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Akasa Dual M.2 PCIe SSD adaptor with RGB LED light and heatsink (AKPCCM2P-04)


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Product Unboxing and Setup Video

Introduction :


I've been noticing as of late, several people moving away from traditional SSDs to the M.2.  It is no surprise really, when you consider the performance.  Also, the fact that it sits neatly on the board with no cables leading away from it making it look untidy is another factor.  

In December of last year, TFT took a look at the Akasa M.2 to PCIe Adaptor Card with heatsink cooler.  WE noted that it not only did what it promised but that it increased performance in some tests.  Today, I am taking a look at another Akasa adaptor.  This is the AKPCCM2P-04 Dual M.2 PCIe SSD adaptor with RGB LED light and heatsink.  Yes, it is a mouthful to say!  Translation, it allows you to add two M.2 cards via your PCIe and it will look like a disco to boot.  Lets take a closer look.

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Main Features:

  • Certified and compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASUS AURA Sync, MSI Mystic Light and ASRock Polychrome

  • Supports 2230, 2242, and 2280 size M,2 PCIe SSD

  • M.2 PCIe 3.0 x 4 NVM to PCIe x 4 host adaptor 


We measured 8.5cm x 10.5 cm x 2 cm  (D x H x W)      15cm cable (L)

ApplicationConverts two M.2 PCIe SSD to work in a main board PCIe x4 bus slot, reduces SSD heat, adds digital addressable RGB colour

Designed forM.2 PCIe/NVMe (M key) SSD
2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 size M.2 SSD
5V addressable RGB LED pin headers

MaterialMetal bracket, printed circuit board, exposed copper, aluminium heatsink, LEDs with diffuser

Voltage rating for LED5V DC

Current rating for LED0.48A

Connector3-pin addressable RGB connector
4-pin addressable RGB connector

Required host connectionTwo PCIe Gen3 x4, x8 or x16 slots

CertificationGigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASUS AURA and AsRock Polychrome

Operating Temperature0°- 55° C

Operating system compatibilityOS independent; no additional drivers or software required

ContentsM.2 SSD to PCIe adapter card, silicon thermal pads (x2), 2.54mm 3-pin to RGB 4-pin male cable, 2-pin to RGB 4-pin female cable, mounting screws x 4, screwdriver, user manual

Product codeAK-PCCM2P-04

Manufacturer statement:


The AK-PCCM2P-04 Dual M.2 PCIe SSD adapter with RGB LED light and heatsink enables the easy addition of two M.2 PCIe (NVMe) SSD to a system via PCIe slots. Providing personalised colour with the latest addressable RGB illumination. Features PCB exposed copper and additional heatsink design to reduce SSD heat and enhances performance. Compatible with PCIe 3.0 Gen3 x4, x8, or x16 slots.

About Akasa :

Akasa designs and manufactures a wide range of technology products for industrial
and professional environments, as well as for gamers, modders, and enthusiasts. Their products
include SFF passive and active case solutions, coolers, fans, PC lighting, and a vast array of card
readers, cables, and adapters. Akasa works closely with Intel and AMD to ensure products match
the complex demands of CPU and form-factor technology, and specifically develops eco-friendly
and silent-technology products.



The packaging is simple but elegant.  The Akasa brand proudly displayed in the upper right corner, a high resolution picture of the product on the front, a hanger for slat walls, and all of the relevant information on the front in white text make this a product you would be proud to display in your shop.  Your customers will be intrigued by it just from the package, regardless if they know what it is or not.  If they don't know, it is a great time to tell them about it and how it could be beneficial for them.  


  • RGB lead
  • Screw
  • Thermal Pads
  • Screw Driver
  • Instructions Sheet

Attach the SSD onto the adaptor
Attach the heat sink over the top of the SSDs
*Don't forget thermal pads*
It will perform better if you take the stickers off of the SSDs, HOWEVER, this may void your warranty on them.
Insert the adaptor into the PCIe slots on your board
Screw in
The SSDs will pick up just like any other installed in your PC (or at least it did in ours)  


Temperature Readings:

  • Temperature for the M.2 RGB with 1 x SSD  44 ° C

  • Temperature for the M.2 RGB with 2 x SSD  49 ° C


The Temp in out B360 Gaming Aurus board was with no Heatsink was 58 ° C  (with heatsink it was 45° C)

Wright and Read Speeds for the M.2 RGB

  • ATTO W  1500

  • ATTO R   2900

  • Crystal W 1607

  • Crystal R  3095.6



Please see attached graphs (and Video) in the picture gallery for more explanation of these tests.

But in Basics the Akasa M.2 Adaptor increased the read speeds of our WD Black SSD by between 8% and 19% depending on test, the Write speeds did not seem effected. 




Retail £34.95


  • Target

  • Scan

  • Overclockers


Wow!  Not many things make me lose my words.  What can I say?  I only found one niggle about the product and that was being knit picky.  It exceeded my expectations while delivering what it promised to do.  I like it!  It's great value for money.  It looks good on the shelf.  It performs well.  I could go on and on but as you can see here, it's just all around a great product for those who need it.  Well done once again Akasa!


Stand out point:  It has to be the RGB and the speed.  I can't pick just one.



  • Fits several different sizes of M.2 cards

  • M.2 cards are faster using the adaptor

  • Comes with a handy screwdriver

  • attractive packaging

  • wall hanger on package


  • Does not fit low profile cases


They got a Plat Award for this product.