GAMETECH by Target | Tech For Techs Review

GameTech Event Review

Reviewed by Jennifer and Philip Griffiths

Edited by Jennifer Griffiths

Location - The Prince William, Pioneer Way, Castleford, West Yorkshire WF10 5TG


Hosts – Target Components


The venue of choice could not be better suited for the day.  It was relaxed, and big enough for our needs.  Not too big and not a shoe box.  Everything we needed was within reach.  Hot Drinks and nibbles were available on arrival.  We were warmly welcomed by Paul Cubbage, the Managing Director of Target Components.

Targets staff were there for us but not "in your face".  The staff were easy to find but not pushy and in the way of us building relationships with the vendors.


The Event Started with a 15-minute talk from Paul Cubbage (MD) welcoming us to the event and telling us about the agenda of the day.

Cooler Masters Ronil Bhimjiani, Channel Marketing Specialist, was next to speak,  He talked about Cooler Master's current products as well as a basic roadmap of products that will be released soon.

Download the full Presentation or view some of the highlights

We also had talks later in the day from Gigabyte and Tenda.  Gigabyte told us why we should buy Gigabyte/Aorus as well as how they can help dress your store.  They went on to speak about Cryptocurrency mining as well as products that will be coming out soon. Jamie, from Tenda, mainly talked about their new Mesh product called Nova and how it could out perform other mesh products on the market while still managing to allow resellers to make a good margin on it.​


Throughout the day, people were allowed to take part in a tournament in the Cooler Master Master Ride Bus, with the finals taking part later in the day, 


Jennifer says "The Cooler MasterBus was awesome.   The peripherals were really nice, screens were a good size and the chairs were very comfortable.  Despite the fact, I did not do well on my game of choice I give it two thumbs up.  


The vendors had well laid out stalls and everyone was helpful.  I was impressed by their ability to make an attractive area with the limited spaces.  They all seemed ready to build relationships with us.  I found Hitz at Gigabyte, Roni and Katie at Cooler Master, Alex at Akasa and Jamie at Tenda to be some of the most helpful and eager to work with that I have ever met".

Cory from Target was also showing off the redesign of the In-Store PC Builder.  If you are not sure what the In-Store PC Builder is then, please click here.

Alex from Akasa showed off some of the new RGB lights and fans they have, the New LED strips are fully programmable so you can change each individual light.



Congratulations to the Winners of the events:

Leigh Hempsall at Xgates Computers won a £1500 gaming computer by guessing the total weight of the system.

Gaming tournament winners:

Project Cars 2 = Alex Kirk (Computer SOS)

Rocket League = Roy and Chris Heslop (CTA Direct)

Call = of Duty Rowan Burley (DLSR Ltd)

After the Main event was time for networking in the restaurant/bar area, free drinks and pizza were supplied by Gigabyte and Cooler Master.



The Conclusion

Jennifer = To sum it up I found the day insightful and well worth my time.   I would like to thank Target for organizing it and the vendors for taking part.   I give the event a Platinum award.


Philip = What an amazing day it was, I would be surprised if anyone did not come away with something useful, whether it be a contact or knowledge.  The event was less formal than most, but this made it more relaxed and enjoyable without having to dash from room to room to see talks.