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Review by:  Philip & Jennifer Griffiths 
Video by: Philip Griffiths

Before we start, I want to say how sceptical I was.  I have used many mesh-based systems outdoors before, but never indoors. Normal WiFi boosters, extenders and other items that will boost your signal fall short of their goal and sometimes cause more trouble than they are worth.  So, when I took on the product to review, I had my reservations.   I would like to clarify that to my relief I was worried for nothing. 

What did Tenda have to say about their product?


Creating the ultimate home WiFi network to connect all your phones, computers, tablets and WiFi smart home gadgets couldn’t be simpler; the configuration free Tenda Nova MW6 provides an effortless ‘plug and play’ setup experience thanks to its automatic networking feature with all nodes paired to each other straight out of the box. Whilst the companion Mobile App from Tenda provides an abundance of customisable, family-friendly remote features such as


The Nova MW6 performs fast where conventional routers struggle. Offering significantly better communication efficiency, the Nova MW6 not only includes ‘uses cutting-edge ‘Wave2 MU-MIMO’ technology to enable uninterrupted communication with multiple wireless devices simultaneously. Now multiusers can stream, game and download at the same time!


“The Nova MW6 really is at the centre of your smart home, it can handle simultaneous connections from multiple devices and even works with Alexa allowing you to control compatible devices,” said Jason Zhao, General Manager of Tenda UK &RoI. “With Nova MW6, we’re not only joining the Mesh Wi-Fi trend, but we’re taking an active and leading role in the support for the latest technologies that simplify its installation and ensure great coverage thanks to the use of the latest industry standards,” Jason concluded.


About Tenda Technology Inc.


Founded in 1999, Tenda Technology is a leading supplier of networking devices and equipment. Tenda has committed to delivering easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions, offering innovative, cutting-edge products.

Innovation is the soul of Tenda Technology. Tenda has two world-class R&D centres, Shenzhen and Chengdu, one manufacturing centre in Shenzhen, and a new 120,000 m2 manufacture base just being completed in Dongguan.

Tenda products include home networking, business networking, switch, broadband CPE, gateway, powerlines, mobile broadband and IP cameras. Excellent performance, steady signal, easy use and installation, top quality with competitive prices are the common features of all Tenda products.

Through worldwide distribution channels, Tenda distributes products to more than 100 countries around the world and has a customer service team of more than 160 employees to solve problems for distributors and end customers.

For more information about Tenda and its products, visit



Key Features of Nova MW6

  • Easy set-up guided by Tenda Wi-Fi App instructions on your mobile device

  • One Wi-Fi SSID for the entire home - provides seamless Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Lag-free experience by navigating your connection through the optimal band

  • Multi-users support – using Wave2 MU-MIMO technology offers greater density allowing multiusers to stream, game and download at the same time more efficiently

  • Tenda Wi-Fi App lets you customise and manage your network with features such as parental control, guest access and UPnP

  • Works with Amazon Alexa to control your compatible devices with voice commands



Available from:  Target Components, and GNR with more distributors soon to follow

We Recommend you buy them from Distributors or independent stores if you can't, you can buy them on Amazon via the links below.

All Novas =

MW3 2 pack =

MW3 3 Pack =

NW6 2 pack =

NW6 3 pack =

RRP:   £169.99 inc Vat for the 3 Pack


These products as of Today (22/2/2018) are been sold at Target and GNR for around £145 including vat.  So, if you were to sell the product at the RRP you would make around 15% profit (£25).  Don't forget if you do Onsite Home/Office Callouts you can charge for the setup as well.


I have had a quick look around online and none of the main online retailers like Ebuyer and PC World seem to stock the product. The only place I could find it was on Amazon where they have it on offer at £169.99 (normally £199.99).  This is good, as in so many cases we see Amazon and online retailers selling things like these for lower than the distributors.


I commend Tenda for Focusing on Distributors rather than the big online retailers.    




  • Nice glossy box

  • Shows what you get

  • Nova cubes on the package are roughly to scale of the ones in the box

  • Huge statement that the signal can cover up to 6000 square feet

  • Will look good in any Retail Store



  • Inside the box, you get three 1Meter mains power adaptors to power each Nova.

  • The three Nova mesh cubes.

  • Easy to follow quick install guide.

  • Terms and Conditions/Warranty booklet.

  • 1.5 Meter flat ethernet cable (hard to tangle) to connect to your existing router.

  • Warranty – 3-year return to base.


  About the set:

  • The three cubes work together at 2.4 and 5ghz. (additional cubes can be purchased)

  • You can seamlessly swap between access points as you wander around your home or office.

  • Automatic networking, just plug it in and it works.

  • Cube has a minimalistic look and it looks nice.  However, it would be nice if there was an option for a black model to make sure it does not clash with home decorations.

  • It is just under 10 cm h/d/w.

  • Each Nova has an LED light on the top.  If the light is blue it means excellent connection, yellow means fair, magenta means poor and if you have red light you have no connection.

  • App Available on PC or phone/tablet to control and change the setting for the Novas, while this is not needed to set up the kit, you will need it if you wish to add more Nova cubes to the network later or change the security settings.

  • Each Nova can cover 2000 square feet.

  • If one of the Novas disconnects or get turned off and back on, it will automatically connect back up to an available Nova.

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa.



Testing Overview

I set up the Nova Kit in our own home to make sure it was used in the way it was meant to be.  Our internet is supplied by BT and we have a BT infinity fibre connection running at around 72mb.  We are using the BT Smart Hub as the main router.  In normal usage, the Smart Hub sends out a good signal and covers the property with a few areas where the speed can drop by up to 50%.



I tested the speeds and connection quality in a number of ways:


  1. To a PC direct from the BT Smart Hub via a cat6 cable,

  2. Wirelessly via a PC 4 rooms away (my Office) using the BT Hub,

  3. Wirelessly via an iPhone 7Plus in an upstairs bedroom using the BT Hub,

  4. Wirelessly via a PC 4 rooms away (my Office) using one Tenda Nova directly next to the BT Hub,

  5. Wirelessly via a PC 4 rooms away (my Office) using the Tenda Nova network,

  6. Wirelessly  via an iPhone 7Plus in an upstairs bedroom using the Tenda Nova network,


  • Connected directly to the BT hub Via Ethernet we got a steady 72.1mbps with a ping of 10ms

  • Connected to the BT hub from the office PC Wirelessly we got an average speed of  54.7mbps with a ping of 14ms

  • Connected to the BT Hub with the iPhone in the bedroom got an average of 50.5mbps download and a ping of 22

  • Connected to one nova as an access point next to the BT hub was actually faster than connecting directly to the BT Hub. The average speed was 57.08mbps with a ping of 14ms

  • Connecting to the Nova network (3 Novas) with the pc got an average of 71.37mbps and a 19ms ping. That’s not far off the same speed as when connected via an Ethernet cable.

  • The iPhone in the bedroom (3 Novas) got similar results 70.47mbps and a ping of 14ms



The Conclusion:

I’m very surprised with the results.  The Tenda Nova is operating at speeds close to that of a direct connection.  I cannot recommend this product enough.  It has speed, style, and flexibility.

While it may not be needed by all, it can improve your wifi speed and signal more than you probably think.


Scoring :                            

Packaging                                  5

Speed/reliability/coverage      5

Ease to setup                            5

Value                                          5



This product is the first product we have reviewed that has got the full 20 out of 20, I really can't see how this product could be any better, other than maybe offering a different colour. But that's me being picky.


This being said, we award a Platinum Award to the Tenda Nova 


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