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Cooler Master Announces New Power - Computex - TEP and the XG Series, Project Fanless, MWE White &

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, MAY 27, 2019 - Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today teased a few of the new power products and services that will be shown at Computex, one of the largest annual technology conventions in Asia. As with past years, Cooler Master has only announced products that will be shown at their booth, but has stated that many of their products will be on shown at other booths this year as well.

TEP and the XG Series At Computex 2018, Cooler Master showed a prototype for a never before seen in-house designed PSU known only as XG. This prototype has now reached its final stages of development. The new PSU platform designed by Cooler Master will be used in three distinct product lines collectively known as the XG series. At Computex this year, three distinct product lines within the XG series will be shown: XG Gold Essential, XG Gold Advanced, and XG Gold Plus. Specific details have not yet been released, but it has been indicated that working versions of all three lines will be shown at Cooler Master’s booth during Computex this year. Project Fanless Fanless power supply units are becoming more in demand every year as companies try to add value to an already highly competitive market. Currently 600W is about as high as you can find for a 100% fanless PSU. Cooler Master has announced that this year they will be showing a 650W fanless PSU as well as a 1000W PSU with fan customization. While we aren’t exactly sure what that means yet, it’s impressive to see that Cooler Master is throwing down the gauntlet by raising the fanless wattage maximum to at least 650W at this year’s Computex. No official name for this product has been shared yet. MWE White & Bronze While the main focus of Computex is always exciting high end products, Cooler Master has not abandoned entry level users. Updated versions of both the MWE White and MWE Bronze product lines will be shown at the Cooler Master booth this year with the promise of many wattage models and a number of noteworthy upgrades from the original versions for both product lines. Cooler Master has stated that these are just some of the new power supply related products to be included at their Computex booth this year and that several more models will be shown at the event as well. Availability and Pricing: MWE White 230V: Ready to Order, $39.99 – 59.99 MWE White Full Range: Ready to Order, $39.99 – 59.99 MWE Bronze: Ready to Order, $49.99 – 79.99


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