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piXL Introduces Retrospective 3-Year Warranty Across Entire Range

Monitors and accessories manufacturer, piXL, has retrospectively extended its warranty period from 2 years to 3 years across all models, and applied the extension to all units it has ever sold.

The brand, available exclusively through UK distributor, Target Components, announced the extension applies to all historical purchases as well, rather than those purchased from the announcement date.


Launching in the UK in 2020, piXL has now sold on excess of 70 000 units through Target’s reseller network. The brand has consistently focussed on providing high quality displays at affordable prices, while also delivering the technologies required by users, leading the brand’s launch from an initial three-model range (22”, 24” & 27” frameless units) to the manufacturer boasting nearly 20 different models, as well as a range of monitor arms, in under three years.


Target’s Purchasing and Displays Category Manager, Kelly Coxon, explained the bold move, “We’ve monitored any issues, faults and returns across the piXL range since launch and we were delighted to see the rates were minimal. At under 1%, it’s way lower than most brands expect. And those customers who bought right at the start are continuing to buy piXL now, citing reliability as a major part of their buying decision, as well as the colourful retail packaging, something most brands don’t worry about.”


“This confidence in quality and reliability is what piXL has based their decision on”, she continued. “That they have backdated the warranty to include every single unit they’ve ever sold in the UK seems pretty unprecedented but customers should be confident in their confidence – it’s certainly something end users and business and public institutions are basing their purchasing on. Buying a monitor and knowing it’s covered for a whole three years is a big bonus.”


Discussing how the brand has performed versus expectations, Coxon responded, “piXL’s impact on the UK display market has been swift. Admittedly, we were lucky to launch the brand just prior to the first lockdown so initial sales were fantastic, and we were nervous they might then take a nosedive once everyone was set up for working and living at home. We needn’t have worried: piXL developed the range very quickly and, by the time we appeared out of lockdown, sales were even stronger thanks to extended options that included 4K, curved, large format and gaming screens. We’ve just launched their new 34-inch Ultrawide QHD monitor that’s a fantastic all-rounder whether you’re looking for amazing gaming visuals or an efficient workspace, and the feedback continues to be fantastic.”


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