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UK retailer launches ambitious review site for indie stores - says PCR.

Tech For Techs will give stores a better idea of product quality.

Original article on Writen by JONATHAN EASTON JAN 5, 2018

PCR Award winning independent retailer Chips Computers has announced the launch of a new website specifically catering to the Channel.

Phil Griffiths, boss of the Chesterfield-based retailer, set up  Tech For Techs with partner

Jenni, and said that it exists to fill a gap that he had been aware of for some time. "There are thousands of review site aimed at residential customers like HardOCP(H), guru3D and so on, but none are aimed at the computer repair shop, system builder or hardware sales."

The site, which already has major brands such as Gigabyte and Cooler Master working with it, will be releasing unbiased reviews of products and tools on a bi-weekly basis. The reviews will be split into two parts, with a consumer and shop review sections, the later presenting how easy the product is to build and suppliers that stock the item in the UK.

The blog world is not new territory for the retailer that has a growing readership across its own website with over 3,000 regular readers. Griffiths is confident that of translating those readers over to Tech For Techs.

He continued: "The reviews will be distributed in the same way [as the blogs]. I have the

e-mail addresses of over 200 UK Stores, I am also a Developer of the Approved PC Retail Network (PCRN), and it will be listed so all 149 members can view it. We also have the opportunity of distributors publishing it on Facebook or linking reviews of products on their website."

Tech for Techs has also launched a Facebook group as a platform for . retailers to share marketing news, ask for advice and share reviews Members are not allowed to directly sell on the page.

Griffiths added: "Hopefully, this group will bring the whole community closer together."

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