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Today ARCTIC, a leading manufacturer of low-noise PC coolers and components, introduces a new 140 mm case fan, the P14 Slim PWM PST. Small form factor enthusiasts will appreciate the slender frame of ARCTIC’s latest case fan: with a mounting height of only 16 mm, the P14 Slim PWM PST takes up much less space than a standard case fan. This makes it an ideal choice for HTPC cases, SFF and mini PCs.

The P14 Slim PWM PST employs ARCTIC’s signature PWM sharing technology (PST), allowing up to three additional fans to be connected in series. Fan speed can be controlled via PWM, and with a range of 150 to 1800 RPM, the P14 Slim PWM PST guarantees high cooling performance while keeping noise levels at a minimum.

Like all fans in ARCTIC’s P series, the P14 Slim PWM PST is optimised for static pressure. This ensures efficient cooling even with increased air resistance, making it a great choice for use on heatsinks and radiators as well as in small cases where tightly stacked components, cables or tubes severely restrict free airflow.


The new P14 Slim PWM PST is available from today in the ARCTIC Webshop, on and in stores starting at € 12.99 RRP.


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