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Arctic Fans - A Blast From The Past

The Arctic Breeze and Summair Desk Fans

Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths


Introduction :  

Most gamers sit for hours on their computers.  Therefore, we want things that look good, feel good, and perform like a sports car on steroids.  So, there is not doubt in my mind that you, the gamer, have an RGB fusion MotherBoard, RAM that looks like the wings of an airplane from a sci-fi movie, fans and lights that look like the world's best Rave party, a keyboard and mouse that would make NASA proud and a mouse mat that looks like a dance floor.  How do I know?   I have just described to you, my gaming area!  But, I have been informed I am missing something.  Oh the shame!!!  So today I will be taking a look at a couple of desktop fans from Arctic.  I am told that this is what the cool kids have.  So, let's take a look, shall we? 

Manufacturer statement:

Summair Light

The whisper-quiet Summair Light creates a fresh breeze wherever you are - in the office, on the go, or just relaxing at home. The Summair Light comes with a fan protection grill that simplifies any adjustments. Its flexible goose neck can be used to move it into the perfect cooling position. The Summair Light is handy and compact. Its 92 mm fan is easily adjustable from 900 to 2100 RPM. Just as you like it. Equipped with a 2.0 standard USB 2.0 connector, the Summair Light is compatible with a wide variety of gadgets. It’s also extremely energy-efficient and practical--no batteries needed. Simply plug it into e.g. your laptop or powerbank and enjoy your cool Summair (Light). Plus, it comes with a pouch that makes the Summair Light is the perfect companion for any trip.


Breeze Color

Whether you're mulling over a concept in the office, in the university library writing term papers or working from a stifling home office - the ARCTIC table fan provides the necessary cooling on warm days. Through the USB power connection the fan connects quickly and easily with any computer and laptop. Bring color to your desk - with the ARCTIC Breeze Color Edition there is the right design for everyone. Whether purple, blue, red, silver, black or white - with this table fan in 6 colors you get a little color kick. Due to the 1.8 m long power cable with USB connection, you can put the table fan anywhere without any problems. At home or at work, the practical small fan is a handy accessory for any desktop. The flexible goose neck of this USB fan can easily be bent in any direction as desired. The speed can be infinitely be adjusted by turning the knob at the bottom. The foot of the Breeze itself is made of steel and so can stand stable on all surfaces. Thanks to the additional rubber pads, it does not slip and leaves no scratch marks, even on sensitive surfaces.


About Arctic :

ARCTIC is a leading manufacturer of silent PC coolers and components and has initiated and sustainably influenced the trend towards quiet cooling systems. Besides a wide range of CPU and GPU coolers, ARCTIC offers high quality monitor mounts as well as an audio product line. The company, run by founder Magnus Huber, has locations in Germany, Hong Kong and the USA and convinces pc enthusiasts in over 45 countries with innovative and user-friendly products, high quality and fair prices. For more than 15 years ARCTIC stands for comfortable computing, excellent service and personal support.





Just looking at the front I'd say it is really basic packaging on both fans.  At first glance we see a blue background with a white drawing of a fan.  First impressions are important so, hmm. I can see that the contents are USB powered fans.  The Breeze has actual real life pictures on the sides, and they look nice, but, if I am in a store to buy this, I am not searching for pictures.  The Summair Light does not have any pictures at all.  A shame really.  



Inside the Breeze box I am met with plastic packaging around the blades for protection.  The fan has an on and off switch that doubles as a power control, adjustable fan stem and a heavy base.  The fan blades are quite thick.  The Summair Light comes in a carrier bag with drawstring in its box.  That's a nice touch.  This fan has blade covers and I like that. 



This is as simple as plug into the USB port and power on with the switch (switch also used for speed).  No installation needed. 


In a room with no air stirring, I turned on the fan. (Breeze)  It is on the lowest of levels and I can feel a small breeze.  I am sitting only 36cm away.  On medium I don't feel much more.  On high I feel a nice cool breeze and sitting 52cm away.  While I would not say to bin your big fan that sits on the floor, I will say I am able to feel it.  


Some say that these are great for gamers so their hands will be cool.  Personally, I don't have sweaty hands, so I can't comment.  The cord is 1.8m long.  Here is my issue even so, to be close enough to feel the fan, it will be on my way on my desk.  If I move it more then 52cm it defeats the object.  and just becomes a gadget to have to dust and take up a USB port.  Arctic advertised on the side of the box that you could use it on a bedside table.  Seriously?  Imagine reaching to pick up the phone or to turn the alarm off and getting your fingers in this.  OWCH!  Even worse, I have long hair, my table is so close to my bed that my hair would get tangled in it.  So I would probably tell you to give this suggestion a miss.  They also say it can be used in the kitchen while prepping food.  I'm not sure how well that would work.  But, OK.  The next suggestion is in the living room "make your weekend at home on the sofa more enjoyable with a glass of your favorite drink and a refreshing breeze".  Now that "sounds" good.  However, in the picture the fan is plugged into the USB port of a laptop.  What do I always tell my customers and drinks and laptops? "Just say no"!  


As for the Smmair Light, it is more powerful than the Breeze and it has the added bonus of guards on the fan.  Downside, the USB is only 6cm long.  If you have a tower PC it will stress out the USB ports.  If you have a laptop it may be OK.  


Summair Light: GBP 8.99 RRP

Breeze Color: GBP 12.00 RRP


Pricing seems good considering they are for sale on eBay and Amazon for £16 - £22

This was updated this after the review went out 20/08/18



The Summair Light is available for purchase at GNR ( and Scan (


The Breeze Color is available for purchase at GNR (


This was updated this after the review went out 20/08/18



Jenni's Thoughts:

This is not a gamer must have.  It is a good idea, but it needs some work (on both).  As for the Summair they got it right with blade guards but they got it wrong with the USB connection length.  As for the Breeze, well, I've seen this kind of fan around for years but, it did not really have enough power to cool and guards would not have gone amiss.  I guess my thoughts are to put a longer USB connection on the Summair and a proper base like the Breeze.  Combine the two if you will.  Also, the art on the box needs a revamp and please for the sake of long hair people everywhere tell the advertising department to take the bedside table picture off of the box. 


Phil's Thoughts:

Arctic is good at making Case and CPU fans, and these are ok fans, but nothing special! they look good but are not always practical,  if you combined both fans into one then it could have been a lot better product, slightly bigger fan blades the help cool you down more would have been nice. 




  • Both fans look nice 

  • The Summair has a nice little extra with the drawstring bag.

  • The Breeze has an adequate 1.8m cable 


  • The Breeze needs guards and could do with more power like the Summair.

  • The Summair needs more cable length like the breeze.  

  • Artwork on both boxes 

  • Suggestions for use on the Breeze.

Scores out of 5:

Breeze:                                                                      Summair


Packaging               3                                                 3


Unboxing                3                                                4


Value For Money  3                                               4  (Score updated after Arctic came back with supplier list and prices)


Looks                       3                                                4



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