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Xilence 750w Performance X PSU

Xilence 750w Performance X PSU
80+ GOLD (XP750MR9)

Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Introduction :

One of the most important decisions a PC builder will face is getting the right power supply for the job.  If it is of poor quality, it can harm the build or even be a safety hazard.  Most of us stick to brands we know for this reason.  We have a list of the Good the Bad and a Not Even If They Were Giving It Away list.  Why? Because in every build is our reputation.  It is why many will be reluctant to try a new product.  But is that fair?  In this edition of Tech For Techs we will tell you what list the Xilence 750w Performance X PSU should be on for you.  We will be testing it on an actual build for a customer of ours to see exactly how well it does.  Will it be a long day at the office or will it be drinks at the pub?  Find out by reading more!

Xilence PSU
Xilence PSU

Manufacturer statement:


Xilence 750w Performance X PSU (GOLD): with the Performance X range, Xilence has extended its portfolio of power supply units to target the gaming market with  80+ Gold efficiency ratings up to 95%. The PSUs guarantee an all-time stable output voltage with industry-leading DC/ DC technology while the active-PFC (Power Factor Correction) delivers a stable power supply at all times, even during heavy usage - energy is saved and efficiency is increased. The dynamic hydro-bearing fans work are particularly smooth and silent way, adding to their efficiency. Xilence Performance X PSUs are also extremely long-lasting and provide excellent cooling performance. All-in-all these powerful, reliable, excellent-value Performance X series PSUs are an ideal solution for gaming and design PC Systems


About Xilence:

Xilence has been manufacturing cooling and noise-minimising PC components for over 10 years. Based in Germany but with global headquarters in Taiwan, it is owned by the Listan group (which also owns Be Quiet) and has a growing R&D department of German and Taiwanese engineers tasked with creating thermal solutions for increasingly-demanding heat-generating tasks.  Although not the cheapest, Xilence has a pedigree for reliable, high quality products with lots of “bang for your buck” across its PSU, cooler, case fan and laptop accessory ranges. Xilence has, most recently, launched its Performance X PSU range aimed directly at the gaming PC users – with such a large, stable power supply market in the UK, largely dominated by just a few brands at higher price points, there is a huge market for well-priced products that perform well. 

Xilence PSU
Xilence PSU
Xilence PSU


The box has everything you could want to know clearly stated and nice pictures of it as well.  The important things that customers and yourself will want to know (how many SATA connections, PCI connections and so on) are clear and easy to find out.  It is a nice-looking box as well. Very clean and neat with nice pictures of the product on it.  It will look great on the shelf and will be one of those you can pick up and without having to open the box, tell if it is the right PSU for the build. 



  • Comes with European power lead

  • PSU is bubble wrapped

  • Modular cables only cable tied together, no special bag for storing the ones not in use like other manufacturers offer.

  • Cables are braided and at the end are black near the connectors.  No yellows, reds etc showing.


On first notice we can fully see it is a black PSU with a red fan, black grill, and a very attractive Silver logo built into the grill.  This is not a sticker. 

The 24-pin connection and the 4-8 pin connection for the motherboard are built into the PSU.  There are two PCI-E connectors and four SATA and Molex connectors.

If positioning in a windowed case, you will see the Xilence logo on the side that is pressed into the PSU casing and looks nice. 



Standard fitting, comes with four screws, standard size PSU.  SATA and Molex clip into place same as any other standard PSU on the market. 


*Note, fan has no RGB or lighting at all*


With all tests we got acceptable variations of power and it worked as it should.  all Tests Done with a Thermaltake Dr Power II PSU Tester, (see pic).  We also powered on our test PC and put a 2 hour stress testing that draws 670w with no issues.

Xilence PSU
Xilence PSU
Xilence PSU

Suppliers:  Available exclusively at Target Components,   The whole Xilence Range can be found here 


RRP:  £85   i find this very competitive as most 80+ Gold PSU are normally around £100+



There are some power supplies on the market that make me cringe just at the sight of them.  Some have been deceptive with looking good and a month later I have to replace it.  The Xilence has the look and performance I would expect from any PSU I do a build with.  Would a customer buy it off the shelf?  I am not sure.  The brand is new, there is no bag to put the extra cables and if they are like me, that can put them off.   Time will tell whether we enjoy the Xilence or if it is the sound of Xilence. 

Stand out point:  Braided cables and black ends near the connectors.  Branding and logos.



  • Meets all requirements in testing

  • Easy to install

  • Quiet under normal loads


  • No added extras like a bag to store the cables in.

  • Packaging does it no favours.



Value:   5

Packaging:  3

Power output: 5

Looks:  4


This being said we award it the Gold Award for a product well made and recommended.


Xilence PSU gold
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