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The JOBY GorillaPod® goes funky – GorillaPod Custom Kits launched

Two new GorillaPod kits bring a world of customizing possibilities to the iconic JOBY GorillaPod range

• • Interchangeable feet can be swapped for different colours or designs

• • Fun and functional custom feet for the GorillaPod range

• • Adaptable designs allow users to use the Grip It, Wrap It, Stand It features

Funky feet or trendy trainers? Quazy quacky duck’s feet or practical suction cups? The GorillaPod Custom Kit is now available, letting vloggers and content creators have a little fun while still getting outstanding results from our legendary GorillaPod.

While the standard GorillaPod feet are fully functional and practical, sometimes we know that our customers also like to have a little bit of fun. So as part of the GorillaPod Custom kits, we’ve included some whacky designs that, while they’re full of fun, are still incredibly functional and stable.

Part of our new Collectables range

The Custom Kits are part of our new Collectables range, providing entry-level products for new vloggers and content creators.

At the practical end of the spectrum, we have the GorillaPod Custom 1K Kit, which includes the ever-popular GorillaPod itself, along with a second set of teal-coloured feet that can be interchanged in seconds. The 1K Kit is one of our most popular Kits, providing users with everything they need to get started in vlogging and content creation. Able to carry up to 1kg of weight, it’s the go-to-choice for on-the-go creators.

The GorillaPod GripTight PRO2 takes things up a level, with a 1kg weight limit and a premium quality GripTight phone mount that’s exclusive to JOBY. Those feet can be swapped just like the 1K Kit, and there’s even the option to use one of the legs as an additional mounting point for a lightweight light or microphone.

GorillaFeet – fun and funky

We’ve also introduced a fun range of GorillaFeet that are simply nuts! Give a GorillaPod a fresh look with our GorillaFeet Confetti, which can be attached using the ¼-20” screw. They’re the same as the original GorillaPod feet, but in gorgeous pastel pink and lemon yellow for a pop of colour.

For something really fun, our GorillaFeet Sneaker give a GorillaPod three adorable little Converse-style sneakers that are bound to make people smile. They’re a great option when working with children, as the fun little sneakers will help

them relax and perform in a more relaxed way in front of the camera. For sports lovers, the GorillaFeet Sport trainers are bright, bold, and quirky.

If you want a little extra practicality and some rock-steady stability, our GorillaFeet Suction Cup are ideal. They fit onto the ends of our new GorillaPods and will stick to any smooth surface, giving you absolute stability even on a vertical surface.

And finally, talking of quirky – how about adding three duck’s feet to a GorillaPod? Our GorillaFeet Duck are quite possibly the weirdest thing we’ve ever come up with, but our customers love them.

All the GorillaFeet are suitable for use with the GorillaPod Custom 1K Kit or the GripTight PRO 2 Custom GorillaPod. They won’t interfere with the usability or versatility of the tripod, allowing users to fully utilize the Grip It, Wrap It, Stand It features with no loss of stability.

Released alongside our brand new JOBY Bum Bags, our GorillaPod Custom Kits are all part of our Collectables range, designed for both new and experienced vloggers.


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