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Today Phil at Techs for Techs spoke to Sam McNally, CEO of ALM Wholesale Limited, about who they are, how they got started and what they stand for.

Tell us about ALM history and how it started...


ALM Wholesale LTD was founded in 2017 by myself, having worked within the industry for several years, it felt like the right time to take everything I’ve learnt about wholesale and start my own company.


Focusing on how buying and selling of used technology items should be done, with the buyer being 100% satisfied with their purchase(s).



What products and services do you offer?


We offer the lowest, discounted wholesale prices in the UK for used electronics, ALM has no membership fees or trade ID requirements; Any customer able to meet our low minimum order quantities (3 laptops) are welcomed.


ALM Wholesale makes buying wholesale used products as easy as possible, specialising in exporting used electronic items such as;



*Desktop PCs


*Mobile Phones


We offer a livestock list that can be viewed at any point of the day, this is consistently updated with new stock and provides a large selection from the leading manufactures and processors.


Tell us About the ALM Team and how they are willing to help independent stores.


We have a fantastic little team here at ALM, with all the guys willing to help with any aspects of the business, be it testing and checking the laptops, selling or just general day to day work on social media.


This amazing work ethic really helps us go that extra mile for a customer depending on their needs and wishes.


What makes your products different? 


While our product remains largely the same as our competitors, our service is second to none, we offer the lowest, discounted wholesale prices in the UK for used electronics and low minimum order quantities (3 laptops) which is a huge difference in comparison to our competitors.


By offering a vast range of processors, makes and models in small quantities, this really helps the everyday shop, or repairer looking to test a new market, not everyone can buy pallets at a time so by providing small quantities at unrivalled pricing, this is what make our “products” different.


What are your future plans?

We’re looking to move into distributing more phones and tablets over the coming weeks and months, this is to help bridge any gaps we might have in the market and become a one stop shop for our customers when looking to buy in small to large quantities.


 If someone wanted Point of sales materials, who would they contact (please try not to say, distributors)


We don’t tend to have any traditional POS material available in physical form, though we have a newsletter that is sent out twice a week depending on new stock coming into us.


You can sign up to this via our website –


If someone is having an issue, and the distributor could not help how would they contact you?

For any enquiries you are free to contact us on the below information.

+44 (0)1440 784570

+44 (0)7376 419359


Do you have any exclusive discounts or offers for Tech For Techs Members (optional and if you say no it won't be published)

Absolutely, we’re happy for our fellow technicians on the Tech For Tech Facebook page to order a minimum of just 1 laptop, this might help you to fulfil a customer order, or just to try us out for the first time.



Sam McNally


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