Tech MAX | Bramall Lane - Sheffield United FC 

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Friday 24th June 2022 | Secure Your Ticket/s Now! 

The Bramall Lane Stadium (Sheffield United's Football Stadium) provides the ideal environment for vendors, distributors, and techs to promote and learn.  There is plenty of space for product demonstrations, presentations and meeting areas for more discreet discussions.

Why Attend?

1. Getting a look at the latest tech:

With exhibitors showing off a wide range of tech, Tech MAX will present an excellent opportunity to go hands-on with all of the stuff that has the industry buzzing in 2022. You will get the opportunity to get a hold of all this exciting new tech and ask experts about any specific questions you may have.

2. Freebies!

Thanks to our event partners, a whole host of promotional giveaways will be on offer. Who doesn’t love free stuff? To get some goodies to take home make sure you’re in attendance and have a chat with our event partners.

3. Meeting loads of new contacts:

Tech MAX will be an excellent opportunity to make new contacts. You will be able to talk and make new contacts with distributors, vendors and other techs from around the UK.

4. Catching up with old partners:

Equally as exciting as meeting new potential partners, is the opportunity to say hello to old friends and colleagues. There will be dedicated room for teas, coffees and meal breaks away from the main event where you can have a quiet talk.  

5. Ensuring you can make the most of new tech to maximise profits

It’s all good to be shown what all of this new tech can do. What matters though, is how it will effect your business. That’s why, with a number of presentations and live panels you will be able to leave Tech MAX safe in the knowledge that you are fit for business. 

6. It’s £1 to attend!

If we hadn’t already convinced you that that Tech MAX is an essential addition to your calendar, you will be pleased to hear that entry to the event is just £1 for the main event, or £2 for the event and evening meal. 

Tech MAX 2022

Why Attend Tech MAX 2022

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Tech MAX
24 Jun, 10:00 – 18:00
Bramall Lane - Sheffield United FC,
Cherry St, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4ST, UK