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HomeGuard Heat Sensing HD CCTV Kit


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths


Introduction :


Most of my clients use internet security on their computers.  They want to protect themselves from predators.  However, most do not have security for their homes.  Sure they have door locks but to a clever burglar, that's just a little annoyance.  So, today I am looking at the HomeGuard Heat Sensing HD CCTV Kit  (HOMEGUARD HEAT-SENSING CCTV 8CH/4CAM/1TB) (HGDVK84404-1).  It has an 8 channel DVR with 4x 1080p PIR Heat Sensing cameras.  I must say it looks pretty good just looking at the information provided.   So, will I be able to get past it or will I be caught in the act?  Answer to this question and more as you read on...


Manufacturer statement:


This system features HomeGuard’s Smart Detect PIR Heat-sensing Technology to reliably detect heat-generating moving objects such as, people, large animals & cars. With accurate motion detection, you receive reliable notifications & recording eliminating false triggers such as falling leaves, bugs & rain.


Peace of mind comes from being able to see activity in

Full HD, with easy identification of facial details, car registration plates and clothing colours and patterns.

The HomeGuardlink app ensures you’ll always be connected to your home or business, allowing you to see the cameras on your smartphone or tablet.

About HomeGuard:



HomeGuard are a DIY consumer security brand with a mission to deliver the latest and most advanced technology. They offer a range of affordable CCTV solutions for home & small businesses.

Their aim is to offer high-quality products without the premium price.


Full Specifications can be found at




Packaging is smart looking, really looks good and I can see it being appealing to the eyes of customers and shop owners.  All of the information relevant that I can think of is clearly written on the box. The font sizes and colours are eye friendly.    



Inside the main box there was 2 boxes.  (One containing the DVR unit and the other the cameras)  All items were well packed in a foam box and each item was wrapped individually.



This was very easy to set up.  I only encountered one issue, the batteries that were included did not work with the remote.  They were dead.  I had to use some others from our stock. 

Once set up, the screen menus were easy to use with the included mouse.  The remote control that was included was usable but seemed awkward to use verses the mouse.  If you wish to add additional cameras, it should be easy to do.  All you will need to do is to plug them in and away you go.  Obviously make sure they are compatible with the device. 

Setting it up on a Smartphone/Tablet was easy.  For this test we used an iPhone 7 Plus.  All you do is scan the QR code on the DVR unit.  This will take you to the correct app on your phone.  Once the app is installed, create an account with HomeGuard.  Once set up, you will be able to add the cameras via one of these options:  Cloud ID, IP/DDNS, Add Device by Network, AP Mode, Acoustic Wave Configure. 

Recording is easy to set up.  You can set it up to record continuously on one or more cameras at the same time.  So, if you only want camera 1 and 3 to record, that can be done.  You can also set it up to record via heat sensing, so it will only record when anything with a heat signature is in range.  This will save storage space in the long run and allow you to record over a longer period of time before the storage is full.   


With 24 hours of non-stop recording it took up around 75GB of the 1TB drive’s storage.  (1TB HDD Seagate included)   So, for continuous recording, you should get just over 12 days of footage.


The cameras did not lose signal at any point. We rebooted the DVR and disconnected each individual camera to see if we could trip it up.  There were no issues even in doing this. 



RRP  £259.99




Please call VIP for the best price




This product is aimed at home users and for the most part is pretty good, despite some of the items that come with it feeling cheep and bothersome. (ie mouse and remote control)  However, one can forgive this for the most part because they are not used much once it is set up.  


It gives you 12 days of continuous recording and if you set it up on the heat sensing mode it will hold up to 2-3 month's worth of footage.  For most home users this will be more than adequate.  


The menu system on the DVR was not the easiest to use but it was functional.  Overall, for the price it is a good unit and won't break the bank and you won't have to "settle" because all of the key features or more pricey items are in this one.  

Stand out point:  


Heat Sensing 



  • Easy set-up

  • Supports up to 8 cameras

  • Full HD

  • Can control with mouse, remote or phone app

  • night vission

  • water proof



  • mouse feels cheap

  • batteries did not work

  • menu system seams like an afterthought 

  • while we had no issue with the Windows based software, it is known to have problems causing a PC to crash due to how it is written.  




Packaging:  5


Ease Of Use: 4


Testing:  4

Value For Money:  5



They got a gold Award for this product.

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