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Today we spoke to Paul Cubbage, the Managing Director of Target Components Ltd about its upcoming event NewTech. 


1. Tell us about Target Components and its history and how it started.

We’re a broad-based IT distributor supporting a very wide, diverse range of trade customers. The very short version of how we started is we were already in the channel with a pretty niche business and wanted to get into broader distribution. The catalyst to actually doing it – daft as it sounds - was finding ourselves with a spare office with warehouse space. Maybe a tale for over a drink at NewTech!


2.  What products and services will be on display/available at New Tech?

As the name suggests, it’s about new products for 2019. It’ll be the first chance to see lots of the new lines we’re bringing in directly – things like our wireless charging range, dashcams and hard drive docks. Plus a first chance to meet some of the new vendors we’ve brought on in recent months, including our launch as official Ubiquiti UK distributors, something we haven’t even announced yet.


3.  What are the advantages for traders attending?

As well as the chance to see, touch and feel lots of new products and talk directly to the vendors, the afternoon will be packed with vendor presentations, product roadmaps, and demonstrations. We’re even having some auctions dotted throughout so you’ll get a chance to grab a bargain. But I’d boil the benefits of our events down into two key things; new ideas to help your business and the chance to network with like-minded resellers in a genuinely relaxed, informal and collaborative atmosphere.


4.  Will the event be beneficial to retailers only or will MSPs and other techs find it beneficial and how?

We tend to get a good mix of customers at all our events, but clearly last year’s GameTech had a more retail / system-builder bias because of the theme. Obviously there are some strong retail brands exhibiting, Thermaltake for example, but there’s also brands like QNAP and Ubiquiti that are B2B focused, ECS mini-PCs that are great for all sorts of applications including digital signage, plus Transcend where a good chunk of our existing business is driven by verticals other than retail.


5.  What will make this event different from last year’s GameTech and traditional Open Days?

GameTech was obviously gaming focused whereas the them this year is new products and brands, so a very different line-up and different content.

Compared to the Open Days it’s a much smaller event. The exhibition’s all in one room rather than 5 plus break-out rooms at the Open Day, we’ve half a dozen exhibitors rather than 30+, and we expect around 100 attendees rather than 300+. And of course it’s an afternoon rather than a full day.

Our Open Days are always relaxed and informal, but if anything this will be more so, mainly because it’s smaller and held at the local pub!


6.  If someone wanted to come, do they need to have a Target account and book in advance or could they just show up on the day?

We’d prefer people to register as it gives us a better feel for numbers for planning. You don’t need a Target account to attend, but it does help if you get in touch and let us know you’re coming. In reality, we don’t tend to turn anyone away as long as you’re a genuine IT trade account.

Targets Sales Manager, Sonya Cubbage, would be very happy to speak to anyone wishing to open an account and/ or register for NewTech.

01977 282 350


7.  Will there be any special products or brands we have not seen before on the day?

Pretty much everything is either brand new or new to us, so it’s the first chance to see most of it. There’s loads of highlights, but to pick a few well worth looking out for include the world’s smallest 4K PC, AVerMedia’s streaming demo, our wireless charging range and our new Ubiquiti and Apple ranges.


8.  Where will the event be held and what time does it start?  Are there hotels/accommodations nearby?

It’s at the Prince William in Whitwood, Castleford, Friday 25th January. Doors open around 1.30pm for coffee with the event starting at 2pm and finishing around 6pm. There’s then a free bar until late, free pizzas, lots of ‘networking’ opportunities and probably the odd table football competition thrown in for good measure.


9.  Can you tell us about the auction?  What will be available to bid on?  What time will it take place?

We’re just finalising the list now, but there’ll be 30 lots available to auction covering all sorts of things. We’ve got Microsoft Surface Pros, Hikvision CCTV kit, monitors, SSDs, motherboards, headphones … all sorts. Starting prices will have massive discounts, typically well above 50% and up to 95% off our normal price, so lots of opportunity to grab a bargain. They’ll run throughout the afternoon in the main room.


10.  We found that Game Tech was more laid back and relaxed than Open Day.  Will this be the same atmosphere for this event?

I think our Open Days are very laid back, but yes NewTech, like GameTech last year, will probably take that to another level. The day’s set up to be informative and to inspire new ideas, but there’s a big emphasis on it being fun and an opportunity after the Christmas rush to do something really worthwhile and informative but also let your hair down a bit and have a good time.



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Paul Cubbage

Managing Director

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Photos from last years GameTech Event
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