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Cherry With Extra Flavor 

Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight (Silent Red)


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Introduction :


It's no secret that Cherry make awesome switches for keyboards.  Their best kept secret though is the keyboards made by them.  Last week we saw the first of the series to come in TFT.  This one today is a bit different.  While that one was awesome and elegant this one also promises to be awesome and if I read the features correctly, it could be game worthy! 

It will have a lot to live up to for it to be classed as a game worthy here at TFT, because, well, Phil and I know gaming peripherals and what what gamers want and need. However, when they made it, it was aimed at the office user.  I've never worked in an office that gave me anything other than a cheap keyboard unless it came bundled with the computer I worked with.  Still, that would hardly compete with Cherry.  So the business people that get these are very lucky.   

So, lets see just how lucky the people will be with the Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight (Silent Red) keyboard.   

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Main Features:

  • Corded keyboard with CHERRY MX switches and palm rest

  • CHERRY MX technology-Gold Crosspoint precision keys "Made in Germany"

  • Uncompromisingly fast due to CHERRY MX SILENT RED and high-speed key recognition

  • Abrasion resistant, laser etched key caps

  • Full n-key rollover-all keys are read simultaneously

  • Anti-ghosting-no input errors

  • WIN key lockout

  • Dimmable, white key illumination 

  • Additional mounting feet for non slip grip and custom height adjustment in 3 steps

  • Illuminated USB plug and elegant logo application

Manufacturer statement:

The Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight - fast, precise, proven Cherry quality.  Durable Cherry MX switches with consistent linear operating feel and the support of the palm rest provide comfort and ergonomics when working.  High-speed key recognition accurately captures every keystroke, even with fast typing.  Sturdy mounting feet enable a perfect adjustment in 3 steps with non slip grip.  The adjustable, white key illumination means the keys can be read clearly even in challenging viability conditions.  All inputs are reliably and precisely executed and input errors are prevented thanks to the anit-ghosting and full n-key rollover.  Frequent number inputs can be performed easily via the numeric keypad; the switchable Win key lockout enables the keyboard to be used for pleasure on the computer after work as well.  The Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight  -- the high performance keyboard for people who type quickly or write a lot. 

About Cherry :

Cherry GmbH has its headquarters in Auerbach /Oberpfalz Germany and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer input devices --focusing on application for offices, industry, security and switches of mechanical keyboards for PC gaming for example.  



This is a "no frills" package.  It comes in a plain black box with Cherry proudly written on it. There is no picture on the front, for some reason they decided to put it on the back.  I'm a bit "ho-hum" about that.  Pictures belong on the front.  It's not as if they were pushed for space.  Even though it is not a retail box, it helps with presentation.  On the up-side, they managed to put their logo on the front unlike the DW9000 Slim.


  • Keyboard
  • Manual
  • Feet for the bottom
  • Palm rest 
*Each thing came in a separate plastic bag.  I understand the feet needed to be in one to prevent loss.  However with issues of waste going on and the need to protect our environment, It would be nice to see the palm rest wrapped in something like tissue paper, same with the keyboard.
**When we attached  the palm rest, it covered the Cherry logo on the keyboard.  A  solution for this would be to put the Cherry logo on the top centre like my G.Skill one which also sports a palm rest. However I do like the big MX on the palm rest.  That looks great. 
Plug into USB port on your PC.  It's that simple.  No software to install.



Measurements:   47 cm L x 26 cm W 3.5 cm H  *without feet

  • Cherry MX Red switches are good for all-round use with light weighting and faster actuation

  • High speed key recognition with anti-ghosting to ensure no input errors

  • Full N-Key rollover; reads all keys simultaneously

  • Dimmable, white key backlighting with several lighting modes

  • High quality abrasion resistant laser-etched key legends

  • Windows key lockout function

  • Non-slip design with additional feet and custom height adjustment

  • 2 Year manufacturer warranty






  • Exertis

  • West Coast 


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It's a nice keyboard for sure.  Could it have been better? Yes.  The Cherry logo down at the bottom can't be seen when the palm rest is on it.  That needed to be at the top.  An £80 keyboard should have a braided cable.  Tut tut!  Other than that, I had no issue with they keyboard.  If you are looking to spoil your office staff, this will surely do it.  They will type with comfort and ease whilst retaining good posture using the wrist rest and the click click of keys will be at a minimum.  On a side note I wish that somehow Cherry as well as other companies could cut down on unnecessary packaging.  

Stand out point:  For me, even though you can't see it if plugged in the back of the machine, it has to be the Cherry logo lighting up on the connector.  What a cool touch.



  • Cherry logo on USB connection

  • MX on the palm rest 

  • Best back lighting you will ever see

  • Ability to adjust the back light to the exact brightness you desire

  • Typing feels good and the keys are quiet.

  • Option to turn the Windows Key off.

  • Great all around for the home, office user or gamer.

  • Adjustable height with the feet included. 


  • Plastic on everything! Too much waste.

  • Picture of the product is not on the front of the box.

  • The Cherry logo on the keyboard is not able to be seen if you have the palm rest attached.

  • The cable is not braided and for a keyboard of this price, it should be. 

They got a USERS CHOICE