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Clean Up Made Simple

The AKASA Tim Kit (AK-MX004)


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths

Product Unboxing and Setup Video

🔴 How to clean your CPU - akasa Tim Clean Kit  - Thermal Paste cleaner

🔴 How to clean your CPU - akasa Tim Clean Kit - Thermal Paste cleaner

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Introduction :


Today we are going to look at something that every computer technician will use in his or her life.  It' Tim Clean.  We've all had to clean and repaste a processor or even get excess paste off of motherboards etc.  Tim Clean is one of the Tech's best friends.  There are many brands that do it, today I am taking a look at the Akasa brand.

We will from time to time get customers that have either coated their CPU (including the pins) in thermal paste or the ones that decided it would be a great idea to get it on the board as well.  This is when Tim Clean lets you know how great of a friend it really is.  It's one of the unsung heroes in the tech shop.  It sits on the shelf or in a drawer out of the way.  No one really thinks twice about it until they need it.  

This is not a cool gadget or a flashy RGB peripheral, but it's worth a read.  If you can even begin to call yourself a Tech, it's well worth your time.

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Main Features:

  • Designed for all types of PC CPUs, GPUs and chipsets

  • Suitable for high wattage CPUs

  • Thermally advanced for maximum cooler performance

  • Spreader card makes applying thermal compound easy

  • Tim-Clean leaves no residue

Manufacturer statement:


The Akasa TIM Kit (Product Code: AK-MX004) includes a 5g syringe of high performance thermal compound AK-455 complete with a spreader card and 125ml of TIM Clean fluid for professional chipset preparation.

TIM Clean fluid removes all thermal interface residues including silver based and prepares the chipset surface for new thermal compound. A safe citrus base solvent which leaves no residue. Ideal for cleaning CPU, GPU, Northbridge, RAM etc).

High performance AK-455 thermal compound has an advanced formula designed to maximise heat transfer from chipset/CPU to the heatsink enabling you to get more from your existing cooler. The high viscosity formula efficiently fills invisible surface imperfections to improve contact and thermal conductivity.  5g thermal compound syringe enough for 10-15 CPU cooler installations and 125ml bottle of TIM Clean will last for even more CPU surface preparations. TIM kit is a must have for every PC enthusiasts.

About Akasa :

Akasa designs and manufactures a wide range of technology products for industrial and professional environments, as well as for gamers, modders, and enthusiasts. Their products include SFF passive and active case solutions, coolers, fans, PC lighting, and a vast array of card readers, cables, and adapters. Akasa works closely with Intel and AMD to ensure products match the complex demands of CPU and form-factor technology, and specifically develops eco-friendly and silent-technology products.



The packaging is nice.  I like the window front.  The colours on the package are eye catching and the logo is stands out.  There is a hanger on the box for the retailers that like to hang things due to lack of space.  The box is approximately 15 cm wide by 20 cm tall (including the hanger) by 3 cm in depth.  In all reality it won't take up much more space than a decent size fan.

Inside the box you will find:
  • 5 gm syringe of high performance thermal compound 
  • spreader card
  • 125 ml Tim Clean Fluid
To clean a CPU, simply take a clean micron cloth and apply a generous amount to the cloth.  Holding the CPU with your fingers and being careful to not touch any pins *especially AMD processors* rub the cloth gently over the processor until the old paste has lifted.  You may need to give a small squirt to the processor if it is baked on.  Make sure none of the paste got on the pins, if it did, turn the CPU over and put it in a small container and allow it to soak in the Tim Clean.


Before Cleaning the CPU hit and average of 60'C and a Max of 69'C,  After cleaning and re-pasting the CPU average dropped to 55'C and a Max of 62'C!


The paste is good quality.  It is very thick.  The last thing you want is watery paste.


The spreader is OK but I personally prefer the thicker and slimmer applicator I have gotten in other thermal paste kits.


The Tim Clean works well and has a nice citrus smell.  


I gave Phil a challenge for this review.  I told him to make a mess out of the thermal paste on a motherboard so we could see how well the Tim Clean worked.  There was no available board for the challenge, so Phil decided to get a Hard Drive and use the circuit board on it. He emptied the contents of the syringe minus a pea size amount that was used on a CPU.  In the end, the Tim Clean cleaned so well that it looked like a brand new Hard Drive.






  • Spire

  • Target

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In conclusion, I have to say this is a great piece of kit.  It would be great to have in any repair shop.  You have really good thermal paste and Tim Clean all in one product and for a reasonable price.  I worked out what it would cost to buy the two separately and it is about the same as this combined kit.  So, when placing an order it would be easier to just buy the kit if you needed them both.  


Stand out point:  Leaves no residue, just a nice smell.



  • Comes with paste and spreader

  • Packaging has a hanger

  • Thermal paste is thick

  • It only takes a small amount of cleaner

  • Price


  • Spreader could be better

They got a MUST HAVE!

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