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Cooler Master MasterBox MB510L Case "Cool Dude or Basket Case"

Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Introduction :

When I think of computer cases I think of those like we had back in the in the day.  You know the ones with the sides you could see through and inside someone had replaced the ribbon cable with a cable that was neon braided, the lights were tube lights with a bit of double side tape holding them in place.  They were also the kind with the doors on the front that you carried a key to because no one could turn them on without them opening the front door.  They were our love, our passion, our connection to the outside world, our reason for not getting out much.  Computer cases have come a long way since then.  Cooler Master are renowned for making those cases that we have grown to love and adore.  That's why I have high expectations from this case, it has the words Cooler Master on it and I expect big things from that brand.  Why?  My first case was a Cooler Master on my first build.  If memory serves me correct, it was the Wave Master case.  I called it Big Blue.  My current case is my tried and true CS Trooper case with an added side window.  See a pattern here?  Yes, we American girls love Cooler Master.  So, I am really excited to review this case.  I have set the bar really high for it.  Will it be another Cool Dude or will it be a Basket Case?  Find out as we break out the MB510L case on this version of TFT.  

Manufacturer statement:


Motorsports and supercars inspired the front panel of the MasterBox MB510L.  Luckily, the case doesn't share a supercar's price.  the aggressive ventilation on the front panel allows the system to breathe easy while the ventilation on the top panel adds additional thermal support.  


Graphics cards might be getting larger and wider over time, but with the 400mm of accommodating space, build worry free with the MB510l.  The chassis and PSU shroud are powder coated in black to help compliment your build while the edge to edge transparent side panel shows it off.  

About Cooler Master:

Cooler Masters mission is to deliver high-performance products built for today’s gamer. Our gaming cases and peripherals are designed for optimum precision, strength and control to give you the competitive edge you need.


Not much to see here...basically a cardboard shipping box with a the outline of the case in black.  The name Cooler Master MasterBox MB510L is stated along with dimensions, and other specifications.  No coloured pictures like I am spoiled to on most Cooler Master case boxes.  But, I am keeping in mind that this is not as expensive of a case as I am used to seeing as well.  So, I'll keep an open mind.  



When you open the box, you see the front of the case peering out of clear plastic and surrounded by foam packaging.   (same as most)  The contents are:  warranty info, manual, 2 mounts for drives, cable ties, screws.  *This is not a tool free build*


As we take a closer look we see that Cooler Master did a great job on black cables here.  I'm glad to see that the Power, Reset, etc are not coloured and stringy messes  that you see in some cases.  But, where they let me down was the Audio Cable.  What's up with that?  If you are going to take the time to black out the cable, why let the end be coloured?  There is no use in this!  It looks half done and coming from a brand like Cooler Master I am very disappointed as they should know better.  

The side has what appears to be a glass panel, but it is not.  It is a plastic one.  It looks nice but chips easily.  *We found this out quickly*  There are thumb screws all the way around for a nice added touch.  The case has just the rear fan but, I suppose they were gearing this towards people who want an more custom experience.  

This case is a no frills but don't let that throw you off.  Translation: You can make it your own!  You can decide what fans you want and what colour.  You can make it as bespoke as you like!  There are a lot of possibilities.  So, if I wanted something unusual that you will not find in most cases, this would be a good choice to start with I would think.  I will find out more when I test it out. 


The dimensions are 496 x 217 x 468mm




This is the same as any other build in that of the board, the PSU and things of the nature.  However, you will need the mounts for your drives to be fitted into and those will need to be assembled prior to installation.  This case will allow you to tidy your wires and run them behind the motherboard.  

You will need fans for this build.  The case only comes with one.  *120mm rear 

To see the full specs of what it will support, follow the link.


Our Testing System for the review:


·         Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370XP SLI

·         CPU: Intel Core i5 8600K Overclocked @ 4.5GHz

·         Cooler: Akasa R20 watercooler

·         Memory: Viper RGB 3000Mhz 2x8GB Kit

·         Case:  Cooler Master MB510: case

·         Power Supply:  Cooler Master G750M 750W

·         OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit

·        Testing Software: Pc-Check® Windows

This build ran hot with no graphics card and just one fan. *out take in rear*  Inside it got up to 72°C after an hour's stress test using Pc-Check® Windows (Click here to see review).  Once we installed three 120mm fans the CPU temperature dropped to 52°C.  To further test the mesh and airflow, we removed the front panel and tested the temperature.  It dropped 3° down to 49°C.  The front panel is restricting air flow due to the vents.  This is common in many cases that do not have a full mesh front.  

If you wish you can have three 140mm fans or a 360mm water cooler on the front.  This case also supports up two 120mm or 140mm fans or a 240mm radiatior on the top. 



RRP £49.99

Trade Suppliers:



Target   * coming at a later date  


The Cooler Master MB510L Case has real potential for those seeking a custom experience.  Despite its quirks, it really is a good case for the price and I would recommend it.  I like the fact that you can pick the colour of the trim of the front panel on ordering the case.  The design of the front looks really nice, it is a shame that it is not as practical as pretty in the airflow respect.  Perhaps if they make a revision of it, it will have more of a mesh front to help this out.  

Stand out point:  

The fact you can make it your own makes it stand out.  It comes with no frills and this enables you to put your own touch and make it as bespoke as you like.  You can dress it down or dress it up.  The choice is yours.   That is what makes it a "cool dude".  Also, the cable management made me take notice.  



  • Choice of colour on the front bezel:  Red, White, Blue, Black

  • Dust filters on front and bottom

  • Large area for your graphics card 400mm

  • Customisation: you can make it your own

  • Ability to do cable management and keep it tidy.


  • Side window is easy to chip

  • Multi Colour Audio Header

  • There is no rubber over the cable management holes

  • It would have been nice to have more holes near the fans, otherwise cables have to stretch across the case and this makes it un-tidy.


Scores out of 5:

Packaging: 4

Ease Of Build and Airflow: 4

Value for money: 4

Looks: 4

Cooler Master got a Gold Award for this product.

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