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"I Spy With My Little Eye"

HomeGuard WOB-851 All Weather Plus 1080p Full HD WiFi Outdoor Camera

Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths


Introduction :


Have you ever wanted a simple camera that could record people that may come to your door?  For instance, you have someone at your door that is clearly a sales person and you don't know them.  You don't want to answer the door and risk being assaulted or at the very least a painful lengthy conversation.  Wouldn't it be great to have a camera that you could use to tell you these things?  Well, you can.  The HG WOB-851 All Weather Plus 1080p Full HD WiFi Outdoor Camera can record day or night on your premise of choice. This unit is weather proof and has motion detection.  You can set it up to be monitored with a smart phone or tablet with the Homeguard app downloadable at  Google Play or the  App Store.  Sounds great right?  I am excited to be reviewing this unit.  So without further ado I am off to set it up.  Read on to find out how I got on with it.  


Manufacturer statement:

This HomeGuard 1080p Full HD WiFi weatherproof camera can be positioned inside or outside of a small business or home. Remotely view the camera from your smart phone or tablet.

It captures video in full HD 1080p and records it on the built-in 8GB of storage.

About HomeGuard:


HomeGuard are a DIY consumer security brand with a mission to deliver the latest and most advanced technology. They offer a range of affordable CCTV solutions for home & small businesses.

Their aim is to offer high-quality products without the premium price.




The packaging is clean looking with clear pictures and information.  It is not hard to tell what the product is.  It has a nice picture on the front of it and stand out information about it on the front as well as further information on the back.  It looks as if a lot of forward planning went into the marketing side of it.  The box is 20cm W x 18cm H, so it will easily sit on your shelf without taking up too much room.  


When we open the box we see that there is nice foam packaging.  Each thing is wrapped in individual plastic bags.  The manuals, disks and stickers are in a separate wrapper.  Everything is neat and tidy.   This unit includes mounting screws, adapter to change angle of the camera, power cable, and Ethernet cable.  So, basically, everything you need to get started.  



  1. Scan the QR Code with your smart phone and set up 

  2. Select Add Camera

  3. Wired Mode

  4. Scan the access code on the camera 

  5. input the camera name 

  6. Next

  7. choose to connect to WiFi 


     and that's it!  


It's that simple.  We had ours connected to the Ethernet, so we will have to change over to WiFi now, but it was really easy to do.  *Note* Phil will walk you through this step by step in the video included. 


To see full setup and usage please watch the video at the top of the page or on Youtube 




VIP £59.99

Retail £89.99

Partner program for pricing, apply to VIP to submit your application.








The HOMEGUARD ALL WEATHER DAY/NIGHT IP CAM would do very well for isolated areas that you want to keep an eye on.  *back gardens, blind sides of the house or even the front door to see who come to the door for people who are vulnerable*  Being it is all weather, you don't have to worry about if it rains, snows etc. The picture is very clear and the fact you can monitor it from your smart phone even away from where it is used is a big bonus.  This is a fantastic product.  I can even see it being used as a nanny cam for a child's room.  The possibilities are endless.  --- Jenni 


Stand out point:  It can be used indoors or outdoors due to all weather design.



  • Ease of set up

  • Ease of use

  • Multi-functional *many uses*

  • Clear picture

  • When power cuts out it quickly restores itself when power comes back.

  • Value for money


  • ...


Award:     The Peeping Tom Award for outstanding recording devices 




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