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Gaming chair with RGB lighting

LED lighting on everything in the vicinity of a gamer has become a must: Keyboards, mice, screens - everything has attractive LED lighting.

Sandberg has taken the trend a step further with a gaming chair that has attractive LED lighting all the way around the edges. A remote control is even included so that the gamer can control the entire light show by simply pressing a few buttons. The chair has a small pocket with room for a power bank so you do not have to connect cables to the chair.

The chair itself is the well-known Commander chair, which has received a lot of praise since it was introduced. One of its unique features is that it can recline to a completely horizontal position.

We asked Sandberg's Brand Director, Anders Partida Petersen, what the limit for LED lighting is. He replies: “We have not found one yet. Our measurements of consumer behaviour have shown that LED lighting is immensely popular. It is almost as if there has to be as much LED lighting as possible on everything in a gamer environment, preferably with full RGB, so that all colours are available.”

The LED-surrounded chair is already on its way to the shops and is available from web shops. Find your local one at .


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