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Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Cooler Master are no stranger when it comes to gaming peripherals and components.  They are a brand we have all come to trust over the years to bring us that “WOW” factor for looks and performance on both peripherals and components.    So, I was very excited to learn that I would get to review these mice.  Will they live up to my expectations as a gamer?   Will they deliver what I have come to expect from Cooler Master?  Will I find the mouse for my needs?  That is what we will be finding out in this review.  The mice will be reviewed side by side and we will talk about which mouse is best for you if you like different things in a mouse.  I will test them in my own MMO playing time and update later in this review as to which one was best for my needs in gaming and why and, for general usage.  Because, not everyone that likes a nice mouse is a gamer. 

This is what Cooler Master has to say:

The MasterMouse MM520 is our successor to the legendary Spawn Gaming Mouse. Designed for Claw Grip Gamers, the reinforced rubber side grip and ring finger rest give a comfortable and precise feeling for Claw Grip users. Our hardware is built for the most demanding gamers with a Pixart 3360 sensor and Omron switches to ensure a lag-free and precise experience.  Add that up with a dedicated DPI button and our RGB lighting which round everything off perfectly in a neat little package that will entice anyone who lays their eyes on it.


The MasterMouse MM530 is our successor to the also legendary CM Storm Mizar this time going for a more ergonomical style with molding and side grips catered around Palm Grip Users. Still sporting the best in sensor and switch technology, the Pixart 3360 Sensor and Omrom switches will have you blitzing though all your enemies in swift, smooth actions. Change your DPI with the 2 dedicated DPI buttons and admire your mouse in all its RGB glory.


About Cooler Master:

Cooler Master's mission is to deliver high-performance products built for today’s gamer. Our gaming cases and peripherals are designed for optimum precision, strength and control to give you the competitive edge you need.



The Specifications:


Product Name = MasterMouse MM520

Product Model = SGM-2007-KLON1

Grip Type = Claw 

Material = Plastic / Rubber

Color = M14 Black

LED Color = 16.7 Million RGB

SensorPixart = PMW-3360 Optical

CPI / DPI4 Levels = (100~12,000dpi) - Default = 400/1200/4000/12000


Full specs at


Product Name = MasterMouse MM530

Product Model = SGM-4007-KLLW1

Grip Type =  Palm

Material = Plastic / Rubber

Color = M14 Black

LED Color = 16.7 Million RGB

SensorPixart = PMW-3360 Optical

CPI / DPI4 Levels = (100~12,000dpi) - Default = 400/1200/4000/12000


Full specs at


Retail Price:
Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520  - £34.99

Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530  - £34.99


Suppliers who have stock right now:

MM520: Target, Exertis, VIP
MM530: Exertis



The Outer Packaging:


Both mice are packaged in a black box with a picture of the mouse lit up on the front.  The Cooler Master Logo and the mouse model number are proudly displayed, and they have noted the RGB lighting @ 16.7 million colours on the front.   Also, they have decided to use a flap front so that when you are showing mice to someone in your store or as a customer you can see for yourself and get a feel of the mouse without the need to take it out of the packaging.  This is always a good idea. 


Inside the flap we are greeted with information about the Sensor, DPI, Tracking Speed, and Polling Rate as well as useful information on things like if you use your palm/claw grip more then this is a good mouse for you, etc.  There is no question of it being compatible with Windows 10 as it is clearly marked on the bottom that it is compatible.  However, I would probably have put that on the side or the back of the box.  On the inside where you can flip the font open to see the mouse it would have been cool if they had used the purple colour that Cooler Master are noted for using as a background behind the mouse.  It would let the mouse stand out and not blend in so much with the packaging.  This is only a suggestion though. 




Inside the box you have a small leaflet about your new Master Mouse and the mouse itself.  The mouse, whether you are unboxing the 520 or 530 is the same in this manner.   Both mice have a rubber feel to the wire leading to the USB.  Both have an attractive Purple and Gold on the USB connector.  I would like to have seen a braded cable on it but for the price you can not really complain too much. 


Game Play and Usage: 

Whether you are using the 520 or the 530, you will not be disappointed in performance.  Both have great response time in MMOs and general use as home and office mouse.  Each feel good in your hand and have a hard wearing/lasting feel.  They feel like they have a little weight behind them and I like this.  The mouse itself will be down to preference for you.  The 520 offers the claw handers more comfort in that you can spread your hand out and not feel cramped.  The 520 is more for the palm users.  Judging on grip and feel I like the 520 for my needs.  This is not to sell the 530 short though.  When you buy a mouse, you should always try to hold it and see what feels good first.  Both are exceptional in their own ways and will not disappoint in game. 


The Conclusion:


Both mice perform well, and no gamer will be disappointed no matter which they chose.  I do recommend you hold one first to decide on comfort levels.  In game play both were responsive and felt sturdy.  In games and general use the mouse buttons were very responsive.  The DPI adjustment was easy to work with on both, despite being done different on each.  Cooler Master can be proud of these mice as they are not only hard wearing and responsive but great value for money. 


Stand Out Point:


Most people will not examine as closely as I did.  But for me the mice stood out in both the way that Cooler Master planned for different people’s needs *claw users and palm users* as well as the added touch of Cooler Master Purple on the USB.  The patterns on the side grip that remind me of the Cooler Master logo feel good. Also, the light up areas look great!  Some people think because something lights up it is game worthy.  For me this is just a cool added bonus to a well-made product.  Well done Cooler Master!


The Pros

  • Sturdy

  • Responsive

  • Good grip and feel

  • Attractive matte finish (rubber feeling ones tend to peal after prolonged use)

  • Lights are well done on both, just enough to be attractive without overkill

  • USB coloured Purple on the connector for that extra touch

  • RGB colour control


The Cons

  • Cable is rubber, I would like to have seen braided cabling


Mentionable But Nothing To Cry About:

On the 530 the mouse does not have as much lighting as the 520 but, again this is down to preference. 


Scores Out Of 5:

Packaging:  5

Design: 5

Comfort: 5

Performance: 5


With this being said, I found my Master Mouse and I chose the 520 because for little hands and or claw gripping.  It suited my needs best.  Both mice receive the Tech For Techs Platinum Award for Excellence and Value For Money.  Well done, Cooler Master! 


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