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Tech For Techs Vendor Awards 2018

"Showcasing the Best of the Best"

Brands chosen have been picked due to how they have worked with Tech For Techs in 2018


In total we had over 350 Votes, and the Winners are...

Cooler Master was the winner of four prestigious awards while other noteworthy winners included Adata, Tenda, Malwarebytes, Fab's Auto Backup, Bullguard, Intel, Nvidia and Gigabyte 


Best brand for Cases:

Winner = Cooler Master


Best brand for Networking
Winner = Tenda

Best Software Tool
Joint Winners = Malwarebytes TechBench/ToolSet  and Fab's Auto Backup

Best Security Software

Winner = Bullguard Internet Security

Best Peripheral Brand
Winner = Cooler Master

Best brand for CPUs

Winner = Intel

Best brand for CPU Coolers
Winner = Cooler Master

Best brand for GPUs
Winner = Nvidia

Best brand for Graphics Cards

Winner = Gigabyte 

Best storage (HDD/SSD) brand

Winner = Adata

Best DDR Memory Product 

Winner = Adata


Best brand for Power Supplies?

Winner = Cooler Master



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