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                                                                                                  Spotlight by Mr Philip Griffiths



Today Phil at Techs for Techs spoke to Robin Bithrey, Community Manager at CHERRY GmbH in the UK about their products and what makes them stand out and why their products should form part of your range.


Tell us about CHERRY history and how it started...

The CHERRY Corporation was founded by Walter Lorraine Kirsch (CHERRY) in 1953. The first microswitches were produced in the basement of a restaurant in Highland Park, Illinois. From humble beginnings, the company quickly grew in size and reputation after entering the US automobile market. In the early 1960s, Kirsch ventured back across the pond to his original stomping grounds in Europe.

The roots of the CHERRY family are in Germany, hence the company namesake, Kirsch = CHERRY. American Entrepreneurship coupled with German Engineering encompasses the history and future of CHERRY. Today, CHERRY is regarded as the epitome of precision, longevity, and responsibility. A unique feeling. 

In 1973, CHERRY began manufacturing computer keyboards, a milestone in the company’s history, leading the way forward. Today, CHERRY is the oldest manufacturer of computer keyboards, a pioneer in the computer hardware industry. 

In 1983, CHERRY commemorated the development and production of the MX Switch. Billions of MX switches equip millions of keyboards around the globe which rely on this technology. The ‘must have’ for the most professional of all users: CHERRY MX Switches- the best mechanical switch. 

Timeless and durable: The savvy, professional user relies on original CHERRY quality.


What products and services do you offer?

Original CHERRY quality is the benchmark for input devices in a variety of applications. In gaming, at the point of sale, at industrial plants or on the desk. 

Desktop sets, mice, keyboards, mechanical MX switches and card-reading terminals are the core of the CHERRY brand today. 

  • CHERRY Office & Industry

  • CHERRY Components

  • CHERRY Security

What makes your products different? 

CHERRY is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of computer keyboards, mice, magnetic and chip card readers and the best mechanical key-switches in the industry. For more than four decades, the red cherries have stood for high-quality, attractively designed computer input devices.


From our technological innovations, custom product developments and global manufacturing capabilities to our performance record and customer successes, CHERRY is the best pick for your application.


CHERRY has a solution for almost every application, with an emphasis on office, industrial and security markets. CHERRY has supplied products to many high-profile projects, including those for Government, NHS, Police, major airports, Point-Of-Sale, banking and educational establishments.


The company reputation has been built on quality and reliability, meaning CHERRY offers fantastic ROI. For instance, all CHERRY keyboards are now manufactured with wear resistant, laser etched keycaps, meaning no more worn key-legends and the need for continual replacements. Timeless and durable: The savvy, professional user relies on original CHERRY quality.


What are your future plans?

CHERRY will continue to enhance its product portfolio throughout the year, but look out for some new and exciting product developments coming in Q3/4 2019


What distributors are your goods available at?

Westcoast and Exertis.


If someone wanted Point of sales materials, who would they contact (please try not to say, distributors)

Product images can be downloaded from our Media Pool website (, but customers can contact me directly –


If someone is having an issue, and the distributor could not help how would they contact you?

Any issues should be directed through our support website –


How can customers keep updated with  CHERRY news?

Please contact me directly with details of your company and contact information, and I can sign you up to our newsletter.


Follow CHERRY on Social Media:

Twitter: @org­_cherry


Facebook: CHERRYMX

Instagram: cherry_original

Does CHERRY operate a partner programme?

Yes! Please visit for full details.



Robin Bithrey

Community Manager

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