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Cool It!!!
Arctic BioniX P140  P/N ACFAN00127A


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Product Unboxing and Setup Video

Arctic BioniX P140 - Pressure-optimised 140 mm Gaming Fan with PWM PST  Unboxing and usage

Arctic BioniX P140 - Pressure-optimised 140 mm Gaming Fan with PWM PST Unboxing and usage

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Introduction :


Computers generate heat.  Heat affects computers in a harmful manner.  There are several ways to cool your computer.  Today I am looking at fan cooling.  The Arctic BioniX P140 is a 140 mm fan that connects via 4-pin Connector + 4 Pin Socket.  This fan has five curved blades to ensure a very focused airflow and thus a very high cooling capacity, especially with higher air resistance.  


The P-fans in 120mm and 140 mm are therefore particularly suitable for use with CPU coolers and provide improved cooling performance, especially in direct comparison to fans for pure airflow.  


Let's have a closer look.


Main Features:


The motor is powered by a Neodym-Iron-Boron-Magnet ring of the newest
generation, which allows the new BioniX P140 to run much more
efficiently than its predecessors. 
This saves energy and lowers the coil temperature without compromising 
the performance.



140 mm, 200 - 1 950 RPM (Controlled by PWM), 0 dB fan mode below 5 % PWM

Air Flow:

77.6 CFM / 131.92 m³/h (@ 1.950 RPM)

Noise Level:

0.45 Sone (@ 1.950 RPM)

Static Pressure:

2.85 mm H2O(@ 1950 RPM)


Manufacturer statement:


During the development of the BioniX P140, special emphasis was placed on a focused airstream and thus a high static pressure. The fan guarantees extremely efficient cooling, even with increased air resistance. Therefore, the BioniX P140 is particularly suitable for use on heatsinks and radiators. A 10 °C lower motor temperature roughly doubles the life span of a fan. The new ARCTIC motor has a four times longer service life through its  low coil temperature.  Consequently, we have extended the warranty to 10 years.


With a wide range of regulation and the PWM Sharing Technology (PST), the BioniX P140 fan speed can be controlled synchronously with all your other fans together. This keeps noise at a minimum while guaranteeing maximum cooling performance when needed. The BioniX P140 is able to switch into silent passive mode when the PWM signal is below 5 % due to its new motor.  This allows working at your PC in complete silence without any unwanted noise.


(And here’s the P-Fan FAQ, in case you need more information)


About Arctic :


For more than 15 years ARCTIC has stood for comfortable computing, excellent service and personal support. A leading manufacturer of silent PC coolers and components, it initiated and sustainably influenced the trend towards quiet cooling systems. Besides a wide range of CPU and GPU coolers, ARCTIC offers high-quality monitor mounts as well as an audio product line. The company, run by founder Magnus Huber, has locations in Germany, Hong Kong and the USA and satisfies PC enthusiasts in over 45 countries with innovative and user-friendly products, high quality and fair prices.





The fans come in very attractive boxes.  The fonts are clear and easy to read and I can see clearly there is a 10-year warranty on the product.  The QR code is on the front, which makes it easy to see and use.  The pictures look nice and stand out on the black background no matter what colour fan you go for. I like what they have done with the box trim.  If the fan is white, it will have a white border, if the fan is red it has a red border.  It takes the guesswork out of things and there is no having to pick up each fan and go through to see if someone has put a mark next to the correct colour.  If someone calls your store and asks if you have a red in stock, you can pretty much look across the store and say yes or no just by looking at the border.  That's handy and great forward thinking.  I am usually one to say "keep it uniformed" but in this case, it was the right thing to do considering it has variable colours.  Well done on that, Arctic. The barcode is on the bottom and easy to see for us retailers.  The specifications are on the back of the box with easy to understand,  drawn illustrations as well. 


Inside, you have:
  • the fan
  • QR code
  • 4 silver screws
  • thank you note

Install with 4 screws to the device of choice.  Connect up via 4 pin connection.  The side the logo is on is the intake side, and the air going out is on the DC information side.  


Test System:


Case: Theraltake Level 20 MT ARGB (fans disabled for testing)  

CPU: Intel i3 8100 Quad Core 3.6 Ghz 

RAM: 2 x 4GB DDR4 Team Delta T Force RGB 2666 Mhz

PSU:  Xilence P600w 

GPU:  Powercool AMD Radeon RX570 4GB

CPU Cooler:  Scythe Mugan Max 140 mm  (air) 

Storage:  WD Black NVME 250 GB SSD

MB:  Gigabyte Aorus B350M Gaming 3 

OS:  Windows 10 Pro

Fans tested: 

  • Arctic P140 (this review) 5 blades 

  • Scythe SY1425HB12M-P (11 blades) *this came with the cooler

  • Xilence XPF140.R (9 blades) 

  • Antec no model number, removed from random Antec case (7 blades)

  • Akasa Vegas TL (11 blades) to be reviewed soon



The results:  


For the testing, we used the Scythe Mugan Max CPU cooling cooler with the Arctic P140 fan, as well as four other 140mm fans.  We set the CPU core voltage to 1.3 volts  (roughly 30% higher than normal) to increase the heat the CPU was generating.  The fans were all set to 40% speed so they would all have an even testing.  All of the case fans were disabled.  The only other fan working was the one on the PSU.  It was interesting to test the fans as the Arctic had the least amount of blades compared to its rivals.  Both the Akasa and Scythe fan had more than double the number of blades of the Arctic P140.  


In idle temperatures, all fans roughly performed the same between 32° C and 34° C.  The Arctic P140 got 33°C, bang in the middle.  


After a 100% CPU burn for 30 minutes, the temperatures ranged between 53° C and 57° C.  The Arctic P140 performing best at 53° C.  The maximum temperatures ranged between 60°C  and 68° C  and the Arctic P140 also gave us the best performance running at 60°C.  The P140 outperformed the competition.  If you are after a performance fan, specifically one that is pressure optimized, I would highly recommend using one on a CPU cooler or water cooling unit.  







RRP £15.99



  • Scan

  • Amazon

* I have found the product for approximately £10 at Scan. (give or take a few pennies as prices are subject to change)  I found it on Amazon for considerably more, but that did include free delivery.  This being said, there is room for a decent markup on the product depending on where you purchase it from.  


The Arctic P140 not only cooled better than its competitors, but it also did it with fewer blades than the others and with style.  It's a very smart looking fan.  The optimization of airflow is another plus it has going for it.  The Arctic P140 is cheaper than the Scythe but more expensive than the rest of the fans we tested.  But, don't let this throw you off.  You get what you pay for.  And on that bombshell....keep cool! 


Stand out point:  The fan optimizes where the air flows rather than randomly pushing it out everywhere.  



  • Quiet

  • Optimizes where the air flows rather than randomly pushing out everywhere.

  • It's attractive

  • The two colour variants available

  • Packaging design is unique and stands out (easy to tell what colour is in the package)

  • You have an option to Daisy Chain your fans.  This is great if you are low on connections.


  • Silver screws.   Personally, with the fan being mostly black, I prefer black screws to match.  If they really wanted to be cool, maybe have the regular screws in the pack black as standard and another set to match the colour of the fan.  (white or red)  They would be a first if they did this.  Just a thought. 


Notable things to mention:

  • This is not an RGB fan.  This is neither a pro nor a con.  Whilst some people like RGB, there are those that do not.  It is clear on the package that this is not an RGB fan, so it can't be said as a con.  It would be nice to have it in an RGB option though.   But saying that, you could add the Akasa Addressable RGB LED Frame Kit AK-LD08-RB  until Arctic make their own.  




They got a Platinum Award for this product.

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