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MSI, a world-leading brand for gaming and creation, continues to introduce groundbreaking technologies and innovations in its new products. MSI announces the launch of its new flagship gaming gear: VIGOR GK71 SONIC Mechanical Keyboard, VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL Keyboard, and the IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC.

The VIGOR GK71 SONIC mechanical keyboard features the world's lightest linear mechanical key switch - MSI Sonic Red, which allows you to dominate the competition with quick reaction time and light presses for your gameplay. MSI's first-ever 80% low profile mechanical keyboard, the VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL, builds on the award-winning keyboard , the VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE and provides a ten keyless layout, which delivers the perfect mix of performance and functionality in a compact yet stylish form factor.

As MSI's first microphone designed specifically for streaming, the IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC is developed with the same DNA that made previous MSI audio devices great. The GV60 sets itself apart from other streaming microphones by incorporating all the core features streamers and content creators want: high-resolution sample rate, versatile pickup patterns, real-time monitoring, and plug and play for ease of use.


The VIGOR GK71 SONIC is built for competitive players, powered by the world’s lightest linear mechanical switches in collaboration with prominent switch maker, Kailh – MSI Sonic Red, which are designed to provide seamless and instantaneous responses with 35gf operating force and a linear smooth feel for each keystroke, that can minimise finger fatigue and enhance comfort & ergonomics during gaming sessions; equipped with MSI ClearCaps, which feature a unique transparent dual-layer design that allows light through for vivid and stunning per-key RGB illumination; utilising the smart dual touch volume and media control allows users to easily control media within the reach of their fingertips. Furthermore, the included ergonomic memory foam wrist rest can be placed anywhere for superior comfort.


The VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL sports Kailh low-profile white mechanical switches with dynamic per-key RGB backlighting and is built with an aircraft-grade aluminum top plate. Gamers will revel in the amazing clicky feedback provided with each keystroke with 50gf operating force in its space-saving compact form-factor. The VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL provides a wider and larger space for your mouse swipes for the ideal gaming setup. Designed to meet the demands for portability, the VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL provides a detachable Type-C to Type-A cable and a scratch-resistant, breathable drawstring bag, allowing for seamless travel and storage. Additionally, the high-low keycap design allows your hands and wrists to remain in a naturally comfortable position while gaming, reducing strain.

IMMERSE GV60 MSI’s first streaming microphone, IMMERSE GV60 STREAMING MIC, delivers uncompromised recording quality with a sample rate of 24bit/96kHz for high-resolution digital audio in a sleek matte-finished aluminium design that brings the studio anywhere with a plug and play connection.

The multiple condenser capsules offer 4 different pickup patterns expanding the GV60's versatility to adapt to any situation. Enjoy the zero-latency playback while monitoring the recording with the 3.5mm headphone jack and the dedicated dials in real-time. The built-in threading and 3-meter USB cable makes mounting this microphone on a boom arm an easy process. The GV60 is ready to pick up any sound across Windows and mac OS out of the box.


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