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VIP UK Supports Warrington Youth Zone

VIP UK pledged its support to Warrington’s youth by becoming a Founder Patron of Warrington Youth Zone earlier this year.

As a Founder Patron, VIP UK is determined to facilitate a positive impact on the young people of Warrington by supporting this incredible charity and their programmes. Open 7 days a week for young people aged 7-19, and up to 25 for those with additional needs, Warrington Youth Zone will be offering over 20 activities every night, at only 50p a visit. The brand-new charity and facility, will look to build upon the legacy of the pre-existing Warrington Youth Club. VIP UK is proud to show their support by inviting and facilitating employee participation in many of the volunteer opportunities available.

The development of the new Youth Zone has been a youth-focused endeavour all the way through. Beginning with over 7,700 consultations with young people from the town, everything about the new charity’s brand identity serves to reflect the voices, opinions and identities of the children and young people who will be welcomed to the new facility.

It will be developed by the national charity OnSide which has opened a number of other Youth Zones across the country.

The Youth Zone aims to give young people in Warrington opportunities to gain, develop and increase their knowledge, skills, and confidence, through a diverse activity programme aimed at different age groups. Despite the construction of a new facility, the Warrington Youth Club has continued with several of their programmes and activities and have managed to keep up their youth engagement and participation levels. Additionally, Warrington Youth Zone has continued facilitating National Citizen Service activities and programmes that serve to engage, unite, and empower young people as they gain valuable life skills.

“As a local business it is hugely important to us that we contribute to future generations, and we are so honoured to be a part of this journey. The OnSide and Warrington Youth Zone team have done such an amazing job and we are inspired, daily, by the young people who are making a difference.” Elanza Butters, VIP UK E-commerce and Marketing Director.

Warrington Youth Zone CEO Dave McNicholl said: “We are absolutely delighted that VIP UK is supporting Warrington Youth Zone. As a charity, the support of brilliant local businesses is integral to our success and crucial in enabling us to provide young people with a fantastic building with exciting facilities and new opportunities.”


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