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Wireless Full HD CCTV Kit - 8 Channel NVR + 4 Cameras + 1TB

Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths


Introduction :


More times than not, we put passwords on our computers, phones, tablets etc.  We want to be safe.  Most people will invest in anti virus to be safe.  But what about home safety?  Sure, you lock your door at night.  You may even put it on the latch as well if you are like me.  But what about monitoring it?  


By now, you are no stranger to the words HOMEGUARD if you have been following Tech For Techs lately.  Today I am looking at the Wireless Full HD CCTV Kit 8 Channel Network Video Recorder and 4 x 1080p Day/Night Cameras.  This unit is said to have night vision, and weather proof cameras.  Just reading the box contents I am rearing to go and have a look and see how it does.  And without further ado, here we go! 


Manufacturer statement:

This full wireless CCTV kit includes 1 Network Video Recorder and 4 1080p Full HD Wireless Cameras. Auto-pair technology results in an easy connection – connect the power and it’s ready to go.


Built in Wi-Fi provides a stable wireless video signal transmission of up to 3000ft/900m in open space between the NVR and cameras. Fully weatherproof, place the cameras anywhere indoors or outdoors. Motion triggered recording can be set on all 4 cameras to receive email alerts or push notifications to the Homeguardlink app.

About HomeGuard: 


HomeGuard are a DIY consumer security brand with a mission to deliver the latest and most advanced technology. They offer a range of affordable CCTV solutions for home & small businesses.

Their aim is to offer high-quality products without the premium price.


Basic Specs

  • Model Number:HGNVK88304-1

  • EAN:0797776128457

  • Package Type:Retail

  • Warranty:2 Years

  • Number of Camera(s):4

  • Image Sensor:1/2.7" CMOS

  • Image Compression:H.264

  • Max Frame Rate:15fps

  • Video Quality:2.0MP

  • Resolution(s):

  • 1920x1080

  • 1440x900

  • 1366x768

  • 1024x768

  • Lens:f=3.6,F=2.0

  • Viewing Angle:92°

  • Motion Detection:Yes

  • Video Inputs:8 Channel bandwidth 20Mbps

  • Video Outputs:

  • VGA

  • HDMI

  • Display Resolution:1920x1080

  • Minimum Illumination:Colour: 0.1LUX B/W: 0.01LUX

  • Day/Night Mode:Yes

  • White balance:Yes

  • Signal/Noise Ratio:39.1dB

  • Electronic Shutter:1/30 - 1/50000s

  • Backlight Compensation:Yes

  • Wide Dynamic Range:Yes

  • Audio Input:8 Channel bandwidth 20Mbps

  • Audio Output:HDMI/VGA output

  • Audio Compression:G.711

  • Compression Format:H.264

  • Recording Resolution:1920x1080

  • Recording Frame Rate:15fps



The box itself looks very clean and neat.  There's a lot of information and pictures but HOMEGUARD have managed to keep it looking eye friendly without that cluttered up look you get on some things.  The white background with large Navy blue font is eye friendly.  I can see most key points about the unit sitting 3 feet away from the box.  The package is not huge, so you will be able to find a spot to showcase it in your retail store where it can be seen easily.  The pictures on it are clear and attractive.  The specifications are on the back presented in an easy to read, clean chart.  I can't find anything negative to say about it.  



The box holds two inner boxes.  One contains the cameras which are individually wrapped in foam bags. Also in this box are mounting screws and  aerials for each, along with a quick start guide, warranty and stickers.  

The next box contains the MVR unit situated in foam and a plastic protective sleeve.  The unit has 2 built on aerials, VGA port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, 2x USB ports.  Also in the box is a mouse, Ethernet cable, power cable, and 4 mounting screws.

Everything was well packaged here and the fact they took time to put the paperwork in colour made it look well presented.  The only thing I can say that could be addressed is the flimsy made mouse.  I know you will not use it much but for presentation sake and the fact the kit is not cheap to buy, throw in a decent mouse. 


What you will need:  The kit, Screw Driver, Internet Connection, Mains sockets, external monitor.  Simply plug the monitor into either the VGA or HDMI port and a power source.  Plug the unit into the mains and your router.  Affix the cameras in the position you wish them to be and plug into the mains. *make sure you have the aerial attached to each* Press the power button on the unit and it should prompt you as to what you need to do each step of the way to get set up.  

You may also opt to scan the QR code with your smart phone and watch live footage from it.  A great idea if you want to keep an eye on home when you are on a vacation or a business trip.  


In testing we found it did everything we wanted.  The quality of video was excellent.  Wireless connectivity was easy to set up, just plug and play.  We did not lose connection at any point.  There was a delay of about 1 second which is normal.  Wireless distance is hard to measure.  But, we did not have an issue at over 25m away from  the MVR with walls between them.  

It would be nice to have a USB port on the front to back it up rather than having to access the back of it.  That being said, it has all of the connections we would need.  

Setup on the phone was easy.  Simply scan the QR code and follow the link to the app and set up your account.  

The mouse was a bit like using the old fashion track ball mice.  Response was not great and it was a bit awkward to hold onto.  Very cheap and flimsy.  


Full usage of the CCTV system can be seen in the video --LINK----



£499.99 RRP 

£333.33  VIP Price   






We Recommend you buy them from Distributors or independent stores if you can't, you can buy them on Amazon via the links below.

Buy 2 Camera Kit =

Buy 4 Camera Kit =

Other Homeguard CCTV Kits



The HomeGuard Wireless Full HD CCTV monitoring system did everything that it promised it would.  Slight delay on response time but not a big issue.  Cheap mouse included *personally, I would like to see something better for the price, even though it won't be used much* Overall, it did well in testing and lived up to its promises.  A good product.  - Jenni

Stand out point:  



  • Quick SetUp

  • Easy to use

  • Comes with 1 TB Seagate HDD

  • Pre Configured

  • 2 year warranty


  • cheap mouse

  • can't take the aerials off the back of the unit if need be

  • could use a USB port in front 



Packaging:  5


Ease Of Use: 4


Testing:  4

Value For Money:  4

They got a  gold award for this product.

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