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Cooler Days Ahead!
CM310 and CK550 Keyboard and Mouse


Review by:  Jennifer Griffiths 

Video & Testing by: Philip Griffiths


Introduction :


They are at it again!  Cooler Master have launched an exciting new keyboard and mouse.  *sold separately*  The CM310 and CK550 are new kids on the block at Cooler Master.  They seem keen to spoil the gamer's every little whim.  Maybe that's why I am so fond of them.  The CM310 is ambidextrous, so, whether you are a lefty or righty, it should fit in your hand nicely.   The CK550 is a full RGB mechanical keyboard with options that any gamer can appreciate.  Or at least that is what the box is telling me.


 I want to put both of these to the ultimate test.  I am going to take them on a weekend journey to the Gaming Zone.  Phil and I will swap them back and forth and test them in different kinds of gaming scenarios and give an opinion on our findings.  Each gamer has their own needs, so for this test, I decided to let Phil have a play too.  Just this once. 


Stay tuned for the Gaming Zone edition of TFT.   



Main Features:

CM310   up to 10,000 DPI, 6 Button, RGB LED, Ambidextrous Grip 

CK550   Mechanical, Full Size, Gateron Blue Switches, reactive RGB LED backlit 


CM310 :  


Product Name: CM310

Model Number: CM-310-KKWO2

Grip Type: Palm & Claw

Material: ABS Plastic / Rubber

Color: Black

LED Color: 16.7 Million RGB with 5 Modes

Sensor: Pixart A3325 (10000 DPI)

CPI / DPI7 Levels (500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10000)

Tracking Speed: 60 ips

Lift Off Distance< ~3mm

Polling Rate: 1000 Hz / 1 ms

Mouse acceleration: 20g

Buttons: 8

Body Coating: Matte UV Coating

Connector: USB 2.0

Cable Length: Flexible Rubber, 1.8 Meters

Dimensions (W x H x D)127 x 71.5 x 39.5 mm
5 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches

Weight: 135 g ± 5g
0.297 lbs

Weight (without USB Cable)100 g ± 5g
0.22 lbs

Warranty: 2 years





CK-550-GKGL1-** (Blue Switch)
Product Name: CK550

Switch Type: Gateron

Material: Plastic / Aluminum

Color: Gunmetal Black

LED Color: RGB

Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

Response Rate: 1ms / 1000Hz

MCU32bit ARM Cortex M3

On board Memory: 512KB

On-the-fly system: Yes, for Multi-media, Macro Recording and Lighting Control

Multi-media Keys: Through FN

Cable: Fixed Rubberized 1.8m

Software Support: Yes, through Portal

Connector Cable: USB 2.0

Cable Length: 1.8m

Dimensions: 460*135*41 mm (L*W*H)

Product Weight (without cable)850 g

Warranty: 2 years

Manufacturer statement:




The CM310 is the mouse of choice for gamers of all levels, providing dependability and reliability without breaking the bank.  An optical 10000 DPI sensor offers gaming-grade performance, while the rubber side grips and weighted body give just the right level of comfort

And if you want to add some personality, it comes with RGB illumination with 5 preset modes and effects.  Dependable and solid, the CM310 is a gaming mouse designed to take your gaming to the next level.  




The CK550's design staying true to the minimalistic but quality design roots of MasterKeys and Quick Fire models, that what fans have become to appreciate but then taken to the next level.  


Designed with simple good looks in mind the CK550 features a curved, brushed aluminum top plate, floating keycaps and a minimalistic design built with functionality and durability in mind.  Besides that, the CK550 features, as standard with Cooler Master keyboards, a standard ANSI and ISO layout, including bottom row for those into keycap customization.  

About Cooler Master:

Cooler Masters mission is to deliver high-performance products built for today’s gamer. Our gaming cases and peripherals are designed for optimum precision, strength and control to give you the competitive edge you need.


CM310:   When you look at the CM310 in the box, you see the traditional black box with the Cooler Master logo in white on the upper left corner and an attractive coloured pictured of the mouse lit up on the cover.  All of the information needed in clearly written in a clean font,  The back has information the the weight, grips etc but the font decreases exceptionally.  I would also like to have seen a way to flip the cover of the box so I could see the mouse inside without taking it out of the sleeve and unboxing it.  Most gamers want to see and feel the mouse if possible, so this would be a way to go in the future as well as increasing the fonts on the back.  For the retailers, you do have a hook to hang the CM310 with, which is handy.  All in all it is an attractive edition to the Cooler Master range and will look great on your shelf.  

CK550:  In keeping with the black, white, and purple colour scheme that Cooler Master is known for, the CK550 stands out more than any keyboard I have seen from Cooler Master in a long time.  Their use of a thick purple border around the black background, and the picture of the keyboard at an angle so you can see the back-lighting compliment this very well.  The keyboard actually pops out.  The Cooler Master logo is proudly displayed in the upper left corner and the badges for RGB, Mechanical Blue RGB are all easily seen.  One more thing I love about the packaging is they put a little window over the arrow keys.  You can touch them.  This is great for those that want to touch a keyboard before they buy it and you may not be keen on taking it out of the box.  The only thing I could see them doing better on this is maybe having a lift up flap so you can see the keyboard.  I have seen this in days gone by with other brands.  All text on the back is clear and easy to read.  Everything you could need to know before purchasing is pretty much on the box and easy to read.  This will look great on display in a shop and I can see this being purchased by gamers and those that may not play games but they do like a mechanical keyboard.  


CM310:  Inside the sleeve, you have a box with the Cooler Master log on it in purple.  When you open it, the mouse is revealed behind a plastic shield and is surrounded by a form fitting foam pad.  I can tell they have gone to great measures to protect it so there is very little chance of damage in transit.     
CK550:  When you open the box, on top of the keyboard is a plastic cover to protect it (all but the keys that were in the windowed box).  You also have the manual and key cap remover.

CK550 and CM310 
Can be used as standard plug and play or you can download the software to go with it. 


CK 550

Macros set up is pretty easy to do On The Fly.  You use FN + F11 to start recording and select the key you want to record to, when finished, you use FN + ESC.   This IS NOT step by step.    

CM 310

You have some really cool features on the mouse.  You can increase your DPI with a button just under the scroll wheel, change your LED with a button just under the DPI button, and decrease your DPI with a button just under the LED.  You have forward and backward buttons on the left side near where the thumb rests.   You can also use the right click and forward button at the same time and adjust your LED Lighting Colour and right click and backward will adjust your LED Lighting Speed (3 levels).  



CK550   £74.99


CM310  £24.99




CI Distribution

Exertis IT



I am impressed with the CK550.  It wowed me with the lights and the way they reflected off of the brushed aluminum.  The feel of the keys was really nice as well.  This is a well built keyboard for gamers like myself that spend countless hours of playtime.  I can see the CK 550 being able to withstand a lot of hammer.    ----  Jenni 

The CM 310 is an awesome mouse.  It is great for both the lefty and righty.  Adjustable DPI, colour and light speed were done with ease.  It's a great all rounder for entry level to higher end gamers.  ----  Jenni 





Stand out point:  Brushed aluminium surface which makes the RGB lights stand out and look bright.  (CK550)    Ambidextrous design (CM310)




  • On the fly macro recording   

  • On the fly light scheme recording

  • Brushed aluminium 

  • Quality built keyboard 

  • Keys have a nice feel.  They are not flimsy. 

  • Nice attention to detail on the USB connector.  It is in purple.


  • Comfortable

  • Easy to adjust the DPI without lifting your hand

  • Easy to adjust the lighting colour and speeds

  • Attention to detail on the USB connector.  It is purple.

  • Can be used from entry level to the high end gamers. 



  • I expected the cable to be braided but it is just rubbery.  

  • In the future I would like to see Cooler Master have detachable palm rests.


  • I expected the cable to be braided but it is just rubbery.  

They got a Platinum award for each product!

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