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Thermaltake Pure14 ARGB Fan Kit



Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Product Unboxing and Setup Video

Thermaltake Pure14 ARGB RGB Sync Fan Kit unboxing and testing

Thermaltake Pure14 ARGB RGB Sync Fan Kit unboxing and testing

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Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 23.jpg

Introduction :

People like me are forever modifying and upgrading their computers.  Once we get it like we want it or up to date, something new hits the market and the process starts all over again.    Sometimes the biggest pain can be getting more than one of the same component, and at a decent price.    Thermaltake to the rescue!   They have configured a kit of 3 fans and a controller for us.  While the package clearly reads that they are for radiator fans, I see no reason why they can't be used for any 140mm fan need.  Today we will take a gander at the Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync.  I am excited to see how these look and perform.    Read on if you are a fan of fans. 



Main Features:

The ARGB controller allows users to switch LED modes, LED colors, and LED Speeds when using a motherboard without a 5V addressable RGB header. Users can switch between flow, ripple, pulse, blink, wave, full light, RGB spectrum, and off modes with various colors and LED speeds options.

There are seven LED modes and off mode, the order on the ARGB controller is: Wave, Full Light, RGB Spectrum, Off, Flow, Ripple, Pulse, and Blink.

Full Lighted – A static lighting with your color choice, including RGB colors and single color. 
Click the color mode button to switch between eight LED colors for full lighted mode, and the order on the ARGB controller is: Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, White, Purple, and Rainbow.



  • P/N= CL-F080-PL14SW-A

  • (Fan x3, Controller x1)

  • Fan Dimension =140 x 140 x 25 mm

  • Interface = Fan 2510-4P , LED 5V RGB Header

  • LED Control = ARGB controller or 5V addressable RGB header on motherboard

  • Fan Started Voltage = 9.0 V

  • Fan Rated Voltage = 12 V & 5V

  • Rated Current=Fan 0.22 A , LED 0.32 A (one fan)

  • Power Input= 12V – 7.92 W , 5V – 4.8 W (Fan*3)

  • Fan Speed= 500 ~ 1400 R.P.M

  • Max. Air Pressure = 1.62 mm-H2O

  • Max. Air Flow = 70.32 CFM

  • Noise = 30.4 dB-A

  • Bearing Type = Hydraulic Bearing

  • Life Expectation =40,000 hrs,25℃

  • Weight = 193.1 g (one Fan)



Manufacturer statement:


Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition features compression blades, hydraulic bearing, and a 16.8 million colors LED ring with 9 addressable LEDs that is ready to sync with 5V RGB capable motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and AsRock. Users can easily switch RGB lighting effects using the ARGB controller that is included in the packet, or by ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and AsRock Polychrome software. Pure 14 ARGB Sync Radiator Fan delivers 16.8 million-colour RGB illumination and unparalleled ventilation.


About Thermaltake :


Our Mission – Delivering the perfect user experience

Every myth starts out as a dream, and at the beginning of every legend is a desire. The challenging, creative and competitive features of the Thermaltake Group offer an exciting and fascinating user experience that can be shared by everyone while allowing users to transcend themselves in terms of function and potential.


Thermaltake Group's three main brands—Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2—have been merchandising high-quality products throughout the world, successfully establishing firm footholds in six major markets, including Europe, America, Oceania, Japan and China, with 95 regional distributors and more than 4,000 premium retailers.


All product planning is governed by close observation of the global PC peripheral market, and by keen understanding of consumer demands. Thermaltake creates direct contact opportunities with resellers and consumers by participating in major global ICT exhibitions and trade shows every year, and by developing innovative marketing strategies for the promotion of new products. Meanwhile, Thermaltake has incorporated a composite marketing system by making branch offices and regional distributors both the distribution channel and the technical support or service center, thereby providing customers access to instant support. By maintaining close contact with end users, we have managed to strengthen our corporate competitiveness and create momentum for the kind of growth that generates major accomplishments.


Marked by outstanding technical depth and organizational strength, Thermaltake Group is currently recruiting creative talent to join us to build a world-class cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology and enhanced lifestyle choices!




The Pure Plus 14 ARGB Sync Radiator Fan  TT Premium Edition comes in a very attractive box.  Thermaltake really made this product stand out with their use of great artwork, colours, bold fonts,  and having all relevant information clearly on display.   It will not just look good on your store shelf.  It will summon people to come and have a look...even if this is not what they came in for.  They've done a great job on making their product look the part.  For that, I tip my hat to them.  


For those of you who like to hang your products, you can.  It has a hook.  However, it is a bit heavy, so if you have the shelf space, I would say that's your better option.  

While the box reads that these are for radiators, most radiators are 120mm.  In this case, I would say they could be multi-usage fans.  ie Case Fans etc.  
The contents:
  • ARGB fans x3
  • controller
  • instructions
  • warranty leaflet
  • screws
If you are using these as case fans, you just simply install them as you would any other case fan and follow the instructions for the ARGB setup.  
If you are doing radiator cooling with them, it will depend on your cooler.  
For more information follow the link




Test System:


Case: Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB (fans disabled for testing)  

CPU: Intel i3 8100 Quad Core 3.6 Ghz 

RAM: 2 x 4GB DDR4 Team Delta T Force RGB 2666 Mhz

PSU:  Xilence P600w 

GPU:  Powercool AMD Radeon RX570 4GB

CPU Cooler:  Scythe Mugan Max 140 mm  (air) 

Storage:  WD Black NVME 250 GB SSD

MB:  Gigabyte Aorus B350M Gaming 3 

OS:  Windows 10 Pro

Fans tested: 

  • Arctic Bionix P140  5 blades 

  • Scythe SY1425HB12M-P (11 blades) *this came with the cooler

  • Xilence XPF140.R (9 blades) 

  • Antec no model number, removed from random Antec case (7 blades)

  • Akasa Vegas TL (11 blades) to be reviewed soon

  • Thermaltake Pure 14 (9 blades) *this review* 


For the testing, we used the Scythe Mugan Max CPU cooling cooler with the Thermaltake, as well as five other 140mm fans.  We set the CPU core voltage to 1.3 volts  (roughly 30% higher than normal) to increase the heat the CPU was generating.  The fans were all set to 40% speed so they would all have an even testing.  All of the case fans were disabled.  The only other fan working was the one on the PSU.  


In idle temperatures, all fans roughly performed the same between 32° C and 34° C.  The Pure 14 ran at 33°C


After a 100% CPU burn for 30 minutes, the temperatures ranged between 53° C and 57° C.  the Pure 14 ran at 56° C.  The maximum temperatures ranged between 60°C  and 69° C  and the Pure 14 ran at 63°C.  




RRP  £54.90





The fans look great and performed well.  My only real hang-up is the controller.  I think Thermaltake could have done better on that.  The fact you have to open a machine to use the controller is in my opinion, unacceptable.  There must have been a way to make it accessible from the outside of the case.  I hope they do a new revision of the controller and fix that.  Other than that, it's a great piece of kit! 

Stand out point:  For me, there were two stand-out points, 1. The length of the cable @ a whopping 90 cm.  2.  I like the anti-vibration screw holes.  *The looks of the fans go without saying of course*  



  • Cable length is 90cm (Ideal for larger builds)

  • Multipurpose fans even though the box states for radiators

  • Rubber anti-vibration screw holes

  • The fans look awesome!

  • They cool adequately



  • You have to take the side off of the PC to access the controller for the ARGB effect.

  • Despite having 9 blades it ran hotter than others in testing.





They got a Gold Award for this product.

Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 30
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 29
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 28
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 27
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 26
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 25
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 24
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 20
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 16
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 15
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 13
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 14
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 12
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 11
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 5
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 7
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 8
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 21
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 22
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 21
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 19
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 17
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 18
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 10
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 4
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 3
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 2
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 6
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 9
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 1
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB Sync 23
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