Who's The Fairest Of Them All?
Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB case
 (CA-1M7-00M1WN-00 )


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Product Unboxing and Setup Video


Introduction :


When I first started building computers, we did not have many things to make our cases stand out.  You were considered cool if you had the old style tube light.  You got bonus points if you had replaced your IDE ribbon cable with a tube style that glowed a colour of choice.  If you had a fan that lit up, you were posh!   Oops, I am telling my age!  Anyway...  Today we have moved on to cases that have preinstalled ARGB fans with room for more ARGB components.  You can make your PC look like a small city of colourful lights now without breaking the bank.  


Today's case is the Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB.  It comes with not one, not two, but THREE pre-installed ARGB fans.  For all of you that have not made the switch to the ARGB motherboard as of yet, don't sweat!  There's a button on the top to control the lights.  I'm really excited about this one!  Let's take a closer look.  

Read on, you know you wanna.  


Main Features:


Preinstalled with three 120mm 5V ARGB LED front fans featuring hydraulic bearing, 9 addressable LEDs and 16.8 million-colour illumination to guarantee high airflow and custom system designs to show off your PC design skills.
The 5V ARGB LED fans can be controlled using a simple interface built into the I/O panel that cycles through 7 different lighting modes and a range of different color options. 



  • P/N = CA-1M7-00M1WN-00

  • Case Type = Mid Tower

  • Dimension  = (H x W x D)455 x 204 x 471mm  (17.9 x 8.0 x 18.54 inch)

  • Net Weight = 6.75 kg / 14.88 lb

  • Side Panel = 4mm Tempered Glass x 2 (Left & Front)

  • Color = Exterior & Interior : Black

  • Material = SPCC

  • Cooling System = Front (Intake):

120 x 120 x 25mm Addressable RGB fan
(1000rpm, 27.2 dBA) x 3

  • Rear (exhaust):

120 x 120 x 25 mm fan
(1000rpm, 26 dBA) x 1

  • Drive Bays

1 x 2.5’’(HDD Bracket); 2 x 2.5”
2 x 3.5’’ or 2.5”(HDD Cage); 1 x 2.5”(HDD Bracket)

  • Expansion Slots = 7

  • Motherboards = 6.7” x 6.7” (Mini ITX), 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), 12” x 9.6” (ATX)

  • I/O Port = USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1, RGB Switch x 1

  • PSUS = tandard PS2 PSU (optional)

  • Fan Support = Front: 

3 x 120mm

  • Top:

2 x 120mm, 1 x 140mm

  • Rear: 

1 x 120mm

  • Right Side(In front of M/B Tray): 

2 x 120mm

  • Bottom(On the power cover):

2 x 120mm

  • Radiator SupportFront:

1 x 360mm

  • Rear:

1 x 120mm

  • Right Side(In front of M/B Tray):

1 x 240mm

  • ClearanceCPU cooler height limitation:


  • PSD length limitation:


  • VGA length limitation:

260mm(With radiator on the right side)
366mm(Without radiator on the right side)

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Manufacturer statement:

Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB is the premium mid tower synchronized with motherboard in the level 20 family.  Level 20 MT ARGB features enlarged side panel window, ATX motherboard support and a power cover.  


The Level 20 MT ARGB comes preinstalled with three 120mm 5v ARGB LED front fans and one 120mm rear fan.  The front fans are addressable to deliver 16.8 million-color RGB illumination and unparalleled ventilation.  This model comes ready to sync with RGB capable motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and AsRock.


The Level 20 MT ARGB takes our latest case innovations and wraps them in an ultra-modern style that's utterly unique in the case market today.  Stand out from the crowd with Level 20.

About Thermaltake :

Our Mission – Delivering the perfect user experience

Every myth starts out as a dream, and at the beginning of every legend is a desire. The challenging, creative and competitive features of the Thermaltake Group offer an exciting and fascinating user experience that can be shared by everyone, while allowing users to transcend themselves in terms of function and potential.


Thermaltake Group's three main brands—Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2—have been merchandising high-quality products throughout the world, successfully establishing firm footholds in six major markets, including Europe, America, Oceania, Japan and China, with 95 regional distributors and more than 4,000 premium retailers.


All product planning is governed by close observation of the global PC peripheral market, and by keen understanding of consumer demands. Thermaltake creates direct contact opportunities with resellers and consumers by participating in major global ICT exhibitions and trade shows every year, and by developing innovative marketing strategies for the promotion of new products. Meanwhile, Thermaltake has incorporated a composite marketing system by making branch offices and regional distributors both the distribution channel and the technical support or service center, thereby providing customers access to instant support. By maintaining close contact with end users, we have managed to strengthen our corporate competitiveness and create momentum for the kind of growth that generates major accomplishments.


Marked by outstanding technical depth and organizational strength, Thermaltake Group is currently recruiting creative talent to join us to build a world-class cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology and enhanced lifestyle choices!



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I just want to say that the use of colour and pictures on this packaging looks awesome.  Many times companies just throw a nice case in a plain cardboard box with a drawing and hope for the best.  To them, it is a shipping box.  To us, it is sometimes a customer's first impression. Well done on making packaging something we can be proud to display in our stores! 


Don't let the pictures fool you.  It's not just a pretty face.  It has good information on it too.  For instance, you can look on the side of the box for a condensed specification list.  


As per norm, it was in styrofoam packaging and a wrap to go over the case to protect from marks.  Also inside is your paperwork that you find in most things.  Inside the case, is a small packet containing necessary hardware.  
Please see the video for more extensive unboxing details.  

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RRP  £84.98


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  • CCL Computers

  • Overclockers

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This case is beautiful.  There is no other word for it.  It's not just looks, though.  Some case makers make a dead sexy case and forget the fundamentals like cable management, air flow, room to build, dust covers, etc.  Thermaltake have thought of everything!  There was only one point they really let me down on.  That was the rainbow colours on the audio connection.  In their defence though, they are not the only ones doing it.  I say it every time I see it.  People that splash out on a nice case want it to look nice inside and out and those little wires take away from it.


Stand out point:  This was easy for me.  The ARGB button.  For those who still do not have a motherboard that supports ARGB, they can have their bling too.  



  • Cable management

  • Air flow

  • Power supply shrowd

  • Three ARGB pre-installed fans

  • Dust covers

  • ARGB switch on the panel for those without a motherboard that supports ARGB

  • Easy to build with

  • Tempered glass side

  • Vented motherboard side

  • The case looks great

  • Nice packaging 

  • Great value for money


  • exposed rainbow wires on the audio connection


They got a .Platinum Award for this product.