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EDIFIER QR65 Desktop Active Monitor Speakers

Award-winning All-In-One speakers combining advanced acoustics, Lumia and TurboGaN fast charging.


  • High quality acoustic architecture with Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified, and supporting LDAC

  • Dazzling preset light effects

  • Safe and high-efficiency USB charging ports powered by TurboGaN technology


Edifier® International, the award-winning audio electronics designer, reveal the QR65 Desktop Active Monitor speakers – a new all-in-one unit that combines the brand’s renowned acoustic technology with immersive Lumia light effects and TurboGaN fast-charging capabilities.

One of 4 Edifier products to win a prestigious Visual Grand Prix 2024 award and also highly recommended with a much sought after VGP 2024 Gold Medal Award, the QR65 is remarkably versatile, placing an emphasis on both compatibility and multi-use functionality. As the brand name develops, audio quality remains paramount with the QR65 featuring an advanced Acoustic Architecture. Equipped with 2.75" mid-low drivers, an aluminium alloy diaphragm and a long-throw design, the QR65 can produce consistently punchy bass frequencies whilst bolstering rich and full-bodied mids. Thanks to 1.25" silk diaphragm dome tweeters, finely tuned by Edifier’s world-leading audio engineers, the speakers boast precision-tooled high frequency reproduction, creating crisp and bright trebles that stand out above even the most bass-laden of mixes.

Housed in an acoustically treated MDF enclosure, the QR65 includes independent acoustic cavities designed to isolate sections of amplification, ensuring minimal signal loss and reduced excess resonance and distortion. This is further enhanced by Edifier’s MazeTube Bass Reflex Channels and TurbMuff Air Noise Suppression Technology which reduces unwanted port noises and acoustic resonance. To ensure a consistent audio experience, the QR65 also comes with two machine-tooled aluminium stands designed to raise the speakers – reducing unwanted surface noise – and directing the sound precisely at ear level when the speaker is placed on a desktop.

In support of the QR65’s advanced internal structuring and acoustic treatment, the speaker also features integral end-to-end High Resolution Audio Processing making it both Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certified. Following Edifier’s impeccable reputation for audio quality, the dual T1 Class-D digital audio amplifiers provide the precise two-way active crossover, magnify high frequency signals and mid-low frequency signals separately and manage DRC effectively to ensure the best audio signal purity.

Overall, the QR65 champions an holistic approach to the audio experience, combining great audio with mesmerising, multi-sensory features. Powered by Edifier’s patented TempoAbyss technology, the QR65 includes three-dimensional lighting effects. There are 11 preset light effects, controlled via a button on the side, and an additional ‘customise your own’ setting via the EDIFIER ConneX app which contains a possible 16 million combinations.

With LDAC, the leading-edge high resolution audio codec, the QR65 features an end-to-end audio process flow which supports high resolution audio up to 24bit/96 kHz. Alongside this, there are additional USB and LINE IN inputs, as well as a subwoofer output port, making the QR65 suitable for a range of settings, from home cinema setups and Hi-Fi enthusiasts, to intense and visceral gaming sessions.

A complete package, the QR65 is a more than suitable multi-use option for consumers looking to get the widest range of uses out of their home audio equipment without sacrificing build quality and audio performance. Achieving impeccable sound quality whilst maintaining a distinct and characterful style, the QR65 is a perfect fit for the multiple demands of modern life.

●    70W (RMS) total output power with quality sound

●    1.25" silk dome tweeters and 2.75" long-throw aluminium diaphragm mid-low drivers

●    Full digital signal processing, two-way active crossover, and DRC

●    Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified

●    Splendid light effects powered by patented TempoAbyss technology

●    65W TurboGaN fast charging via two USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port

●    Bluetooth V5.3, USB and LINE IN inputs; subwoofer output port available

●    Works with EDIFIER ConneX mobile app for more functions

●    Supporting LDAC, Audio Up To 24bit/96kHz


Price & Availability:


Available for £329.99




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