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Facial recognition on a Windows computer

Once you have got used to logging in to your mobile phone by simply looking at it, it is obvious that you will want to do the same on your computer.

This is now possible with Sandberg Face Recognition Webcam, which is compatible with Windows Hello - the part of Windows 10 that is also used for fingerprint recognition. Besides having the special depth camera technology required for facial recognition, the new camera from Sandberg can be used as an ordinary webcam with an excellent resolution of 1080P (Full HD). Erling Hoff Petersen, Director at Sandberg A/S, explains: “We are experiencing an increasing demand for identification by biometrics. Facial recognition is not the cheapest but is extremely safe and very fast. The camera can be clipped on to the screen, which means that you only have to sit down and look at your computer screen - which will then unlock. It couldn’t be easier.” The camera features a privacy function, glass lens, stereo microphone and automatic lighting adjustment.

Item no.: 133-99 RRP incl. VAT: £163.99

- USB 2.0 interface

- Cable length: 1.5 metres

- Glass lens

- Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels)

- Optical resolution: 2 megapixels

- 30 frames per second

- 90° viewing angle

- Auto light correction

- Built-in Noise-reducing Omni-directional stereo microphones

- LED indicators

- IR sensor


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