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The Quiet As A Mouse Keyboard-Cherry Stream 3.0

RRP £23.00

Available from:

Some people will tell you that when you work in an office full of people, keyboards can make the room noisy. It’s not just that everyone types at different levels of pressure, but the keyboards themselves are a bit noisy in the first place. This is distracting and even gives people headaches, I am told. So today I am looking at the Cherry Stream 3.0. It promises to be Whisper Quiet. I’m writing this review with a mechanical keyboard, and even with my headset on, I can hear the keys and they are loud! So, I expect to not hear a peep with my headset on when I type on this one. *I have some music playing, nothing heavy just a few tunes from the 80s* So we will see how it goes.

Reading my information provided by Cherry, this keyboard is not just to be a quiet one. It also promises to be splash proof. The keys are etched so the letters do not wear quickly. Plus, you have 6 hot keys for volume control and Mediaplayer functions. Like most keyboards, when Caps Lock or Num Lock is engaged, there is a light over the keypad area.

Let's take a look at the box first. On the outside, you will see a to scale picture of the keyboard and on the side, you can get a to scale view of the side of the keyboard. I always like this. Also on the front there is a sticker that tells me this is the UK layout. I will say it again, I wish the Cherry logo was on the front of the package.

Inside, you have the keyboard, a manual and a plastic bag wrapped around the keyboard. In this day when we are doing our best to keep waste to a minimum, this is not needed. If they want to protect the keyboard, I would suggest tissue paper. There were no recycle marks on the plastic.


Cable length: 2m

Noise Levels:

Room when no one is talking: 45 decibels

Room when we type on the keyboard: 50 decibels

I have to say that is pretty decent to only raise the normal room by five decibels.

When I typed on it, I noticed the keyboard slid a bit. This annoyed me. There is a solution for this, Cherry. Put the same grip on the back as you do at the front. For those like me that like to use the feet, put the rubber on the bottom of the feet.

Final thoughts:

It’s a good keyboard for the money. It had a good bit of weight behind it. I did not like the way it slipped from time to time but I think they could remedy that easily. It was comfortable to type on, despite not having a wrist rest. It also had good cable length. In the end, it did what they promised. I did not hear the keyboard with my music on, awesome.

Pros and Cons:

+Cable length

+Anti Abrasion keys

+Value for money

+Adjustable feet

+Caps, Num Lock light

+Very Quiet

-Plastic bag is not good for the environment nor is it needed

-No wrist rest

-No anti slide grips at the top

TFT gives this product Highly Recommended


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