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Sandberg USB-C Audio Adaptor  and USB-C Sound Link


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Product Unboxing and Setup Video

USB-C Audio Adaptor  and USB-C Sound Link by Sandberg Review

USB-C Audio Adaptor and USB-C Sound Link by Sandberg Review

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Introduction :


We live in a world of Plug and Play.  We expect to be able to use our favourite products with just about any device.  So what happens when we can't?  Panic! Chaos!  You know exactly what I mean.  For that brief second, our world stops turning and we have a crisis situation on our hands.  But, there's a simple solution for at least two things today.  


Today we will be viewing the Sandberg USB-C Audio Adaptor and the Sandberg USB-C Sound Link.  Both products are quite similar, so we have combined them in one review.  Each pack a 5 year warranty and promise to be easy to use.  So, let's have a look.  


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Main Features:

5 year warranty

Manufacturer statement:

USB-C Audio Adaptor:  Many smartphone headsets connect using a single analogue jack for audio and microphone.  This neat adaptor allows you to connect such a headset directly and digitally to the USB-C port on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


USB-C Sound Link:  The Sandberg USB-C to Sound Link is a compact external USB-C sound card with connectors for both speakers and microphone.  It allows you, for example, to connect an ordinary headset to your computer via a USB-C port.


About Sandberg :


If it is important for you that accessories are high quality and easy to figure out how to use, then choose Sandberg.  Our ideology "IT is for everybody" is part of everything we do.  Since its inception in 1985, private consumers, institutions, and companies have benefited from this simple philosophy.  Distributors and dealers appreciate the availability, range, and simple procedures and the exceptionally low failure rate.  Every year over half a million Sandberg products find their way to users in more than 65 countries.  



Blue border around a black background with a high quality picture.  All relevant information is clear and easy to find.  Simple but stylish and will look good hanging on your wall.  It has a sturdy hanger for those like me that have slat walls. 


3 Device 90 Day Bullguard subscription, product 
*this for both products*
Simply plug your device into the adaptor and plug the adaptor into your PC, laptop, etc.  


Up Close:

  • The packaging is 14 CM  (H) X 8.25CM  (W) x 2CM  (D) *both boxes

  • 17 CM connection end to end minus the part that will be in your device. (both)

  • 2.5 CM (W) - Sound Link                         1 CM (W) - Audio Adaptor 

  • Both are made of good quality and do what they are supposed to do.  


  • USB-C to Sound Link £21.99 

  • USB-C Audio Adaptor £16.99


*RRP Prices include VAT








EET EuroParts


These are good products and I think offering the trial subscription of Bullguard is a great selling point.  The product is good, offers a 5 year warranty, etc. When I checked the RRP vs Costings to buy, I was told that prices vary day to day but in most cases we should make around £10 on each device.  Obviously sometimes more, sometimes less, but still good profit.  I would stock these in my store for sure. 


Stand out point:  5 year warranty



  • Good length cable

  • Good craftsmanship

  • 3 Device 90 Day subscription to Bullguard

  • Attractive packaging

  • Hanger on the packaging

  • 5 year warranty



  • none







I awarded this product Gold



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