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Cordless mouse with high ergonomics for left-handed users

Auerbach, November 11, 2020 – Ten to fifteen percent of the population is left-handed. CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices, takes this fact into account, and with the MW 4500 LEFT, expands its portfolio of wireless mice, especially for the needs of this user group. Left-handed users thus receive an ergonomic solution for office or home use. The special 45-degree design provides a relieving posture and can alleviate permanent complaints when working with the computer. With the MW 4500 LEFT, CHERRY combines ergonomics with functional features to create a real all-rounder for comfortable operation with the left hand.

High functionality through first-class equipment

At the heart of the CHERRY MW 4500 LEFT is a precise infrared sensor whose resolution can be changed in three stages (600, 900, and 1,200 DPI). A total of six keys are available for input. Two of them are positioned on the side and are easily accessible for the thumb, allowing, for example, fast navigation in the browser. There is also the option of switching the right/left click function of the main keys at the touch of a button without changing the system settings. With this feature, every user will find a setup that matches their personal preferences.

Nano receiver and battery status display

Other special features of the new wireless MW 4500 LEFT mouse include a nano-USB receiver that fits in the bottom of the mouse. A status LED is also integrated at the bottom edge to inform the user about the battery charge level.

The CHERRY MW 4500 will be offered at a recommended retail price of 26,99 GBP.


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