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You don’t need to be a genius; Akasa’s Galileo TU Plus and Euler TX Plus - now LGA 1700 compatible

You don’t need to be a genius to understand; Akasa’sGalileo TU Plus and Euler TX Plus are now compatible with LGA 1700!

The new Intel socket design produces a lot of computing power, now in a thin mini-ITXcase as cool and silent as these two.

LONDON, ENGLAND, August 2022 – Akasa, a leading provider of fanless cases, have recently released two new examples, updated for the LGA 1700 mounting size. The Galileo TU Plus and the Euler TX Plus have been designed for thin mini-ITX motherboards, these cases can be used in a server rack (Galileo TU1 and TU3 have rack mounts included, A-ITX52-M1B and A-ITX54-M1B respectively) or can be hidden away for a clean, truly silent aesthetic. With the newest release of Intel’s 12thgeneration Alder Lake processors, the socket change to LGA 1700 has led to an alteration in the heatsink’s mounting mechanism. The Galileo TU Plus and Euler TX Plus are compatible with LGA 1700, as well as LGA 1200 and LGA 1151 with the included mounting brackets. This ensures a tight connection between the processor and the thermal block, making the case an excellent heatsink for Intel processors from 6th generation up to the latest 12thgeneration.

The fanless cases at Akasa can cater to

a variety of applications. The dark aluminum body is discreet and minimalist and provides excellent cooling for thin mini-ITX motherboards. Installation is quick and easy; the PC can be operational within half an hour.

They also include space for a multitude of drives and connections, with one 2.5” drive bay in the Euler TX Plus, and up to four in the Galileo TU Plus (Galileo TU and TU1 have two internal and two external bays, whilst Galileo TU2 and TU3 have four internal bays).

Multiple USB 2.0 (and USB 3.0 for the Galileo TU) connectors are fitted into the premium aluminum case, giving four additional USB ports for additional peripherals. Security is paramount for these cases, which may be used in high-risk areas such as ATMs, which the Kensington lock can help with by securing the data on these devices.

Akasa’s Galileo TU Plus is made for small form factor builds, geared to thinner applications (only 43.6mm in height). Its slim body allows it to be mounted to wall racks, cabinets, or server boards, or to the back of TVs, monitors, or commercial displays. With the wider length and width, this fanless case is still efficient in its ability to dissipate heat and stay completely silent. The Galileo range can accommodate different mounting arrangements

Meanwhile, the Euler TX Plus is ideal for business and education environments. With its small form factor, it can be hidden away or stored securely. A small footprint of 3.9L makes it a good option for many applications where space is a valuable commodity, and the silent operation is always a positive.

Akasa’s fanless cases have proved to be an excellent addition for the thin mini-ITX motherboards, completely compatible with boards such as Asus Pro H610T-D4-CSM. If size, style, and sound are all important factors for your PC builds, look no further than the Galileo TU Plus and the EulerTX Plus at Akasa, now compatible with LGA 1700 sockets!


· The Galileo TU Plus, TU1 Plus, TU2 Plus, TU3 Plus and the Euler TX Plus start at

£228/€258, £246/€278, £208/€235, £225/€251, and £145/€159, respectively (prices may vary by reseller)

· The Galileo TU Plus, TU1 Plus, TU2 Plus, TU3 Plus, and the Euler TX Plus are available to orderthroughout Europe and the US. Contact to find a reseller near you.


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