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Xilence Redwing PSU "I Have The Power"

Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Gold Xilence redwing.JPG

Introduction :


As a builder of bespoke machines, I want to be able to buy good quality computer components when I do a build.  No matter what the price of the machine.  Many times, system builders are faced with the dilemma of choosing "cheap and nasty" or "expensive and good".  If you are forced into "cheap and nasty" you will, in the end, pay for it.  I warranty my builds for 3 years.  I want a PSU that I am not going to have to replace every six months to a year in that build.  Each machine I build has my name behind it and I don't want to be known for using cheap parts.  However, as a business woman, I want to get as much for my money as possible so I can turn a profit.  When I was told I would be reviewing the Xilence Redwing OEM System Builder PSU, I was optimistic.  Why?  Well, as you may have read earlier in TFT we reviewed the Xilence 750w Performance X PSU (GOLD) So, you might say that they set the bar pretty high and I expect a good power supply for my money even though this is not nearly as grand as its big brother.  Will the OEM live up to the Xilence reputation?  Read on and find out!



Manufacturer statement:


The latest generation of Redwing power supplies combines an exciting design with modern technology and top quality. In the current revision, the power supply series has been completely revised and adapted to the demands of today's computer systems. The result not only convinces through its efficient technic, but with its modern design and high stability. The connections have been coordinated to current systems and four integrated safety circuits always ensure safe operation.

About :


Xilence has been manufacturing cooling and noise-minimizing PC components for over 10 years. Based in Germany but with global headquarters in Taiwan, it is owned by the Listan group (which also owns Be Quiet) and has a growing R&D department of German and Taiwanese engineers tasked with creating thermal solutions for increasingly-demanding heat-generating tasks.  Although not the cheapest, Xilence has a pedigree for reliable, high quality products with lots of “bang for your buck” across its PSU, cooler, case fan and laptop accessory ranges. Xilence has, most recently, launched its Performance X PSU range aimed directly at the gaming PC users – with such a large, stable power supply market in the UK, largely dominated by just a few brands at higher price points, there is a huge market for well-priced products that perform well.


Key Features  (400w = XP400R7 / XN051)(600w = XP600R7 / XN053)
- Powerful: Optimal performance in every situation
- Whisper-Silent Cooling: 1 x 120mm fan
- Reliable: Maximum stability at all time
- The following safety features: OVP/UVP/SCP/OLP


Connectors (400W)
1 x 20+4 pin ATX-Motherboard
1 x 4 pin CPU
1 x 6 pin PCI-E 
1 x 4 pin Molex 
3 x 15 pin SATA


Connectors (600W)
1 x 20+4 pin ATX-Motherboard
1 x 4+4 pin CPU
1 x 6+2 pin PCI-E
2 x 4 pin Molex 
4 x 15 pin SATA




This is an OEM product, so it comes in a plain cardboard box with a drawing on the front.  All of the relevant information is marked on it. *including how many connectors for each component* 


 Inside the box, there is the PSU and a manual, and 4 black screws. The PSU is wrapped in a clear plastic bag.  As we take it out of the package, we find that Xilence is engraved in the metal on this PSU just like the one we reviewed sometime back. While this is a nice touch, it will not get seen if you mount it from the top and if you mount it on the bottom facing upward it will be upside down.  The casing is solid metal all around with a red fan inside.  On the side that will face outward as you look in to a build, you will see a sticker on it with Xilence and 600W or 400W depending on the one you choose.  You will also see the AC Input, DC Output, Max Combined Watt, and Total.  You also have the markings we look for like RoHS compliant etc.  Just looking at it, I would not think it was meant to be OEM.  It looks like any other PSU in this price range but with a face lift on the casing.  


While you won't find any braiding on the cables, it is what it is for the price you pay and the builds you will use it in, it probably will not matter any way.  



Standard basic installation (600w Version).  Comes with 4 screws to hold in place, 1x 20-24 pin connector, 1x 4 pin connector, 1x 6 pin connector, 4x SATA connectors, 2x Molex connectors.  




All cables measure at least 40 CM long to the first connector.  The components are well spaced, and clean looking inside.  The airflow from the fan would be able to reach all components easily without obstruction from the others.  


Voltages are all within industry standards.  While stats are not as good as a premium product, they are a lot better than the ones we have seen on other budget PSUs *no names here*.  Only time will tell how long they last.  From initial testing, they look more than capable of running a standard or low end gaming PC or office machine.  


Voltage Tests


  • +5v = +5.11v

  • +12v= +11.8v

  • 3.3v= +3.3v

  • -12v= -11.4v

  • 5VSB= 5.0 


On a personal note, I have built with this PSU before for the past few weeks in budget systems.  As of yet we have no issues to report. 



Available at Target from  £16.42 for the 400W or £21.62 for the 600W.  *Prices include VAT  (2/8/18)



The PSU for the price it is and what it is *OEM System Builder's Edition* is of good quality.  It is by leaps and bounds above the quality you will get from some budget power supplies out there.  I have seen and used this particular model in my builds for the past three weeks.  I have had no issues at all.  No DOA, no returns, nothing.  I would say "give it a try".  (especially if in your build the PSU will not be seen anyway.)  It is also good for those customers that want a good power supply but do not care to splash out on it.  They do not have to sacrifice quality for cost.


  • Well built

  • Cable length is good

  • Price

  • Value


  • If you have to mount it on the bottom, the engraving of Xilence will be upside down.



Value For Money  5

Power Output   4

Looks -  4

Cable Length 5


They got a Gold Award for this product.

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