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DeepCool Announces the AK400 Series and AK620 WH Air Coolers

26th of April 2022, Beijing - DeepCool, a global brand in designing and manufacturing high-performance computer components for enthusiasts worldwide, announces the AK400 series a continuation of the AK series that features the popular AK620. The AK400 is a compact single tower CPU cooler that offers an impressive cooling capacity of up to

220W and a quick and easy five-step installation process for the latest Intel and AMD sockets.

Premium Aesthetic with Advanced Heat Dissipation

The AK400 features a matrix fin design on the heatsink with a top cover for a unique and high-end aesthetic. The polished nickel-plated construction adds to the premium look and feel of the cooler. With four 6mm direct touch copper heat pipes, the DeepCool AK400 rapidly transfers heat away from the processor. The AK400 features a unique matrix fin array heatsink combined with a high-performance DeepCool 120mm FDB PWM fan provides the perfect balance between noise and performance. With an impressive heat dissipation power of up to 220W, the AK400 and AK400 WH delivers outstanding cooling performance and value.

High-Performance FDB Fan

Designed with precision, the high-performance DeepCool fan maximizes airflow and static pressure while keeping noise low due to a dynamic PWM range of 500 – 1850RPM. The FDB bearing ensures increased stability and reliability with a long operational lifespan.

Excellent Compatibility and Easy Installation

The compact size of the AK400 allows full compatibility with other components and ensures compatibility with a wide variety of cases at 155mm tall. The removable top cover allows compatibility with some ITX cases and with the top cover removed the cooler stands at a height of 153mm. Due to the compact design of the AK400, the installation of RAM modules with large heatsinks is possible without any problems due to 100% RAM clearance. An improved installation method is made easy with a sturdy all-metal mounting bracket and a quick five-step process. This ensures that the cooler is securely mounted on multiple platforms supporting the latest sockets from both Intel and AMD.

Unlocked Potential, introducing the AK620 WH Dual Tower High-Performance Air Cooler

The AK620 WH is an all-white version of the popular AK620. Featuring a premium all-white aesthetic with a unique matrix fin dual tower heatsink design and two FDB bearing fans for outstanding cooling performance while keeping noise low. A precision-machined convex base and six heat pipes that run along two high-density fin-stacks provide an impressive heat dissipation power of up to 260W. The all-metal mounting bracket is easy to install and ensures that the cooler is securely mounted on multiple platforms supporting the latest sockets from both Intel and AMD.

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