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Xilence XC027 M403

Xilence XC027 M403 Review

Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Introduction :

“Nice and cool Trig, nice and cool”.  That’s exactly what we want for our computers.  Heat is a computer’s worst enemy.  CPUs are expensive!  The last thing we want, or need is for it to overheat.  As a gamer, I give my computer a workout every night.  So, if my computer goes into meltdown, so do I.  So do my friends that count on me for heals as they kill the boss for that matter.  There are no winners when the computer overheats.  With that being said, when I found out we would review a cooler of this kind, I started to plan a workout and stress test down to a science.  If the M403 could survive what I had in mind, it would survive anything!  Now, a good cooler will be able to pass three areas that I will look at the most in depth.  A:  It will keep the CPU nice and cool.  B:  It will be light weight enough that it will not stress the board when we stand the case up as it should be.  C. Height and width. If it is too tall or wide, no matter how great it is on A or B, epic fail.  Nervous yet? Did the M403 keep us cool calm and collected or did it cause pandemonium and chaos?  All of this to be revealed as you read on. 

Manufacturer statement:


Xilence M403 Universal CPU cooler: with its tower design, the new multi-socket M403 universal CPU cooler is suitable for most AMD and Intel processors. Three high-performance copper heat pipes dissipate 150W of wasted heat through multiple cooling fins, making it ideal for powerful multi-core processors. Additionally, the heat transmission between CPU and cooler is very even and efficient due to the direct contact of heat pipes on the CPU. The heat dissipation is performed by heat sink tower as well as the 92mm fan - a tube of thermal paste is also included in the box.


About Xilence:

Xilence has been manufacturing cooling and noise-minimising PC components for over 10 years. Based in Germany but with global headquarters in Taiwan, it is owned by the Listan group (which also owns Be Quiet) and has a growing R&D department of German and Taiwanese engineers tasked with creating thermal solutions for increasingly-demanding heat-generating tasks.  Although not the cheapest, Xilence has a pedigree for reliable, high quality products with lots of “bang for your buck” across its PSU, cooler, case fan and laptop accessory ranges. Xilence has, most recently, launched its Performance X PSU range aimed directly at the gaming PC users – with such a large, stable power supply market in the UK, largely dominated by just a few brands at higher price points, there is a huge market for well-priced products that perform well. 


When I first look at the box I can’t help but think that the graphics look unfinished.  It kind of reminds me of a prototype and someone said, “Jolly good, ship it out today”.  The only problem was the graphics artist had gone home for the weekend. Oopsie.  Now don’t get me wrong, the relevant information is there and it is crystal clear when you read it.  But the package lacks a wow factor, a voice that says “Buy me, I want to be your friend”.




Inside the product is well packaged with foam protection at each end.  It has an instruction manual that is clear.  Multilingual.  The brackets, screws and thermal paste are in little plastic bags.  The fan is already attached to the heatsink. 



You must use the backplate to fit the cooler.  If you have a computer that you are upgrading there may be a problem as you will need to take the mother board out and fit the backplate. 

  • Fan cable length including connector = 32 cm

  • Fan Height = 14 cm

  • Width = 10 cm

  • Depth including fan 7 ½ cm


The plate at the bottom that connect to the CPU is smooth and looks polished.  The fitting is simple.  Basics, you put the back plate on the board, screw in one or two clips on the heat sink depending on your board socket, paste it, screw into the backplate already attached to the board.


*Note, fan has no RGB or lighting at all*

Lighting effects are from the Ram and case Fans, Not the cooler


   Our testing rig:

  • Intel i5 7600K  @ 3.8Ghz + 4.6Ghz

  • Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming motherboard

  • Cooler Master H500P Case (HAF2017)

  • 16 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 2666 Mhz

  • Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB (Gigabyte Aorus RGB)

  • Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 700W ATX Silent 120mm HDB Fan 80 Plus PSU




We Tested the three CPU coolers in the computer, 

1:) Cooler Master 240 Lite Watercooler

2:) Intel E97379-001 Stock Cooler (normally comes with i3-i7 CPU's
3:) Xilence M403 Cooler


Each Test was run for 30 minutes, The CPU was set at 100% usage using BurnInTest, Fan Speeds were all set at automatic. 


As you can see in the graph and charts below, the Xilence cooler is far more effective than the Intel Cooler, and not far from the same as the water cooler when under full load.


Suppliers:  Available exclusively at Target Components,   The whole Xilence Range can be found here 


RRP:  Target Components Recommend a 20% Profit on this item, as its only just over £15 (inc Vat) to buy, I would recommend a 60% margin on it and sell it for around £25.



This cooler, hands down beats the stock coolers.  We found it to be well suited for our needs.  Some aftermarket coolers are heavy and put stress on the board.  That is not the case here because of the backplate.  It was easy to install, and in our opinion value for money.



  • Value for money

  • Easy to use and set up

  • Looks ok

  • Better cooling than stock coolers



  • No LED or RGB



Packaging:  3

Value:   4

Ease of Build:  4

Cooling:  5


This being said we award it the Gold Award for a product well made and recommended.


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