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Sometimes You Need To Be Flexible 
Arctic TV Flex S Full Movement TV Wall Mount


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

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Introduction :

Not everyone has a giant house or office these days.  In fact, more than likely, most people complain of how cramped of quarters they have.  So, today on Tech For Techs we are going to be looking at a space saving solution for a TV or monitor.  It comes from ARCTIC.  The TV Flex S is said to be able to accommodate screens from 41 to 498 mm and take the weight of 25 kg.  *make sure your wall will physically be able to support this much weight* I am one of many that suffer from lack of space.  I have limited space at work and we are always needing more monitors for more builds and repairs.  I am keen to see how well the ARCTIC TV Flex S stands up to a day in the life of computer shop mayhem.  It will need to be A: sturdy, B: Flexible, C: easy to install, and D: able to  accommodate a few cables coming down without looking a mess.  Let's take a look at how it does.  Read on to find out more! 


Item Number:




2 year Limited warranty 

Manufacturer statement:


The TV Flex S brings limitless TV enjoyment to your home with a full-motion wall mount that offers a perfect view of the screen from every perspective.  The stable lock-system with secured brackets can hold up to 25 kg securely on the wall, and screens from 22" to 55" fit perfectly.  You can adjust the distance between the wall and the monitor from 41 to 498 mm, thus saving space while creating an optical highlight in your living room. The TV Flex S is easy to install:  to mount the lightweight holder on the wall, all you need is a power drill. Plus, we've included a level to help ensure your mount is evenly placed.while intelligent cable management ensures a tidy sorting of your electronic connections to the TV screen and prevents unsightly cable clutter.  for more information, visit our website.

About Arctic  :

ARCTIC is a leading manufacturer of silent PC coolers and components and has initiated and sustainably influenced the trend towards quiet cooling systems.  In addition to a wide range of CPU and GPU coolers, ARCTIC offers high quality monitor mounts as well as an audio product line.  The company, is run by founder Magnus Huber, has location in Germany, Hong Kong, and the USA and satisfies PC enthusiasts in over 45 countries with innovative and user-friendly products, high quality and fair prices.  For more than 15 years ARCTIC has stood for comfortable computing and excellent service and personal support. 


When I look at the packaging it fails to wow me.  It has that OEM look about it.  I don't mean it is a brown box, no, it is blue and white.  But it still has the lesser shelf appeal than some other brands out there that really do take time out to make the package look nice.  Everything you need to know is clearly displayed on the box, don't get me wrong.  In my opinion though, they could have taken one of the pictures from the back and put it on the front and it would have made a world of difference.  But, I digress, the specifications and pictures of what you get in the kit are one the back and very clear to read and the contents are listed on the box.  Font is easy to read.  In fact it is so easy to read that I can see it on the floor as I type without glasses on.  Always a plus.  

Comes with mount, screws, washers, spirit level, paperwork, QR,  etc.   The screws were individually wrapped according to type which makes the assembly process a lot easier.  The mount itself is wrapped in clear plastic.  The mount is heavy and durable feeling.  

The installation was very simple.  Easy to follow instructions, and the hardware included was of good quality.  I would like to have seen the screws and such labelled as A B C on the packages.   They are labelled on the instructions.  If you study the  instructions a little, you will figure out what is what.  The mount, once on the wall feels very secure.  It is also nice that you can put a screw in the wall and put the mount over it, and then continue to tighten it.  This saves time and messing about if you don't have anyone to hold it in place for you.  *note* You will use 3 screws to screw into the wall and 4 to screw into the monitor/TV.  In total for ours we only used 7 screws.  Depending on your device you may need more.


We used an Acer 24" monitor for test purposes.  I like that if I was using it behind the counter on a test and needed to show my customer what was on the monitor, I could pivot the screen and show them what I was doing with ease.  Also, the cable management was a dream.  This is a tech's dream and I can see it not only saving space but being helpful when you may not always be at the angle you need to be to see more than one screen, so, you can adjust the screens to your liking with ease on this. 







Arctic webshop  or Amazon  


Other ARCTIC TV mounts are available at Scan and GNR


The product is very well constructed and nicely packed for ease of assembly as well as protection.  The only thing I found that would have been nice to include would have been an Alan Key to adjust the mount with.  This product worked well in tests and I would recommend it.  It does what it says on the tin.   ---- Jenni


Stand out point:  durable and heavy duty



  • made out of heavy duty materials

  • each kind of screw is individually wrapped in its own bag

  • packaging is a minimum but adequate

  • nice touch to offer a spirit leveler


  • It would be nice to have had an Alan Key with it for adjustments

They got a Platinum  Award for this product.

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