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"All 4 One" All In One Wireless HD CCTV KIT


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 
Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths


Introduction :


There's nothing you would not do for your family.  Am I right?  Their safety should be of your upmost concern.  With that being said, I will be looking at the HomeGuard All In One Wireless HD CCTV Kit. ( HOMEGUARD WIRELESS AIO CCTV 4CH/4CAM/1TB) (HGNVK49004-1) This system has 4 channels with 12" monitor, and 4x 960p CCTV cameras.  It also is able to work with mobiles so you can monitor your home while you are away.  I am super excited to get this review going.  I want to see how secure we really are with it.  Find out what happens if I miss my curfew and come in late.  Will I be able to slide past undetected?  All will be revealed in this edition of TFT.  


Manufacturer statement:

This All-in-one Wireless Kit includes 4 CCTV Cameras and one Network Video Recorder with 12” monitor. Auto-pair technology results in an easy connection – connect the power and it’s ready to go. Built in Wi-Fi provides a stable wireless video signal transmission of up to 3000ft/900m in open space between the NVR and cameras.


Fully weatherproof, place the cameras anywhere indoors or outdoors. Motion triggered recording can be set on all 4 cameras to receive email alerts or push notifications to the Homeguardlink app.

About Home Guard:


HomeGuard are a DIY consumer security brand with a mission to deliver the latest and most advanced technology. They offer a range of affordable CCTV solutions for home & small businesses.

Their aim is to offer high-quality products without the premium price.


Full specs <-here->


The packaging stands out with the colours.  The print is clear and easy to read.  It has shelf appeal and will look good in your shop.  All information you could possibly need to make the choice of whether or not to buy is on the box clear for you to see.  (including how many cameras come with it and that it has a 12” viewing screen included). 


The items were well packed in foam and individually wrapped.  Everything seemed in good quality for the price except the antennas seemed a little cheap and flimsy and one was faulty.  However, the screen has a nice stand on it and works as the DVR/recording box.  It’s a shame there is no way to mount it. 


This was very easy to set up.  It is pre-configured so you just plug and play.  I did have one issue.  One of the cameras would not pick up no matter what we did, in the end we found out it was the antenna that came in the box that was at fault.   So, we took the antenna from a Tenda wireless device and used it.  It now works perfectly.  

Once set up the screen was easy to use with the mouse provided.  The date and time were easy to set up, additional cameras should also be easy to add to this as well.

Setting it up on a Smartphone/Tablet was easy.  For this test we used an iPhone 7 Plus.  All you do is scan the QR code on the DVR unit.  This will take you to the correct app on your phone.  Once the app is installed, create an account with HomeGuard.  Once set up, you will be able to add the cameras via one of these options:  Cloud ID, IP/DDNS, Add Device by Network, AP Mode, Acoustic Wave Configure. 


With 24 hours of non stop recording it took up around 60GB of the 1TB drive's storage.  So, for continuous recording, you should get just over 2 weeks of footage.  


There is only one USB socket.  So, if you want to back up and plug in an external device like a USB memory stick or external hard drive you are unable to do so unless you get a Hub.  Reason being, the mouse is plugged into the only USB slot and there is no card reader for an SD card.  


Otherwise, the cameras did not lose signal.   We rebooted out network switch and internet hub as well as the screen and each individual camera to see if we could trip it up.  Every time it connected back up automatically with no issues within one minute.  


RRP £419.99



Please call VIP for the best price



While the HOMEGUARD WIRELESS AIO CCTV 4CH/4CAM/1TB has some really nice features, I can't help but feel like a jilted bride at the alter on some points.  *especially there only being one USB port* The fact the unit came with a broken antenna was not a good start.  It was also annoying that I could not mount the screen.  The mouse felt cheap and nasty and the antennas for the cameras did too (see above).  Maybe I am too picky but with a price tag like this has, I expected it to tell the coffee maker to have my coffee waiting for me on wake up.  

Stand out point:  It is all in one



  • stylish and takes up very little room

  • video recording and playback are smooth


  • the mouse is VERY cheap

  • the antennas are flimsy 

  • a bit pricey 




Ease Of Use:  5

Testing:  3 (due to aerial) 


Packaging:  5

Value For Money:  3 1/2   

They got a gold Award for this product.

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