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NewTech hosted by Target Components LTD


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Paul Cubbage Interview.

NewTech Interview with Paul Cubbage at Target Components

NewTech Interview with Paul Cubbage at Target Components

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Introduction :

Not very often do I get to review events, but it’s always nice to come out of hiding and see the people I write for and sometimes about.  Today we will be looking at Target Component’s event, NEW TECH. As you may remember, they hosted Game Tech last year around this time. New Tech was hosted at the same venu, a pub called the Prince William in Castleford.  All in all the mood was good and people seemed pleased to be there.

We were greeted by the Target staff, including Paul and Sonya Cubbage.  All of the Target staff were happy to accommodate us and made us welcome.  Nothing was too much, including my interview with Paul. I tried to throw him a few curve-ball questions.  But Paul is an ace when it comes to answering questions on the fly. He answered everything I threw him with an outstanding answer.  Try as I may I could not trip him up.  (video near at bottom of the page)

Vendors in attendance:


  • ThermalTake

  • F-Secure

  • Transcend

  • QNAP



  • AVerMedia

  • Elitegroup

  • Pro Online Streamer

  • Target - Showing off new Website as well as Evo-Labs products

Some of the vendors had a chance to do a presentation.  I must admit it was sometime hard to hear and other times inaudible.  This is a shame as I know they probably really wanted us to hear what they had to say about their products and company.  A few of the visitors even said they thought that it would be best to have the speakers in one room and the vendors in another should Target host another event of this calibre.  I have to agree.

In Between speaking to the vendors and hearing talks, there were auctions.  Target brought stock that they were trying clear out to make room for more things and gave the crowd a chance to bid on lots.  They even said they would ship it at no cost to the ones that won it. You can’t beat that.

The free bar and food started at 18:30.   Target offered at first to pay for pizza, and then they generously told the attendants to order anything that they desired from the menu.  How nice!


I think it’s fair to say that each of us walked away with something.  For me it was talking to the vendors about things to review for Tech For Techs as well as seeing some of you.  Some of the vendors I had only spoken to in an email. It was good to put a face with the person I had been talking to.  I finally met Adam from ThermalTake in person. I think he was the only one I had not officially met. Look for big things to come this year from them.  


Thermaltake Presentation