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Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, Tri-Band, 2-Pack White (AC4400)


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths


Introduction :



You, at some point, will think "gosh this internet is SO SLOW"!!!  Well, good news, there are ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal in your home and office in spots where it may be a snail's pace.  Mesh systems are the way forward.  I have a mesh system in my office.  I don't think I could live without it.  Today we will be looking at the Linksys Velop WHW0302 and WHW0303.  I've seen some outstanding mesh systems, including the one in my office.  I want to see if this one "has game".  Will it be the new must-have in mesh systems or will it be just another brick in the wall?  Let's have a look...



Main Features:


  • Self-healing - if a node loses power, or connection to the system, the remaining nodes re-establish connections to each other and the internet.  

  • Self-optimize - Wi-Fi bands and channels adjust based on your Wi-Fi habits.  

  • Self-organize - Nodes work together to cover any floor plan and Wi-Fi footprint.

Linksys App Features

  • Simple and user-friendly app-based setup wizard 

  • One guest network for your whole home

  • Speed Check (integrated internet speed check powered by OOKLA)

  • Parental Controls

  • Device list 

  • Manual device prioritization

  • Works with Amazon Alexa 


Quad-Core CPU

Storage and Memory

Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Manufacturer statement:

Velop is a Tri-Band modular Wi-Fi system that can be installed in various mesh configurations providing fast and reliable Wi-Fi to the edge of a home network.  Velop is designed for performance as well as elegance.  It's small enough to be placed anywhere with a clean and attractive look that appeals to everyone.   Each Velop "node" is a powerful Tri-Band AC2200 device that serves as a router, range extender, access point and bridge which provides users with the future proof technology they need as they bring new and more devices into the home.  Each node is configured during setup by the accompanying Linksys app (available for iOS and Android) which provides the industry's simplest and most intuitive setup leveraging Bluetooth to securely communicate between the mobile device and each node.  After setup is complete, the Linksys app serves as a powerful Wi-Fi management tool with useful features, such as guest access, parental controls, device prioritization and more.  Velop helps users get the most out of their broadband subscription by delivering 100% of their Internet speed to the edge of their network.  Velop is available in 3-pack, 2 pack and 1-pack options.  



About Linksys  :


The Linksys brand has pioneered wireless connectivity since its inception in 1988 with its leading innovation and engineering strategies, and best-in-class technology, design and customer service. Linksys enables a connected lifestyle for people at home, at work and on the move, and with its award-winning products, simplifies home control, entertainment, security and Internet access through innovative features and a growing application and partner ecosystem. For more information, visit, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn or watch us on YouTube.



The packaging has attractive artwork on the front.  The fonts are clear and easy to read.  Relevant information is clearly displayed.  The box is a good shelf size item in that it won't take up much space. It is wrapped in a clear plastic film.  The information provided is easy to understand.  

In the box, you have the setup guide, ethernet cable, sticker, plug socket (this one is a UK one and this will vary depending on your country), two nodes (which resemble a PC speaker)
Both nodes have reset and power buttons, as well as ethernet ports and cable tidy.  
*the packaging of the contents was done very well, the unit is protected and well presented*
 Please note you will need an Apple or Android device to proceed!
  • Connect the power cord and ethernet cable and plug into appropriate places *wall plug or router*
  • Download the app to your smartphone and launch it. Follow the instructions.
  • Power on the node.  When the light goes blinking purple it is ready.
  • Follow along with the app and create an account.  Enter a WiFi name and password when prompted.
  • Choose where it will be and decide if you want to set up another node. 
  • If you do want to set up another node, choose a location that gets a good signal already so it can spread the signal.  
  • Use the app to set up the node and name it.  If updates are available, update.  



The setup was not as easy as it could have been.  Some mesh devices are already pre-configured and paired with each other out of the box.  So, in theory, all you would need to do if you did not want advanced options is plug it in and set the Wi-Fi upon your device and away you go.  


Unfortunately, with the Velop, you have to download the app on a mobile device (Android or Apple) then you have to set up an account via the app then your Bluetooth on your mobile device should pick up the first Velop.  You have to make sure you only have the main Velop plugged in and turned on as it may pick up the wrong Velop node.  Initially, we tried to set the Velop up with it connected to the network switch in the office but work and we were only able to set it up via our broadband router.  This is not an issue we have had with other mesh systems.  We also had a problem with one of our nodes that seems to be faulty as it refused to go through setup.  We managed to get a reply from Linksys (after 72 hours) to try and hold the reset button down while powering it on, unfortunately, this did not fix the issue, we left the node plugged in overnight and it was surprisingly working the next morning and allowed us to set it up!


We tested the remaining two nodes and found the speeds to be very encouraging.  We found that our internet speed was around 10% faster using the Velop compared to the build in Wi-Fi on our Virgin business router.


Speed Tests.  

Speed Via Direct connection to router (LAN) = 372Mps  

Next to Virgin Media Router  = 284Mbps

15m away from Virgin Router = 236Mbps

Next to Velop node  = 362Mbps

15m away from Virgin Router = 338Mbps

Next to second Velop node  = 348Mbps

15m away from Virgin Router = 315Mbps


  • WHW0303 - £399

  • WHW0302 - £279.99  



  • Target Components LTD

  • Exertis UK LTD

  • Ingram Micro

  • Tech Data Distribution Limited



The Linksys Velop is a very promising system which will allow you to spread your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.  Unfortunately, the setup procedure was a bit too clever for its own good.  They need to take a look at other mesh systems on the market that are pre-paired and have an easy way to add units to the system.  The device performs well and does what it promises and with Tri-Band is as good as it gets.  BUT, setup was a bit haphazard and the lack of communication with Linksys puts us off this product.




Stand out point:  



  • Tri Band 

  • 10% faster speed in our shop.

  • Attractive product


  • Slow communication with Linksys about our issues

  • Set up is harder than it should be

  • Dead unit on arrival (that fixed itself? after been left for over 10 hours)

  • You have to use a mobile device to set it up




No award is given for this product.

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