Interview With The "Cooler" Master
Ronil  Bhimjiani @ Cooler Master UK Speaks With TFT 


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Photos by: Philip Griffiths

Introduction :

Most days I sit behind my desk and think of something clever to say about a product.  But today I get to venture out and go to Cooler Master for a visit with Katie Pinnock (UK Country Manager), Ronil Bhimjiani (Sr. Sales Account Manager) and Leah Sommers (Marketing Manager) at Cooler Master.  

The Cooler Masters, as I will call them here, are the most hospitable people you will ever come across.  As most of us know Ronil from his visits to our stores, he is very easy to talk to and knows his job very well.  Katie said he is very "passionate" about it.  It shows.  Everything I could throw at him to ask, he had an on the fly answer.  No Google or looking at a laptop for the answers for him, oh no!  It's all from memory.  Frankly, I have no idea how he remembers everything, but he does!  It just goes to show that if you love what you do, you absorb it, you live it, it becomes part of who you are and Ronil is the coolest of the Cooler Masters.  

To see some of my interview with him, read on, and watch our video.  


Interview Questions:  (Full Video at the top left of the page)


  • In regards to some of your competitors having enough products on the market to make a full computer system (minus the CPU and Windows): Do you feel this is a good thing and can you see Cooler Master doing this? 

Answer:      No, there is no need to divert from what Cooler Master is currently doing.  They know what they are doing with what they do.


  • Cooler Master are renowned for its vast array of cases.  What’s new in this area and what was your all-time favourite?

Answer:            New: MB530P         His fave: Cosmos


  • So many people think Cooler Master is geared towards the blingy and lit up cases.  There are those that would like a good case but without all of this. What would you recommend for those that want the quality of Cooler Master but a bit understated?


       MC600P - high end case

       E300L and E500L for lower to mid range


  • On the peripheral side, what is your top seller and why do you think it does so well?

Answer:  Devastator range due to it being a set with build quality and good looks


  • What’s new? What products can we expect to see in the near future?

Answer:   MB530P mid to high range case with tempered glass and ARGB


  • What Cooler Master product has surprised you the most in how people have liked it?

Answer: MB600L



  • How is Cooler Master helping independent traders?

Answer:   Visits, support, POS, samples, displays, website can create custom banners for you, social media


  • What do you see being the next big thing in the computer industry? VR, AR, or are they just phases?

Answer: AR  




About Cooler Master:  


We're all about the things that make building a PC such a rewarding experience. The sense of achievement. The joy of making and creating something uniquely yours in form and function. The freedom that comes from complete control. And of course, the thrill of bringing your creation to life without melting your components.

The Cooler Master story starts with a rogue product manager working on a hunch out of a rented apartment in Taipei. He had no funding, no support other than a single secretary who handled the admin while he set to work inventing, improving, making and marketing new products. His name was Roger, and he founded Cooler Master back in 1992.



About Ronil : 

Hey everyone! I am the account manager for Cooler Master UK and have been with Cooler Master for closing up to 2 years now.
Working for Cooler Master has been fun and also very challenging but we have one hell of a team that is ready to take on anything thrown at us. I look after the independent stores throughout
UK as well as key SI and reseller accounts.
To most, I can be the person to turn to when in need of ideas for what to do in stores to entice gamers, what products work well to build awesome systems and the occasional technical help when dealing with super new tech.

To get my attention, please feel free to get in touch through Email, Skype or even a call. I’m available anywhere (Discord too!)

My Email is:

Phone No : 07806 499504
Skype: Ronil Bhimjiani



Flashback and a little nostalgia:


When we first launched TFT, I spoke with Ronil about having the MasterKeys L keyboard reviewed.  He was eager to get something going with us and thus, review number one was born.  I have reviewed other CM products since then, like the MM520 and MM530.  And in the future I will have even more Cooler Master products up for you to read about.   Why?  Well, in all of my years of building computers, one brand that pops in my head immediately and that is Cooler Master.  When I get asked what brand of case to go for, automatically I say "Let's look at the Cooler Master range". 


My first build was with a Cooler Master Wave case in blue.  I was so thrilled with it.  It got carried around with my big, chunky monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and desk mic every weekend.  LAN parties were big in my area and there was only one house that was big enough to hold us all and with the facilities we needed.  So, every weekend we would pile in and set up our rigs for a night of gaming.  Sometimes it would be Star Wars Galaxies, sometimes just a little Age of Empires II.  Yes, I am going way way back!  Cooler Master has been with me for that many years.  It's never let me down.  I guess you would say Cooler Master is like that best friend that has known you all of your life, stood by you, changed with you, and never let you down.  Or at least that is how I see them.   Whatever I need, I feel confident that the team at Cooler Master can help me and that's just awesome.


Win her over with Cooler Master:


I am one of those people that do not do change very well.  If something works, I usually ride it out or stick with it till it needs replacing.   However, due to getting a new graphics card for Valentine's Day one year. *yes this is true* I had to change cases because of the cramped area in my case.  There went my limited edition Alienware case with the Star Wars scenes on it that Phil got me when we were dating.  But, it was time to change long before that.  The front USB did not work, and well it had just seen better days.  So, the quest for a new case began.  I finally found the CM Storm Trooper.  The only draw back was it did not have a windowed side like it's twin, the Stryker had.  There was no compromise.  I had to have the Trooper.  I also had to have the windowed side.  Well, Santa was generous that year.  He ordered the case and also got a side panel with a window separate that I would have to install .  I've gotten diamonds for Christmas before, but this case was worth more than that to me.  Maybe that is why I still have it.  It has housed at least three builds if you count the upgrades along the way.  I'm sure I will one day upgrade, and that once again Cooler Master will wow me and I will have to have another of their cases. But for now, my Trooper, my baby, my love, my reason for not seeing my husband as much as I should holds the key to my heart.  So, guys, if you really want to impress your gamer girl, may I suggest a nice gaming rig housed in something like the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition? There is only one thing, you may not see her very much if you do.




Working at Cooler Master

So, what's it like to be a part of the Cooler Master team?

 "It is a pleasure to work as part of the Cooler Master 'Family'. CMUK have a great team and work together amazingly to reach goals and break new boundaries."  Katie said

What's it like to be nominated as one of the PCR Magazine 30 Under 30?


The Cooler Master team were all three nominated in the PCR 30 Under 30.  I asked how it felt to be recognized as such.  Katie said " It is an honour to be noticed in the industry as a 'rising star' - long may it continue!"


Suppliers that have Cooler Master products available:




CI Distribution



I would highly recommend the team at Cooler Master and their products.  If you want to do a gaming event there is always the option of getting the Cooler Master bus and the team to make an appearance.  Whether it is a talk with Ronil you need or maybe you would like some POS, I feel confident that it is just a matter of asking.  They are all eager to help you.  No job seems to be too big or small.  -Jenni 


It was a great experience to go and see the Cooler Master team at their home turf, we have met them many times before at events and when they have come to see us.  From the start of the visit we were welcomed by the team as well as introduced to other visitors from ADATA and NovaTech, I was half expecting to see a bland standard office, with standard PCs, but I was wrong! The office was filled with gaming computers, peripherals, gaming chairs, and even a 3D Printer.  The team seemed very passionate about what they do and they accommodated us with every need(even pizza). - Phil



Stand out point:  Great service from easy to work with people that support a brand we have grown to love, Cooler Master.



  • Friendly and helpful staff whom are easy to work with.

  • Nothing is too much, if they can do it for you, they will.

  • Great knowledge of products past, present and future.

  • You can tell when someone enjoys what they do, the staff here all seem to love their jobs and it shows.  


  • I did not get to take home that case I eyed up.