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Today Phil at Techs for Techs spoke to Sam McNally, CEO of ALM Wholesale Limited, about who they are, how they got started and what they stand for.

Tell us about ALM history and how it started...


ALM Wholesale LTD was founded in 2017 by myself, having worked within the industry for several years, it felt like the right time to take everything I’ve learnt about wholesale and start my own company.


Focusing on how buying and selling of used technology i


Arctic Spotlight 

Today Phil at Techs for Techs spoke to Magnus Huber, CEO of ARCTIC GmbH, about who they are, how they got started and what they stand for.

ARCTIC’s philosophy has remained unchanged – we offer consumers value for their money and provide innovative, user-friendly products at affordable prices. Though our focus has since expanded to include mounts and accessories, quiet cooling will always be at the core of what we do.


Tenda Spotlight 

Today Phil at Techs for Techs spoke to Jamie Plumridge, Commercial Director at Tenda UK about their products and what makes them stand out and why their products should form part of your range.

Tenda have a range of over 90 home and business networking products in our portfolio. From our award winning NOVA mesh WiFi systems, to wireless adapters, powerlines, switches, routers, access points and controllers. If you have a need to ‘connect’, then Tenda have the right solution.

EADR low (22).jpg

EADR Spotlight 

While running my own successful PC shops and IT maintenance businesses from 1996, I found myself in the position of having to act as a go-between for customers on the rare occasions I couldn’t get back data using typical software methods. It wasn’t always a good place to be, getting stuck in the middle of situations where a client wanted their data recovered but were unwilling to pay the (then) sky high fees. I knew there were hundreds, if not thousands of techs like me in the same boat and knew there had to be a better way of working which was beneficial to everyone.


CHERRY Spotlight

The CHERRY Corporation was founded by Walter Lorraine Kirsch (CHERRY) in 1953. The first microswitches were produced in the basement of a restaurant in Highland Park, Illinois. From humble beginnings, the company quickly grew in size and reputation after entering the US automobile market. In the early 1960s, Kirsch ventured back across the pond to his original stomping grounds in Europe.

The roots of the CHERRY family are in Germany, hence the company namesake, Kirsch = CHERRY. American Entrepreneurship coupled with German Engineering encompasses the history and future of CHERRY. Today, CHERRY is regarded as the epitome of precision, longevity, and responsibility. A unique feeling. 


NewTech hosted by Target Components LTD

Included interview with Paul Cubbage MD at Target Components. 

Not very often do I get to review events, but it’s always nice to come out of hiding and see the people I write for and sometimes about.  Today we will be looking at Target Component’s event, NEW TECH. As you may remember, they hosted Game Tech last year around this time. New Tech was hosted at the same venu, a pub called the Prince William in Castleford.  All in all the mood was good and people seemed pleased to be there.


Interview With The "Cooler" Master

The Cooler Masters, as I will call them here, are the most hospitable people you will ever come across.  As most of us know Ronil from his visits to our stores, he is very easy to talk to and knows his job very well.  Katie said he is very "passionate" about it.  It shows.  Everything I could throw at him to ask, he had an on the fly answer.  No Google or looking at a laptop for the answers for him, oh no!  It's all from memory.  Frankly, I have no idea how he remembers everything, but he does!  It just goes to show that if you love what you do, you absorb it, you live it, it becomes part of who you are and Ronil is the coolest of the Cooler Masters.  

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Spire Technology Ltd

Established in 1990, Spire began life as a trade only distributor of Atari computers and peripherals.

Over time we have grown and our product range has obviously evolved but we are proud to remain a trade supplier, working in partnership with our customers, not in competition against them.


BullGuard was founded in 2002 by two Danish entrepreneurs Morten Lund and Theis Søndergaard. Their aim was to create an Internet Security product that included all the security features necessary to protect home users, without being complicated to use.

The first version of this flagship product, BullGuard Internet Security, was launched in June 2002. By 2009, BullGuard’s products had gained mass adoption around the world with Internet Security gaining particular prominence in the UK market.

Cooler Master are helping  independent stores by providing a support system where Alex is available to help with any queries that may arise, this may in turn result mean that we work with the shops on a 1-2-1 basis and see where we would be able to offer additional help and benefits by bringing Cooler Master into their store. We can also try to provide some marketing materials for websites, social media and possibly some shop dresses.