JPG

Cool It!!!
Arctic BioniX P140  P/N ACFAN00127A

Computers generate heat.  Heat affects computers in a harmful manner.  There are several ways to cool your computer.  Today I am looking at fan cooling.  The Arctic BioniX P140 is a 140 mm fan that connects via 4-pin Connector + 4 Pin Socket.  This fan has five curved blades to ensure a very focused airflow and thus a very high cooling capacity, especially with higher air resistance.  


The P-fans in 120mm and 140 mm are therefore particularly suitable for use with CPU coolers and provide improved cooling performance, especially in direct comparison to fans for pure airflow


Who's The Fairest Of Them All?
Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB case

When I first started building computers, we did not have many things to make our cases stand out.  You were considered cool if you had the old style tube light.  You got bonus points if you had replaced your IDE ribbon cable with a tube style that glowed a colour of choice.  If you had a fan that lit up, you were posh!   Oops, I am telling my age!  Anyway...  Today we have moved on to cases that have preinstalled ARGB fans with room for more ARGB components.  You can make your PC look like a small city of colourful lights now without breaking the bank.  


Today's case is the Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB.  It comes with not one, not two, but THREE pre-installed ARGB fans.  For all of you that have not made the switch to the ARGB motherboard as of yet, don't sweat!  There's a button on the top to control the lights.  I'm really excited about this one!  Let's take a closer look.  

Read on, you know you wanna. 


Goliath The Gentle Giant
 Maxam Cables 


Cables are something most of us do not really think about until we need them!  Dollars to doughnuts we need what we will have a hard time either finding stock of or one that will look presentable on display in our shops. 


Goliath Computing asked me to give them a try.  As always I rose to the challenge.  Today I'm going to look at three different cables and give feedback about each.  This feedback will include price, packaging, value for money and if I would stock it or not. 


So make sure safety belt is fastened and lap trays are in the upright position as we are about to take off! 

IMG_3414 (1).JPG

NewTech hosted by Target Components LTD



Not very often do I get to review events, but it’s always nice to come out of hiding and see the people I write for and sometimes about.  Today we will be looking at Target Component’s event, NEW TECH. As you may remember, they hosted Game Tech last year around this time. New Tech was hosted at the same venu, a pub called the Prince William in Castleford.  All in all the mood was good and people seemed pleased to be there.

MB510L coolermaster case Review
Cooler Master MasterBox MB510L Case

When I think of computer cases I think of those like we had back in the in the day.  You know the ones with the sides you could see through and inside someone had replaced the ribbon cable with a cable that was neon braided, the lights were tube lights with a bit of double side tape holding them in place.  They were also the kind with the doors on the front that you carried a key to because no one could turn them on without them opening the front door.  They were our love, our passion, our connection to the outside world, our reason for not getting out much.  Computer cases have come a long way since then.  Cooler Master are renowned for making those cases that we have grown to love and adore.  That's why I have high expectations from this case, it has the words Cooler Master on it and I expect big things from that brand.  Why?  My first case was a Cooler Master on my first build.

Gigabyte SSD UD PRO Review
Gigabyte UD Pro SSD Unboxing and Mini Review Video

We will take a look at this new SSD from Gigabyte and see if it has what is needed to take on the other SSD manufacturers.

Viper V370 Headset Review
Viper V370 Headset Review

One of the most important parts of game play is sound and communication.  If you can’t hear what is being said to you by your Ops Team, you could miss out on some really “need to know” tactics.  If you do not have a clear mic and you are telling tactics to the team, they may or may not understand what you have said and therefore this leads to a “wipe”.  In every day terms, that means communication breakdown due to a crappy headset.  I am picky about my headset.  It has to be perfect in every way.  I go through at least one a year because it takes a good bit of hammer.  The gamer will put the headset on, game a bit, take it off and go for a “break”, come back and put it back on.  Chances are, in the process of the game play they will be called by someone in the house 50 million times to answer a question. 

Viper V570 mouse review
Viper V570 RGB Black Out Mouse

No matter if you are a hard core gamer or a home and office user, you want peripherals that are comfortable to use, responsive, and attractive.  Today we are focusing on the mouse.  I've been asked to take a look at the Viper V570 RGB Blackout as part two of my three part peripheral showcase.  People, for the most part, will need a mouse that can do simple point and click tasks.  Gamers go beyond that by miles.  Gamers have different needs.  Depending on if you are a first person shooter gamer or an MMO style gamer, or even if you do some of all, you need a mouse that will work well and respond to your needs.  What category will this mouse fall into if any?   Will it tick all the boxes or will it just tick me off?  Read on to find out! 

Nova MW3 Mesh review
Tenda MW3 "Get yourself connected"

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to get a better Wi-Fi connection without all of the little adapters and messing about, and without having to go out and spend a small fortune on one of the nicer systems that has a premium price and it’s just a wee bit overkill for your small area?  I bet you have.  So today I am going to talk about a solution for the family home or even small office that gives you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.  Sounds too good to be true right? 

Viper V730 gaming keyboard review

The day in the life of a gamer…you work all day, come home to your take out and as soon as the last bite is swallowed, you are on your way to your comfy chair to sit down to your way to escape your troubles, your computer.  It’s how game night around the globe starts out.  In front of you, your keyboard, mouse, monitor and on your head goes the headset.  You have now entered the 6th dimension.  That which lies between man and imagination, the righter of wrongs, the difference between fairy-tale and nightmares, you have entered The Gaming Zone.  That being said, you want a keyboard that can handle anything you need and make it snappy.  You want it now!

BioniX F120 Fan revew
Arctic BioniX F120

Arctic has fast become a name synonymous with cooling your computer properly.  In fact, we recently reviewed a cooler by Arctic that was able to hold its own against water-cooling as well as beat the competition in a fan based cooling system.  With that being said, I have very high expectation for the BioniX F120 fans.  After all, they are the very fans that were used on the Freezer 33 eSports Edition cooler by Arctic.  So, what am I looking for?  I want cooling winds that would make an “Arctic” wind pale in comparison in ability to cool.  But, I also want them to be as quiet as a church mouse.  Have I set the bar high?  You bet!  Will the BioiX 120 deliver my computer from the sweltering temperatures or will it be full of hot air?  Find out in this edition of Tech For Techs.

P650B Power supply gigabyte review
Gigabyte P650B 650W 80+ Bronze PSU

POWER!  POWER!  POWER!  Now that I have your attention, I bet you can guess what our review will be about today.   Yes, today we are talking about that component that either brings great joy or makes you want to scream, the power supply.  It's an often under-estimated component.  Once it's in, so long as the computer powers on, it is often forgotten and taken for granted.  We all know the major makers of really cool PSUs.  Chances are, you have your own personal favorite for yourself and one you trust to build with on a daily basis that is more affordable.  But...

akasa R20 watercooler review
Akasa Venom R20 RGB WaterCooler

When I first looked at the Venom in its box I noted that they made it stand out with their use of colours even on a black box.  You see the cooler lit up on a motherboard showcasing its RGB abilities.  At first, I thought they had clearly stated everything I would need to know before I unboxed it. Joy of joys!  However, when I unboxed it I found myself scratching my head so to speak...

arctic Freezer 33 eSport HSF Review
Arctic Freezer 33 eSports Edition

From the time you were a kid; you were told to be cool, keep your cool, stay cool, and even cool it.  Today we are going to talk about the last one, “Cool It”.    That’s exactly what your PC needs, to be kept cool.  In this edition of TFT, we are going to be talking about cooling the CPU.  The last thing you need is to overheat.  An overly hot PC can cause major issues both with the PC and with the owner being at “meltdown” stage.   I will be looking at the Arctic 33 eSports Edition.  I want to know if I will be hot and bothered or cool as a cucumber with this product.  Last week we did a build for testing a motherboard.  We used this cooler on it as well. The results may surprise you.

The world of gaming; you either have it or you don't.  You either love it or hate it.  It's either the best thing since sliced bread or the worst thing since Windows Vista.  Gamers are some of the most picky and critical people of components and peripherals you will ever meet.  Why?  Because, we spend a lot of money on them and when we want to relax and play our game, we want it to do the job without flaw.  We also spend a lot of time with our rigs, so we want them to look nice too.  We treat our rigs well and expect the same in return.  We kit them out to look great for us to enjoy the view and brag to our friends about them.  It's a lot like having a relationship.  So today, we will see if the Aorus GA -AX370 Gaming K5 is our happily ever after or if it gets the wall of shame. Judging by the review of the Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 3 that Tech For Techs did earlier, I would say we are in all rights to have high expectations for the AX370 K5.  Will it be love at first Gigabyte or will it be byte me?  Find out this and more as you read on. 

In this edition of Tech For Techs we are going to be talking about much needed tools.  No, I don't mean the handy dandy screw driver, though it is very useful.  The kind of tools we are focusing on today are the diagnostics kind.  Everyone has their own way of diagnosing a fault.  Most of us can guess it straight away.  But what happens when the guess work leads to hours of unnecessary work?  What if we could wave a magic wand and get the diagnostics as well as stress tests done as we go on about another task?  You can!  With Pc-Check® it's diagnostics made simple.  Read more...

Fab's AutoBackup 7 Pro: this tool is developed for technicians by a technician and helps in migrating user profiles quickly and efficiently. It handles a lot of files and settings like documents, music, pictures, browser settings, emails and settings from programs like Microsoft outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird and so much more. It is very handy in various situations like moving data from a computer to another (backup, then restore or hook the old drive to the new machine and perform a direct transfer from the old drive to the new one). Checklists are not needed anymore! You do not even need to know where the files are stored, the program detects the locations from the registry and takes care of the entire process.

The CR1088 Prism takes the core of the award-winning CR1080 and takes it to the next level with a muscular new black/red exterior with integrated RGB lighting, increased internal space, and dust filters. Dual compartments: one for the motherboard, CPU, and graphics card, and a second for the power supply and drives thus providing direct airflow to critical components for improved cooling efficiency.  It packs a punch with support for full-size ATX motherboards, power supplies and graphics cards.

Despite its slim design, the Xilence 90W mini universal notebook adaptor has a powerful interior. It produces a stable output voltage of 24V and achieves remarkable efficiency of over 85%. It includes eleven plugs for the most popular notebooks and netbooks. The integrated LED display shows information on the output voltage at all times and its full-range, adjustable voltage (between 100V and 240V) allows the power adaptor to be used worldwide.

Xilence 750w Performance X PSU (GOLD): with the Performance X range, Xilence has extended its portfolio of power supply units to target the gaming market with  80+ Gold efficiency ratings up to 95%. The PSUs guarantee an all-time stable output voltage with industry-leading DC/ DC technology while the active-PFC (Power Factor Correction) delivers a stable power supply at all times, even during heavy usage - energy is saved and efficiency is increased. The dynamic hydro-bearing fans work are particularly smooth and silent way, adding to their efficiency. Xilence Performance X PSUs are also extremely long-lasting and provide excellent cooling performance. All-in-all these powerful, reliable, excellent-value Performance X series PSUs are an ideal solution for gaming and design PC Systems.

Xilence M403 Universal CPU cooler: with its tower design, the new multi-socket M403 universal CPU cooler is suitable for most AMD and Intel processors. Three high-performance copper heat pipes dissipate 150W of wasted heat through multiple cooling fins, making it ideal for powerful multi-core processors.

Organize your desktop and say goodbye to the tangled cables, thanks to the improved cable management. With the help of Z2 Pro you can fully exploit your work area. The height and alignment of these arms can be adjusted to set your monitors to the optimal viewing angle, thus preventing neck, shoulder and back strain. In addition, the Z2 Pro has a 3.0 USB hub with 4 ports.

Acordibng to RepairShopr its "The Most Complete Repair Shop Platform Available" but is it?

RepairShopr is the all-in-one platform created specifically for repair businesses. With all of the essentials - POS, CRM, ticket management, and integrated invoices, estimates + payments - plus powerful extras like built-in marketing and reporting tools, RepairShopr is the most complete repair business solution available. Fully customizable to fit your workflow, RepairShopr is designed to save you time so you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers and growing your business.

At first, the Apache looks just looks like another standard black case fan. It reminds me of the ones included in any normal case.  They dont glow up like Vegas fans that Akasa make. So, what's the big deal you ask?  Well, these fans come with 9 blades compared to the usual 7 you would get on most fans.  This will allow them to be able to shift more air at a lower rotation speed and, in turn, making them quieter.  But, are they worth the £16.74 RRP?

Creating the ultimate home WiFi network to connect all your phones, computers, tablets and WiFi smart home gadgets couldn’t be simpler; the configuration free Tenda Nova MW6 provides an effortless ‘plug and play’ setup experience thanks to its automatic networking feature with all nodes paired to each other straight out of the box.  But is it really that simple?

Akasa have really nailed it on offering choices when it comes to which fan is right for your needs.  They have given us something that we have seldom had, choices.  Now you can look cool and keep cool at the same time.  Both the Vegas R7 LED and Vegas X7 provide us with excellent ventilation as well as an all around nice looking piece of kit.  However, they are very different.  Upon looking at the Vegas R7, one would probably think “hmmm nice”!!!  They would not be wrong.  It does look nice.   But, when compared against its sister, the X7, it reminds me of the last kid to get picked in gym class.  Here’s why: 

Cooler Master are no stranger when it comes to gaming peripherals and components.  They are a brand we have all come to trust over the years to bring us that “WOW” factor for looks and performance on both peripherals and components.  So, I was very excited to learn that I would get to review these mice.  Will they live up to my expectations as a gamer?

ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4 2400 Memory Review

ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4 overclocking memory is designed as the ultimate upgrade for overclockers, enthusiasts, and gamers thanks to its remarkable performance and power efficiency. Even with speeds of up to 3333MHz and a transfer bandwidth reaching up to 26.6GB/s, XPG Z1 consumes 20% less power when compared to DDR3. Utilizing Thermal Conductive Technology and 10-layer PCB with 2oz of copper, XPG Z1 provides excellent cooling performance, as well as great stability whether you are on the battlefield gaming or trying to achieve higher benchmarks while overclocking


The SU800 solid state drive lives up to its Ultimate name with 3D NAND Flash that provides higher storage density, efficiency, and reliability than traditional 2D NAND.  It features intelligent SLC caching and a DRAM cache buffer to boost read/write performance even further

Gigabyte Aorus AC300W ATX Mid Tower Review

- RGB Fusion-16.7M Customizable RGB Lighting
- Transparent Full Side Panel Window
- Support Vertical and Horizontal VGA Installation
- HDMI and USB Type-C I/O Panel
- PSU Shroud Design
- Detachable Dust Filter

GameTech Hosted By Target Components - Review

GameTech event hosted by Target Components and featuring Cooler Master, Gigabyte, Akasa, Tenda, Bullguard, The In Store PC Builder  and much much more,


Gigabyte Z370 AORUS GAMING 3 Motherboard Review

Combining passion for innovation and our expertise with over 30 years of manufacturing only the highest end technology. Gigabyte Z370 AORUS GAMING 3 delivers unbeatable features for the ultimate gaming experience.

Lag free network chips, crystal clear surround sound, stunning LED light effects, intuitive and adaptive cooling all brought together with the most robust build quality possible. Choose Gigabyte and add the ultimate weapon to your gaming arsenal.  

MasterKeys Pro L RGB by Cooler Master 

Elevate your game with the MasterKeys line of gaming keyboards and focus on what really matters: no-nonsense performance in a straightforward package. Get the most out of your skills and don’t get distracted by bright lights and flashing logos. Choose accuracy, precision, and performance like the pros - not flashy lights and style-over-substance fluff like the average joes.

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