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CHERRY launches MW 8 ERGO


Auerbach, 1 August 2019 - CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices, presents the MW 8 ERGO, an ergonomic version of the popular MW 8 ADVANCED wireless mouse. The mouse features an eyecatching design, state-of-the-art technology, and the highest build quality. This makes the MW 8 ERGO the perfect mouse for comfortable, everyday use.

Maximum comfort for your hand

With the MW 8 ERGO, CHERRY expands its mouse line-up with an ergonomic right-handed mouse for an even higher level of comfort. Grippy, rubberized side panels are accompanied by a large thumb rest plate which allows for a relaxed thumb position. The large sliding surface lets the mouse glide smoothly across the desk, avoiding unneccesary strain on the wrist. The ergonomic shape provides noticeable relief especially during intensive use in the office or at home.

Timeless yet trendy design

Like the MW 8 ADVANCED, the MW 8 ERGO sports a timeless yet trendy design. The elegant metal surface, made of brushed and anodized aluminum, clearly shows the high quality standards of CHERRY, while the voronoi cell structure on the side of the mouse gives the mouse a unique touch.

Optical high-resolution PixArt sensor

The heart of the MW 8 ERGO is the high-precision "track-on-glass" optical sensor from PixArt. This sensor works on nearly every surface, including glass, eliminating the need for a mouse pad. The sensor resolution (600/1000/1600/3200 dpi) can be selected with a dedicated button. Due to its high precision, the MW 8 ERGO is also suitable for 4K screens, allowing you to move faster on the screen with less mouse movement.

Wireless connection over 2.4GHz or Bluetooth

The MW 8 ERGO is extremely easy to set up: it connects to compatible systems over Bluetooth 4.0 without the need for additional drivers. Alternatively, the mouse can be paired over a 2.4-gigahertz connection with the supplied USB receiver. A slider at the bottom of the mouse allows you to switch between the two wireless modes, making it possible to simultaneously pair the MW 8 ERGO with a notebook and a desktop PC. Both wireless connections are securely encrypted with AES 128-bit.

Integrated battery for long battery life

The integrated 550mAh lithium battery ensures a long battery life. Depending on the usage profile, one charge is sufficient for 70 days of usage. The two-color status LED provides information about the battery level, the charging status, the current sensor resolution, and the connection type. The MW 8 ERGO can be charged while in use, so you won't have to interrupt your current session.

Extensive feature set

The CHERRY MW 8 ERGO offers even more sophisticated features, such as a durable, metal scroll wheel with optical scanning, a magnetic storage compartment for the USB receiver, and a practical transport pouch. All of this results in a flexible mouse for mobile and desktop use, with a high degree of comfort and ergonomics.

The CHERRY MW 8 ERGO is now available at a suggested retail price of €59,99 / £49,99.


CHERRY, headquartered in Auerbach/OPf., Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices with a focus on Office, Gaming, Industry, Security and switches for mechanical keyboards. CHERRY employs approximately 400 people in production plants and corporate branches in Germany, France, UK, China, (Mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan) and the USA. Founded in 1953, CHERRY stands for German quality products that are designed and developed specifically for the needs of its customers. In 2019, the company opens a new headquarters in Auerbach, reflecting the new image of CHERRY as the workplace of the future, with an emphasis on the concept of New Work. CHERRY brings high quality, passion as well as design in working environments and thus addresses end-customers and companies alike who have high demands on performance, service life and functionality.


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