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 Maxam Cables




Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Product Unboxing and Setup Video

Maxam Cables by Goliath Computing

Maxam Cables by Goliath Computing

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Introduction :


Cables are something most of us do not really think about until we need them!  Dollars to doughnuts we need what we will have a hard time either finding stock of or one that will look presentable on display in our shops. 


Goliath Computing asked me to give them a try.  As always I rose to the challenge.  Today I'm going to look at three different cables and give feedback about each.  This feedback will include price, packaging, value for money and if I would stock it or not. 


So make sure safety belt is fastened and lap trays are in the upright position as we are about to take off! 

Manufacturer statement:


Maxam are striving to help the High Street by offering a range of Retail Packaged popular cables in colourful packaging, fully barcoded, and most of all we can offer very competitive margin making opportunities.


About Maxam :


Maxam pride themselves on providing value for money, reliability and great packaging.  The product range is constantly being updated and we will have more new products in April 2019.  


About Goliath:


Goliath Computing LTD have been trading since 2001 and were the first TP-Link Distributor in the UK back in 2007.





I noticed this was available in two options, so I will talk about both.  the first one comes in a plastic blister box with a hanger.  The insert is an attractive red, black and grey striped pattern.  This design would look nice in a retail store.  I like the fact they have the QR code on it.  They have called attention to the fact this is a premium certified cable, 3D, HDMI High Speed with Ethernet and Audio Return Channel.  I don't have to look for the length,  It's clear at the bottom. 2.0M  It's also easy to find the barcode on the back for us retailers.  


The other version is in a clear bag with no hanger, so I am guessing it is an OEM.  There are times when OEM is needed.  As techs, we don't need fancy packaging.  We can leave that to the retail side.  So, I think this is a great option.  The connections are covered with plastic caps and it is wound and bound nicely.  It has a barcode on it as well.  


The first one is what I have quoted the RRP for.  I just thought I would give a shout out for the second one.



This cable comes in a  windowed box with a hanger.  The fonts are clear and easy to read on a blue, black and white package.  It has an easy to read barcode on the lower right back corner.  On the back, you will find suggested uses for the product as well as product specifications.  The fonts are clear and easy to read on a blue, black and white package. 




This cable comes in a windowed box much like a lightning cable would come in, only a fraction larger.  It has a hanger for those of us who prefer this rather than clutter a shelf.  The fonts are clear and easy to read on a blue, black and white package.  It has an easy to read barcode on the lower right back corner.  Also on the back, it tells you exactly what the product is used for and what it will work with.  The specs are on the back in a very nicely laid out fashion.


Packaging feedback:
While I understand that different cables require different packaging, I can't understand why there can't be a uniformed design and colour in branding.  A mix of Red, Blue and Green boxes can make a retail store look a bit undressed.  The brand in my retail store is not a big brand.  However, they have kept true to their package colours even when they have to use bags, boxes or whatever.  Maxam have a good product and the boxes look very smart.  I just think they could look better being all the same colour across the board.  Once they get that, I can see retailers jumping on their bandwagon.  



The cables I tested were very sturdy feeling.  They seem of good quality and very competitive of those sold in expensive chain stores.  They did what was promised on the box and when compared to my usual brand, I could not tell a difference in performance.  That's great in that if I were to use these I will feel confident that they can deliver as promised.  



MAXPREM2  £6.95  -This is retail pricing! 

MAXHDMIVGA  £9.95  -This is retail pricing! 

MAXTYPECHDMI £17.95  -This is retail pricing! 


Prices at Goliath Computing start at around 39p + VAT for Maxam cables!


Goliath Computers is happy to offer FREE DELIVERY on the first order so that shops can see how retail friendly the products are, Just mention you read the Tech For Techs review here.






Goliath Computing



To sum it up, the people at Goliath were really friendly and easy to work with.  When I had a question I phoned them and Mark was eager to help me.  As for the Maxam cables, they are of good quality and I would consider using them in my store.  I would, however, like to see a uniform in branding to make the cables stand out and say "take notice of me".  Once the branding is sorted, it would definitely be a retail shop's best friend.  



Stand out point:  There's a lot of profit margin to be made on these cables without having to charge your customer the earth.  They are of good quality and well packaged.



  • They do what they promise 

  • Sturdy

  • Good prices for you the retailer mean better profit margins at affordable costs to the consumer

  • Goliath are easy to work with.

  • Packaging has hangers 

  • Packaging has clear windows on the boxes so you can see exactly what you are buying

  • Information is clear on the package

  • Barcoded and in some cases QR coded

  • Goliath offers OEM cables as well as these retailed ones.


  • The package needs a more uniformed look to it.

  • Version number of the cable on the front of the packaging would be nice (HDMI 1.3 or 2.0).





They got a Gold Award for this product.

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