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IPEVO Launches the VOCAL HUB

A revolutionary wireless conferencing hub & up to 6 Bluetooth speakerphones that liberate your conferencing setup from wires

IPEVO, a global leader in professional video conferencing, announced today the release of the IPEVO VOCAL HUB Wireless Audio System. This system consists of IPEVO VOCAL HUB and up to six IPEVO VOCAL wireless speakerphones, with two-way AI noise reduction. VOCAL HUB expands the boundaries of the conferencing industry by introducing the highest number of serial connections, quick deployment, and flexible spatial coverage. VOCAL HUB is IPEVO's reaction to the changing needs of enterprises, allowing them to cover various conferencing spaces, enhance the conferencing experience, and achieve higher productivity during hybrid meetings.

Press photo 1: IPEVO makes a splash in the industry by launching its new wireless audio conferencing system, consisting of VOCAL, a smart Bluetooth speakerphone with AI two-way noise reduction, and VOCAL HUB, a wireless audio conferencing host, which connects to up to 6 speakerphones, which is industry’s largest number among the currently available solutions.

 Simple Installation And Quick Deployment! A Wireless System With Flexible Coverage.

Poor sound quality can seriously reduce conferencing efficiency! According to multiple studies, when people process digital audio, the stress on their brains is much greater than when processing ordinary sounds. During video calls, poor sound quality seriously affects productivity, causing people to spend up to 35% more energy to understand the VOCAL HUB is designed specifically to fight this problem.

IPEVO VOCAL received high praise from customers after its launch in May this year. It is a wireless speakerphone with 360° sound coverage and a unique two-way AI noise reduction. It has won awards at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe), InfoComm, the professional audio and video equipment exhibition in Orlando, USA, ISTE, the educational technology exhibition in Philadelphia, USA, and other tech awards. Users can pair up to six of these speakerphones with VOCAL HUB, flexibly adapting the system to their needs. This allows them to cover any conferencing space, with a range of 15 meters, regardless of its shape. All of this without being limited by wires, achieving an engaging and immersive meeting experience.

Press Photo 2: IPEVO's new VOCAL HUB can be connected to multiple VOCAL speakerphones via Bluetooth, with a connection range of up to 49 ft (15 meters). It is suitable for all kinds of meeting space configurations, allowing communication free of spatial limits.

Seamless Upgrade For Your Conferencing RoomWith VOCAL HUB, you can simply upgrade your current conferencing room, or flexibly equip one of your conferencing spaces with an audio system anytime you require. If your company uses shared office space, your team can connect to VOCAL HUB via Bluetooth, effectively expanding the range and quality of sound pickup of their mobile devices. If you plan to relocate your business or add a new conference room, you can easily adjust the number of speakerphones connected to your VOCAL HUB, according to the size of the new conference space. For an ultimate videoconferencing experience, IPEVO designed the TOTEM video camera series that can be used together with VOCAL HUB.

Press Photo 3: If enterprises wish to improve the audio in the meeting rooms, their IT staff can simply deploy VOCAL HUB with VOCAL speakerphones and connect via Bluetooth, reducing the operating cost and number of wires, which greatly improves the flexibility of the meeting space.


The features of IPEVO VOCAL HUB Wireless Audio System include:

● High scalability: Up to 6 VOCAL speakerphones can be connected at the same time, allowing flexible spatial coverage.

● Convenient Wireless: Suitable for any conference room setup and table arrangements.

● AI Noise Reduction: IPEVO VOCAL is the first speakerphone with two-way AI noise reduction technology.

● Broad compatibility: Your current conferencing system can be easily upgraded, achieving perfect sound coverage.

● Convenient controls: After connecting multiple speakerphones, you can easily control all connected devices remotely.

Later this year IPEVO is going to launch 2-VOCAL DONGLE, which allows connecting two VOCAL wireless speakerphones simultaneously, as a solution for smaller meeting spaces, expanding the flexibility of IPEVO's audio solutions even further.

Aaron Lee, General Manager of IPEVO, said, "After entering the conferencing industry, we have observed many common difficulties that people experience, such as sound delay during hybrid meetings. Our wireless audio system minimizes delay, even with six speakerphones connected. This allows users to fully focus on communication, without being disturbed by technical issues. VOCAL HUB is free of wires and allows quick deployment, greatly reducing setup time.

The VOCAL HUB is available from 



US 1999 USD

EU 1999 EURO

UK 1750 GBP


IPEVO is a leading brand specializing in professional video communication products. Founded in 2007, IPEVO has revolutionized video communication by introducing user-friendly document cameras and video teaching software. In 2022, it entered the video conferencing market with products for seamless hybrid meetings, teaching, and creative sharing that reproduce face-to-face communication as closely as possible.



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