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AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair Review 



Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths


Introduction :

When a diamond is purchased, you usually go by four Cs:  Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat.  Gamers have four Cs they use to identify their perfect gaming chair.  I asked what were the four most important factors in a game chair.  The TFT members responded Comfort, Construction, Cost and Cool Factor. *in that order*  

The average gamer spends about 6 to 8 hours of play time per week. (If you were around my house that number would treble).  If we add in time spent researching game tactics, looking for new components for our rigs, social media, school and work, that number would probably be around 30 hrs per week.  This being said, we would like to be able to relax in a comfy chair for all of this. We want something so grandiose that we don't even want to get up to go to bed.  

It appears that AKRacing have thought about our needs and wants and compiled them all together in one luxury chair, the Masters Series MAX Gaming Chair (AK-MAX-BK-UK).  I'm eager to find out if it is all that it says it is.  Sit back in your chair and take a gander at this.

Main Features:

4D arm rests adjustable 4 direction

Rocking mechanism with adjustable tension and tilt angle lock

Hand-welded steel frame painted with anti-corrosive paint

High-density cold cured foam

180 degree recline with variable tension rocking function for personalized seating position 

5/10 year warranty (5 on materials and parts and 10 on the frame)

Unique Features:

Max gaming chair is our tank of a gaming chair--- it sits on an extra wide frame with a wide back and also a flat seat so offers more room

Unlike other gaming chairs on the market described as Heavy Duty based on their size, Max is truly heavy duty also based on its gaslift made in Korea that is rated to 400 lbs/180 kgs.  Other chairs use Class 4 gaslift, rated to 330 lbs/150 kgs. 


Manufacturer statement:

AKRacing has been in business since 2001 as a real seat manufacturing company.  First in automotive sport seats, then expanding to gaming and office chairs.  Unlike many other brands that source parts from different factories, AKRacing owns its own factory.  We do 100% of our own product development, testing and quality control in-house, controlling the full user experience to a degree most other companies can't or just don't.

Our AKD division designs our own armrests, 5-star bases and mechanisms for most models.  All AKRacing designs are patented, so the only way to get a true AKRacing chair is to buy an AKRacing branded chair.  We are sure no one makes a better gaming chair - that is why we back it with a 5/10 year warranty.  


About the Masters Series MAX Gaming Chair (AK-MAX-BK-UK ):  

With our heritage in the real racing industry, AKRacing knows cutting corners is never welcome.  We take this concept seriously when it comes to our chairs, too.  Our design philosophy dictates a minimum standard for a true performance chair.  Every AKRacing chair features at least the following essentials:

  • Ergonomic design with head and lumbar pillows for adjustable support

  • Highest grade upholstery materials for comfort and durability

  • Steel frame for extended life

  • High-density cold cured foam for long-lasting enjoyment

  • 180 degree recline with variable tension rocking function for  personalised seating position

  • 3D or 4D armrests to set your preference

  • 400 lbs weight capacity to fit a wide range of body types

  • 5/10 year warranty on parts/frame for peace of mind


Large Plain brown box with AKRacing and the model number


The chair is well packaged in a huge cardboard box.  Each piece is individually wrapped.  

Enclosed is an easy to follow instruction guide.  Start at the bottom and build up.  First thing you put together is the wheels onto the base.  They were easy-ish to fit.  If you rock them or twist them slightly as you put them in, it is easier.  Next we installed the gas canister, which drops into place.  After this we put the metal base on the bottom of the seat.  The screws are screwed into the bottom of the base, you will need to remove them before you begin with the provided Allen Key.  This is good though because you are less prone to losing the screws or using the wrong ones for the job.  The arms are attached to the metal base, you don't have to worry about this. The steel is extremely high quality.  Even the stitching under the chair looks very professional.  Sometimes we see a tack and go job on the under side but this was not the case.   The next part was the back.  This again was very easy, the screws were in the chair back and much like the bottom, take them out with the Allen Key and assemble.  It was easy to attach the back to the  base.  While Phil did this on his own, we would think it would be easier if you had two people so one could hold parts and the other could screw it together.  You have to screw covers over where the base and the back fit together, those are made of very thin plastic.  They were dusty/dirty and by far the cheapest feeling part of the chair.  You probably will never touch them again but compared to the rest of the chair it felt underwhelming.  We now attached the cushions.   The lumbar support comes with two straps with clips.  You have to slide the clips between the back and base of the chair and the two cut outs at the top of the chair.  They clip together at the back.  This allows you to adjust the straps up and down to get the lumbar support where you want it.  The top pillow for the head just slides over the top of the chair.  This was confusing because on some pictures online it shows this going through the cut outs at the top of the chair.  However, there is no physical way we could see to do this.  The strap is one piece and no clip (AKRacing now have new instructions now explaining how to fit the head piece).  


Phil, Tom (our "helper"), and myself each had a go in the chair.  For my part, it was very comfortable and the base was very nice in that it was deep.  Some of the bases are too shallow and cut into the back of your legs causing discomfort.  I did not find that in this chair.  The only thing was when I got up and used the arms to hold onto, the arm slid a bit. There is a push button under the arms but it does not seem to do anything (a note from AKRacing "The push button under the arms is so you can adjust the arms left and right slightly and not to lock/unlock the arms").  I would have thought it would lock the arms into position.  It's a great chair though.  If I had one thing I would like included that they forgot was a drink holder.  If it had that, we'd be set!  You could even do this as an add ons feature where you could buy things to go on the chair.  (ie remote control holder, cup holder, ruck sack for the back to keep your headphones etc in.)

If you do have any issues with the chair it comes with an amazing 5 year warranty for the chair (fabric), and 10 years on the frame without having to pay extra,  Most chairs only come with a 1-2 year warranty so this is a very big standout point!


This model £429 RRP

To buy from Distribution (Spire) the prices for AKRacing chairs start at just below £200 (ex Vat).



Spire Technology 



If you are looking for a chair that is so comfortable that you may fall asleep in's this one.  Gamers can enjoy adjusting this chair to how THEY want it to be and not how some company that makes a run of the mill chair has stereotyped a one size fits all for.  Everyone has different needs and AKRacing has kept this in mind. I would definitely recommend it if you have the funds.  --Jenni


AKRacing defiantly know how to make gaming chairs! I was surprised by the quality of the parts and the craftsmanship. If you have a retail store, I would highly recommend getting into stocking gaming chairs. The only downside to stocking them is the amount of room they take up, even if still boxed. One way of selling them would be to keep one on display or as the chair you use behind your counter so customers can see them, and when they ask about them you can show them what models are available.  This product is so well built it can support up to 28.5 Stones (180kg) of weight, the Chair also comes with an amazing 5 year warranty for the chair, and 10 years on the frame, to my knowledge no other chair offers such a large warranty! .  - Phil  


Stand out point:  Lumbar support, head support, Warranty, adjustable arms, steal base, the quality of the upholstery.



  • Adjustable

  • More Colour options available

  • Comfortable

  • Well constructed

  • Very nice looking, almost looks like the bucket seat of a sports car

  • Attention to detail (sewn very nicely)

  • Able to support a heavier person.  (180KG)

  • The warranty (5 year warranty for the chair, and 10 years on the frame)


  • A bit more than I would want to pay for a chair but, then, you get what you pay for.

  • The arm slips if you use it to brace yourself when you get up.

  • Documentation about how to adjust the arms and fit the head rest (AKRacing says it has new documentation available)

They got a Gamer's Choice Award  and  Must Have Award    

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