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AKRacing Summit (Gaming Desk) 


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Product Unboxing and Setup Video


Introduction :


Every gamer needs a good chair, great peripherals, and a rig that can withstand any Double XP weekend that is thrown at them.  What most of us never give a second thought to (and we should) is our desk.  Some gamers have particle board desks which tend to bend under the least little weight.  Others, including myself have taken over dinning room tables to accommodate the size and weight of their gaming rig.  Some of us even have glass tables.   The thing is, most of the above just can not support a big rig and therefore, one's pride and joy rig ends up on the floor. *cringe*  

When I built my rig, it was too heavy for me to lift before I even got the components in it.  Now, it takes two very strong men to lift it.  It's massive!  I squeezed it onto a little desk for some time.  However, when I went from a 19" monitor to 32" curved monitor, we lost the dinning room table.  The monitor went there and the rig stood atop the desk on its own.  My poor Beta fish is squeezed in the corner behind the rig.  He seems so happy when I turn off and go to bed.  These are real challenges in the world of gaming.  We need adequate space, comfort, and durability.  Oh, and coffee or energy drinks! 

I'm looking at the AKRacing Summit today. It is a desk made with the gamer in mind.  If you are trying to remember where you heard the name AKRacing, we featured a couple of their chairs a while back on TFT.  I have really high expectations for this desk.  The reason being, the chairs were awesome.  I expect nothing but the best from this desk and it would not shock me if it had a USB fridge for an energy drink with it.  Let's look.....

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Main Features:

Solidly built (to last) 

Compact size

Big and flexible cable organiser

Headphone hook

Mouse Mat

Stylish Surface

Available in 4 colours


4 ft by 3 ft in size

When asked, no one knew exactly how much weight the desk would support.  I was told that three workers sat on it and it still held its shape.  So, we can only guess.  It would have been handy to know exactly though.  


Resellers who stock both our chairs and desks will get additional support for bundling the 2 together, so please consider the range.  

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Manufacturer statement:


Providing a large, ergonomic surface, the AKRacing gaming desk is perfect for gamers who like to spread out in the heat of battle. It features a top portion that measures nearly 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep to support multiple monitor setups, keyboards, mice, and any other accessories you may have.

Made with a gauge steel frame and a textured MDF PVC laminated surface, it’s smooth yet stable to keep your gear in place. The curved front edge allows you to scoot up closer to the action, while the back of the desk is outfitted for seamless cable management. From the side of the desk, you can make out the AKRacing logo. Plus, with its sleek carbon fiber look, the desk will jive in the office or the gaming room.

The box includes an enormous AKRacing-branded two-tone grey mousepad (28×14 inches). Non-slip rubber base ensures that your new mouse pad is secure on your desk, proving very useful when you have vigorous mouse movement from gameplay. Stitched edges mean that your new AKRacing mousepad will last through the ages.)




About AKRacing :

AKRacing has been in business since 2001 as a real seat manufacturing company.  First in automotive sport seats then expanding into gaming, office chairs, and desks.

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This comes in a plain cardboard shipping box with item numbers and dimensions on it.  The box is somewhat flat but not small.


Inside you will find:  headphone rest, hardware, instructions, each piece individually wrapped, durable mouse mat
You will need an electric screw driver even though AKRacing provide an Alan Key.  Doing it our way it takes about 30 minutes to assemble.  We used the electric screw diver to assemble and went around the hard to reach areas and adjusted them with the Alan Key provided.  

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When we put it together it looked great.  The dimensions are 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep.  We would like to tell you how much weight it supports but we were unable to get this information.  As stated above, we were told 3 workers sat on it and it did not give.  I tried to find this out on the AKRacing website but it does not say.  No information on the AKRacing website about warranty either.  In fact, the website was missing quite a few important details.  (Spire quote 1 Year for Warranty) 

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RRP  £249 inc VAT


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Try as I may I can't get solid information on this.  I do know that through Spire you have a 1 year warranty.  I looked on the AKRacing Website and they don't mention it.




Spire Technology 

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It's a bit pricey compared to other desks on the market.  However, it is probably going to hold more weight than they will.  So, I guess it is a a case of getting what you pay for.  If you have an AKRacing chair it will look good with the desk.  What they could have done a little better being it is a gaming desk is provide us with a keyboard tray, some storage and being gamers take a drink with them to their desk, put a drink holder under the desk like the headphone hook.  This will prevent spillage.  I have seen it on other game desks and it just works!  But for what it is, it's a desk to consider if you are in the market for one.  

Stand out point:  Steel frame



  • Steel frame

  • Laminate Surface

  • Mouse pad

  • Headset hook

  • 4 colours available

  • easy and quick assembly

  • well packaged 

  • cable organiser


  • no storage

  • no keyboard tray

  • no drink holder

  • I wish the stripe on the side was magnetic for those of us who don't care for the race car look but like the durability of it.  

  • No warranty info on website


They got a Gold Award for this product.